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Chapter 992: Distribution of Territories!

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The Treasures of Hope were just White-Silver grade. Each of them might have limitations, but were still powerful weapons in their own right.

Leo also had a Treasure of Hope, however, his Treasure did not have the ability to help him slaughter over 10,000 zombies at one go.

Yue Zhong gazed at Edward reaping the lives of the zombies and sighed, “Powerful! His Treasure of Hope is strong. Looks like I need to show off one of my trump cards as well.”

With a thought, Yue Zhong waved his hands, and the Scarlet Reaper combined with the Heart of Hope appeared in front of him.

He stepped in, and in a flash, was covered entirely by the Scarlet Reaper.

The eyes of the Scarlet Reaper gleamed as though it was alive. Its body radiated with light, and its speed was suddenly pushed to the maximum, reaching Mach-6 as it shot towards the skies.

As the Scarlet Reaper reached the sky above the horde, the wings on its back extended out in a flash. In an instant, countless light beams shot out, striking the zombies below with unbelievable accuracy, blasting their heads apart.

Enveloped by that rain of light beams, many zombies were shredded, returning to dust as they should be.

The countless zombies were disappearing at a rate visible to the naked eye. In just an instant, over hundreds of thousands of zombies had been killed. The dense horde seemed to have been cleaved in half.

Witnessing that, even Leo was shocked till his eyes almost popped out, “Holy s.h.i.+t!! That was too overpowered!!! How is that possible?! How can there be such an armor in this world?! Not even a Type 7 expert can kill over hundreds of thousands of zombies in a breath!”

Leo could become a Type 6 Evolver because he had experienced countless trials and tribulations just like Yue Zhong. After he overcame them, he had become one of the peak experts on Earth. He had experienced the terror of a Type 7 expert for himself, but even a few of them would not be able to do what Yue Zhong did.

Edward stared in shock, “That’s strong!! That suit of armor is too sick!! How come there’s such a heaven-defying armor? I thought that my Sword of Solemn Promise was enough to rule the heavens. Who knew Yue Zhong had such a scary trump card?! He could wipe out any country by himself!!”

Edward’s Sword of Solemn Promise could kill over 10,000 zombies in an instant, because of this, he had suggested the tripart.i.te meet to be at Minsk. It would allow him to demonstrate his prowess, however, he did not expect Yue Zhong to one-up him.


“What is that armor?! That’s too terrifying!!”

“Is that a G.o.d-made armor?”

“Can such a strength be wielded by humans? Too sick!! That strength can match up to a nuclear weapon!! A mobile nuclear weapon!”

“China’s leader Yue Zhong actually has such an armor, it’s too terrifying!!”


Gazing at the sky, the Scarlet Reaper continued to release its judgment on the zombies below, causing everyone else to be agape with shock and breaking out in a discussion.

The Kingdom of G.o.d and American forces all looked in shock and knew that this time, China definitely had the edge in negotiations. As for the officials of China, they were all filled with smug looks and high morale.

After killing 800,000 zombies, Yue Zhong stopped his ma.s.sacre, intending to preserve energy. After all, he needed to leave some leeway for the American and Kingdom of G.o.d forces.

Even if Yue Zhong killed all the zombies in Minsk, it was impossible for China to control the whole Earth.

When the Scarlet Reaper stopped its attacks, Edward also swung his Sword of Solemn Promise a few times, killing 300,000 zombies before stopping his own hunt.

The remaining 300,000 zombies were then left to the troops to be killed.

As all the elites of all 3 forces were thrown into battle, their strength and equipment easily overpowering the evolved zombies, while the ordinary zombies were slaughtered mercilessly.

After a short while of resistance, the remaining zombies began to scatter and flee, while being hunted down by the elites.

Once the zombie hunt was over, all 3 forces entered Minsk directly.

Although there were still some evolved zombies hiding within Minsk, with the 3 top experts of Earth present, as well as the powerful soldiers of their respective factions, those zombies posed no threat at all. Before they could even get close, they were annihilated.

Within a meeting hall inside Minsk, Yue Zhong pulled out a map of the Earth and drew, “Everything south of Minsk shall belong to China.”

With this line drawn, Belarus was split into 2, with a huge part of the Middle East and all of Asia becoming under China.

The 2 strong countries of the past, India, and Russia were likewise included.

Currently, both countries had already been overrun by zombies and had no qualifications to take part in this meeting. Therefore, no one stood out to object.

Yue Zhong continued directly, “Please take your people out of these regions as soon as possible, or accept our restructuring and organizing.”

Seeing this, Edward, Leo and the rest of the negotiators had ugly expressions. However, they had all agreed beforehand that the one who killed the most zombies would get to draw up the lines. They could not go back on their word. Having seen Yue Zhong’s display of strength and technology, they did not dare to antagonize him.

Most importantly, while he had staked claims on huge territories, it was not yet infringing on their bottom lines.

Edward did not stand on ceremony as he announced, “North of Minsk, Africa, and South America shall be our Kingdom of G.o.d’s.”

Leo’s expression was extremely ugly right now. He turned to look at Yue Zhong, who had no reaction, and he could only grit his teeth, “Then North America is ours.”

Without Yue Zhong’s support, America was not a match for the Kingdom of G.o.d. Furthermore, in the battle to clear Minsk, although their iron-soldiers had been a spectacular sight, Leo could not take out any trump card to wipe out more than thousands of zombies in one go. He could only swallow this bitter fruit.

Although they did not gain territory, he was not too affected by it. Humanity had fallen to an extremely low number, just supporting the survivors in America was extremely taxing. What they needed was to recover the cities within America, not expanding to more regions.

Once they ascertain their area of control, all sides quickly got to drafting the agreement.

Upon signing the doc.u.ments, the Earth’s Federal Government was finally formed, managed by the Kingdom of G.o.d, China, and America.

Once they agreed upon the alliance, the Beast Transformation Technology from the Kingdom of G.o.d, the Nanomechanical Armor Technology from America and the Enhanced Battle Armor from China were all brought out to be exchanged with one another.

Each of these 3 technologies was far beyond Earth’s current capabilities, and they had their pros and cons. By exchanging, no one would lose out, instead, all of them gained more in return.

The Kingdom of G.o.d also quickly kept its word, pulling out the troops from the areas and regions under the control of China and America, concentrating them back at Europe.

At the initial parts of the apocalypse, they had been trying to expand their reach aggressively, and almost every country had their presence. Because of that, their troops had been scattered and dispersed, while they expanded fast, they had not been able to hold their forts when Yue Zhong came along. Thus, they had suffered.

Now that they pulled their forces back to Europe, their numbers instantly swelled to 500,000, while their survivors numbered 12 million, with plenty of experts within their ranks.

At the same time, under Edward’s leaders.h.i.+p, they began to quickly clear the zombies in Europe, obliterating many hordes that they had not yet paid attention to in the past.

Without their presence in the other countries, America also quickly began to clear their own hordes.

After Yue Zhong brought back the 2 new technologies, he also sent out his troops to clean the country and slowly regain habitable land.

Although they had established the Earth’s Federal Government, the main takeaway was the distribution of territories, building up trust, exchanging technologies, and allowing trade without anymore enmity. No one else brought up the possibility of having the Earth’s Army.

Yue Zhong had revealed a devastating might in Minsk, and was the best candidate to helm the Earth’s Army should there be one. However, both the Kingdom of G.o.d and America were not willing to see Yue Zhong’s faction expanding yet again, thus, they did not bring it up.


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