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Chapter 1342: Blood Qi River

In the Water-Wood World, including the creatures on the Cloud Sea Divine Tree, no one had any concept of “boats”, let alone the Blood Sea Divine Wood City and the White Sh.e.l.l Royal City.

For most cultivators, they had never even heard of it.

More often than not, they just occasionally saw boats in the countless secret realms in the ocean.

However, boats were either made of special materials or preserved in special places. Otherwise, if they were soaked in seawater all year round, they would eventually corrode and leave nothing behind.

When the big bird saw the boat, he said, “Follow me.”

The creatures who could come to the island were all Heavenly Talents. Who would be willing to wait for death? The big bird and the insects were not stupid. Of course, it was impossible for three people to challenge a dozen people. If they were so stupid, they wouldn’t have been sent to this island to compete for resources.


The big bird suddenly attacked, grabbing two insects with his two claws. As he flapped his wings, a gust of wind rose and he flew straight at the boat.

Shrimp Youwei and the others felt that this boat was very weird. Even if they were Heavenly Talents, they had never seen a boat before!

However, this bird knew the boat was safe, so he flew to it.

“Where are you going?”

“Get down.”

The people from the Blood Sea Divine Wood City and the White Sh.e.l.l Royal City thought that the bird had discovered something when they saw that the three people from the Water-Wood World were really bold enough to charge at the boat.

Immediately, two from each side flew up at the same time.

Similarly, they also flew towards the boat. Although these two parties didn’t know what the boat was, seeing that the three people from the Water-Wood World were flying straight towards there, at least it meant that it was safe there.

Xu Ye, who was the tenth on the Genius List of the White Sh.e.l.l Royal City, probably wanted to show off in front of Shrimp Youwei and win their approval; or maybe he had entered the Genius List, so he was a little c.o.c.ky and flew out too.

But Shrimp Youwei just threw out a spear.

The remaining four people from the Blood Sea Divine Wood City all activated their runes. In mid-air, a long flame snake appeared, and countless saber shadows slashed at the big bird and the others.

However, even the big bird didn’t expect that the moment he grabbed two insects and flew into the Blood Qi River… Immediately, his wings seemed to be filled with lead water. After flying less than a thousand feet, his body quickly descended.


The two caught bugs immediately flapped their wings to relieve the pressure on the big bird. This was the benefit of the creatures from the Water-Wood World, which could fly.

The three of them flew at the same time and the big bird immediately felt a lot more relaxed. However, the descent was almost irreversible. The three of them only felt their weight getting heavier and heavier.

The big bird shouted, “Let’s burn our blood and spiritual energy and fly over.”


At that moment, three b.a.l.l.s of light, burning with vitality and flapping their wings crazily, flew towards the boat a few kilometers away.

The people chasing the big bird were different.

The problem was that they didn’t have wings!

Someone had already discovered this problem the moment he flew out. A person from the White Sh.e.l.l Royal City flew a thousand feet away, only to find that his body sank uncontrollably. He immediately tried to turn around.

However, with a clang, he hit an invisible barrier, which stunned the others. There was a barrier here?

At this time, Shrimp Youwei and the others had noticed that their attacks were falling from the sky and couldn’t hit their opponents at all.

Clearly, they had miscalculated. There was indeed a problem with this Blood Qi River.

The person who wanted to come back clutched the gla.s.s-like barrier desperately, but still fell straight down. He immediately shouted, “Give me a hand!”

In addition to Shrimp Youwei and San Qi, another person extended a long whip, trying to buckle the person. However, as soon as the whip was caught, the person who helped him found that he was pulled over uncontrollably.

Shrimp Youwei and San Qi stepped back at the same time and pulled together. With a bang, the long whip broke, and the man stopped moving forward.

The guy who pulled the whip failed to fly to the boat or go ash.o.r.e and almost dragged another person into the water. He stomped on the invisible barrier and tried to return to the boat.

Unfortunately, it was too late!


As the first guy to fall into the Blood Qi River, everyone’s eyes, including the perception of the big bird in the front, fell on him.

The moment he fell into the Blood Qi River, he seemed to be fine.

The man breathed a sigh of relief and shouted, “There’s invisible gravity suppressing here, so we can’t fly for a long time. I’ll swim through the water… Not good, my leg…”

The man’s face suddenly changed and he began to struggle crazily.

San Qi shouted, “What’s wrong with your leg?”

The man was horrified. While trying to swim back with his hands, he shouted, “I can’t feel my legs at all…”

However, n.o.body chatted with him anymore at this moment.

This was because everyone saw that the flesh and blood of this person who was swimming was melting, and his bones had been exposed. With the power of his hands, part of his body floated up the Blood Qi River.

However, this scene was even more horrifying. Below his chest, the flesh and blood had melted, leaving only bones.

Shrimp Youwei said solemnly, “He is dead.”

San Qi and the other person’s faces were all dark, especially the person who had just helped. He broke out in a cold sweat. What the h.e.l.l was this place? That guy had only soaked in the Blood Qi River for a while, but his flesh and blood were gone? It was horrifying!

The big bird and the two insects in front instantly panicked.

Xu Ye also panicked. What the h.e.l.l is this? Is this Blood Qi River so terrifying?

Among the two Blood Demons, one of them was emitting a large number of runes. With a flash in the air, he flew a kilometer forward.

At this moment, the big bird was the first to rush onto the boat.

He suddenly flapped his wings, and hundreds of long feathers shot out like sharp arrows.

An insect was about to drop into the Blood Qi River, but fortunately, a big feather shot at his feet.

As he stepped on it, he jumped and finally flew to the boat. The other insect was better. Even with his own strength, he could reach the boat.

The moment the two insects came up, the big bird roared, “Explode!”

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Blood and water splashed across the sky, and ripples spread out. The huge force shook the small boat away.

Those who still had some hope were all dumbfounded!

Xu Ye shouted, “Don’t go…”

One of the two Blood Demons was not strong enough. She screamed, “Sister Wolf, help me…”

However, the Blood Demon in front who could travel through the void didn’t care about her at all. At a life-and-death moment, you can only blame yourself for not having the means.

The one called Sister Wolf looked at Xu Ye and said, “Hey, the one from the White Sh.e.l.l Royal City, let’s cooperate to fight the three of them. Otherwise, neither of us can pa.s.s the river.”

Hearing that, Xu Ye immediately agreed. At this time, as long as he wasn’t a fool, he would agree.

Bang! Bang!

The tide of blood caused by the big bird was broken, and one of the bugs said, “I was so scared. The Blood Demon fell too.”

Another insect said, “What are you looking at? Don’t you see that those two people are already chasing us?”

The two bugs bickered. “Poke them down too.”

“Let me poke with my horn!”

“Go to h.e.l.l!”

The big bird flapped its wings and raised a gale. Hundreds of big feathers flew straight at the Blood Demon that suddenly came at them.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Chi la!

They all attacked with all their strength. Who didn’t have some means?

The Blood Demon tried to block it with the rune armor. However, she underestimated the strength of the insect. The big horn thrust out, and its strength was all in this thrust. How could she block it easily?

With a bang, the woman was also knocked into the Blood Qi River.


Xu Ye, who was also rushing towards the big bird, suddenly changed his expression.

Those who could come to the island were all Heavenly Talents. After all, the eighth to twelfth places of the Genius List had all been wiped out by the Fish Dragon King, so it was Xu Ye’s turn.

In fact, there was still a gap between Xu Ye and the real tenth place on the Genius List.

The Fish Dragon King had the Near at Hand Technique. If it were the Fish Dragon King, he would be able to do it in a few steps, but what about him?

A big horn thrust over, and hundreds of Flying Feathers also flew over. For the guys from the Water-Wood World, they were always willing to sacrifice as long as they could kill him.

If he wanted to charge forward and fight a 1v3 battle, Xu Ye wasn’t confident.

However, if he couldn’t get on the boat, he would still die.

Xu Ye had no choice but to fight. However, when he was about to break the horn with the long whip and try to break the Flying Feather Array with force, he saw another boat.

Immediately, Xu Ye smiled.

But immediately, he felt terrible. That ship was more than 2,000 meters away from him, but he was less than six meters away from the Blood Qi River. It was impossible for him to fly over.

In an instant, with a thought, Xu Ye threw a battle suit on the Blood Qi River. He stepped on it and jumped up, shouting, “Explode!”


Blood waves beat. The big bird and the insect had no time to attack Xu Ye. They could only shout, “Guard the boat.”

Xu Ye took the chance to cross and landed on another boat in the blink of an eye.

As for Shrimp Youwei and the others on the sh.o.r.e, they quietly watched the Blood Qi River.

Looking at Xu Ye who was steering the boat away, Shrimp Youwei said casually, “Don’t panic! Since there is a second such weird thing, there will be a third, a fourth…”

On the other side, the remaining Blood Demons were also discussing and clearly stated that they would not leave until the boat arrived.


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