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Chapter 101: Treat Guests to Hot Pot

Han Fei scratched his body. Although these spiritual energy stings didn’t hurt him, he felt quite sore.

Under the stunned eyes of everyone, Han Fei’s momentum suddenly skyrocketed. At this moment, everyone felt that this kid was so dangerous that he might even be able to kill them.

In fact, this was true. The seemingly strong defense of this st.u.r.dy young man was torn easily by Han Fei. As the two knives in Han Fei hands flashed, the man was covered in blood and fell straight back. With a flop, he fell into the sea.

Chen Jia’er cheered, “Han Fei, well done! But can you give me a hand?”

Han Fei simply said, “Sure.”

Having some breathing s.p.a.ce, Chen Jia’er summoned his spiritual beast and a shadow appeared in front of her. With a blow, she smashed the man’s spiritual energy protective cover.

After about ten minutes, everyone was breathless. Chen Jia’er leaned on the railing and didn’t want to move at all. Her hair was already wet by sweat and there were two penetrating injuries on her body.

Zhang Peng was even worse than Chen Jia’er. He was lying on the boat, unable to move. He was the first to be injured. Fortunately, his Lightning Crab was so powerful that his opponent was almost killed by him alone.

As for Cao Fei, the fight between him and the leading fishing master of the Heavenly Sun Village was nearly a draw and in the end, other people rushed up together and helped him kill that guy.

Then all of them were laughing out loud.

Zhao Dabai lay on the ship and laughed. “Old Cao, we won!”

Everyone looked at Han Fei. They had thought Han Fei was here to make do and no one expected this child to be so powerful! He killed two fishing masters alone, intact.

Cao Fei looked at Han Fei. “Kid, thanks.”

Chen Jia’er added, “Cute Little Brother, you’re awesome. When we return to the village, I’ll treat you to a delicious meal.”

Han Fei rolled his eyes. “I make all the delicious food in our village. When we return to the village, I can treat you to hot pot.”

“Hot Pot?”

They were stunned. What was it? They never heard of it!

Zhang Peng was feeling weak from his fight. “Can you stop talking about food? Han Fei, please give me some spiritual energy. I’m empty.”

Han Fei immediately injected some spiritual energy into his body. He purposely showed his strength as a spirit gatherer. By doing this, firstly, he could gain recognition of these people, and secondly, his ability as a spirit gatherer would be found out sooner or later. It was better for him to show this ability now than to be found out later. As Old Jiang said, a spirit gatherer would be truly loved and protected by all his teammates.

Zhang Peng said with difficulty, “Oh, it feels so good! It feels so good to have someone else give me spiritual energy!”

Zhao Dabai asked, “Han Fei, could you please give me some too?”

The woman next to Zhao Dabai joked, “Old Zhao, you’re being greedy. We’ve all run out of spiritual energy and some are even lying there seriously injured.”

With that, the woman smiled at Han Fei. “Little Brother Han Fei, I’m Chen Ling. Remember to come to me when you come to the level-one fishery again!”

Han Fei laughed. “Let’s come here together! I’m afraid that if I come here alone, I might be killed in the sea.”

Everyone laughed and then Zhao Dabai said, “We have to go now. The reinforcements of the Heavenly Sun Village may come at any time. We’re in bad shape now. If seven or eight of them come, we may be left here forever.”

Cao Fei nodded. “Yes! Let’s go back to the village first.”

Han Fei interjected, “So soon? I still have 500 pounds of Spirit Swallowing Fish to catch.”

Zhao Dabai laughed. “Kid, you killed two fishing masters. Instead of demanding you to catch 500 pounds of Spirit Swallowing Fish, the village leader may give you 5,000 pounds of them!”

They laughed and talked as they steered the fishing boat to take off. Han Fei felt as if he had come on a trip. He had to fly back less than half an hour upon their arrival.

Ten minutes after they left, five fishing boats appeared where they were.

“d.a.m.n, d.a.m.n the Heavenly Water Village, how could they kill our 10 fishing masters?! The village leader will be so mad.”

“Look, this fishing boat was. .h.i.t so badly that it’s about to sink. They seemed to have had reinforcements.”

“Humph! Search for fishing boats of the Heavenly Water Village in the entire level-one fishery. I’m gonna kill them.”

In the sky.

“Will the people of Heavenly Sun Village go crazy? They lost 10 fishing masters this time!” Zhao Dabai questioned.

Chen Jia’er new the temperment of those from the village. “The Heavenly Sun Village has always been overbearing. I am afraid they won’t just let this go. We must be careful next time we come.”

“Can we cooperate with the Heavenly Wood Village and Heavenly Rain Village next time? I heard that they are also quite oppressed by the Heavenly Sun Village.”

Zhao Dabai quickly said, “No! When we fought the people of the Heavenly Sun Village just now, the Heavenly Rain and Heavenly Wood villages were stopped by the people of the Heavenly Moon Village. But they didn’t fight. I suspect that they have reached an agreement.”

Hearing their conversations, Han Fei exclaimed in his heart that this was just like the movie Mission Impossible! The villages were going back and forth between being allies and enemies at a moment’s notice. Was there any trust left among them?

After everyone finally quieted down, Han Fei said, “Could you help me keep this secret? Please don’t tell others I’m a spirit gatherer. If it’s known to other villages, I’m afraid I’ll never have peace again.”

Cao Fei nodded. “Sure, but at least you should let the village leader know! After all, you may be the first spirit gatherer in our village. It’s also the first time we witnessed the ability of a spirit gatherer.”

Zhang Peng was excited. “Yes! A spirit gatherer is powerful indeed! If we have such a person to reliably provide spiritual energy to us in combat in the level-one fishery, we can almost be invincible.”

Everyone looked at Han Fei and was deeply shocked. Was this the ability of a spirit gatherer? They heard all day how powerful the spirit gatherer in the town was, and now they finally knew it was true. He was literally a secret weapon! He was even more powerful than the armorist of the w.a.n.g Family. Although an armorist could fight, a spirit gatherer could continuously provide spiritual energy!

Back in the Heavenly Water Village.

The village leader’s eyes almost popped out. How long had it been since they had left? Less than 5 hours. If it were before, they wouldn’t even have hit the level-one fishery yet after five hours!

Zhao Dabai was first to speak. “Leader, although the whole army of the Heavenly Sun Village was annihilated this time, our damage was equally great. Three of our people, Li You, Yang Dong, and Xu Qing died. Zhou Zhou was seriously injured and his contractual spiritual beast died. I’m afraid he won’t be able to go to the level-one fishery again.”

The village leader sighed. “Well, take a good rest first. I’ve asked all our people to come back quickly. I am afraid that the Heavenly Sun Village is going to take revenge madly. Our people have to come back and take a rest.”

Then he turned to look at Han Fei. He knew already that Han Fei had already become a spirit gatherer, but he didn’t expect him to be so powerful.

A 12-year-old spirit gatherer! That’s unbelievable! Even the professionals in the town were at least 15 years old. But Han Fei had just finished his Fishing Trial! Was it because Old Jiang taught him much?

Now the village leader knew why Han Fei stayed in the Heavenly Water Village. He just didn’t expect him to have such a talent for gathering spirit.

In the evening, Han Fei said that he was going to treat Zhao Dabai and the others to a feast, so they came to a Fish Dragon Hot Pot Restaurant.

At the gate of the hot pot restaurant.

Chen Jia’er was curious with the scene he saw. “Brother, is this your hot pot restaurant? Why are there so many people?”

Looking at the crowd in the line, Han Fei said helplessly, “It’s because hot pot is too delicious! You see, no one comes to greet me although I’m their leader.”

As soon as he said this, Li Gang came at a trot with a face full of smiles. “Young Master, didn’t you go to the level-one fishery? How come you came back so quickly?”

“My job was finished. Are there any vacant seats upstairs?”

“Yes, yes… This is your store. We’ll certainly reserve an exclusive private room for you!”

“Good! Smart guy.”

Upon entering the restaurants, Zhao Dabai, Chen Jia’er, and the others were stunned. Why was this restaurant so popular? It was full of people, and seven or eight people sat on each table. Happy and satisfied laughter and talk could be heard ceaselessly.

“Wow! It smells so good. I’m hungry just by smelling it.” Chen Ling’s mouth began to water.

Soon they sat in a private room and Li Gang personally served them. Come on, these are all fishing masters! Before Han Fei ordered any dish, a big Yellow Croaker hot pot was served. At the same time, everyone was served with barbecue.

Chen Jia’er took a bite of garlic prawns and immediately beamed with a smile. “Little Brother Han Fei, the barbecue is really delicious. How much do you charge for this table of dishes?”

Han Fei waved his hand. “It’s not about money. This table of dishes won’t cost much. Only 40 or 50 mid-quality pearls or so.”

Suddenly, the room fell into silence.

Cao Fei glanced at the crowded people outside the room and those waiting in line. “Hoho! I didn’t know our village had so many rich people!”


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