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Chapter 789: Shao Village!

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The 7 men were decked in beast hide, their faces with coa.r.s.e beards. They looked like wild barbarians. In their hands, there were bows and arrows, spears, some of them even had dead rabbits, wolves, and snakes that they caught. Their bodies were ordinary, however, their muscles were ripped and full of vitality. They were seemingly good hunters.

When Sun Lan Lan caught sight of them, her heart shook, and she instantly felt fearful. After all, when they had first arrived, the actions of those hooligans had terrified her.

Han Qiong also grabbed a wooden stick up and eyed them warily.

One of them caught sight of Han Qiong and his eyes lit up, “I’m Shao Yun! Do you guys want to come to our village? Your friend here has been stung by a parasitic fly, if she doesn’t receive treatment in time, she will not last a week.”

Han Qiong had wanted to reject their invitation, but hearing the last sentence, she hesitated.

Sun Lan Lan’s wound was starting to fester, with multiple maggots crawling all around. Han Qiong had no means of treating the wound. If things went on like that, Sun Lan Lan would definitely die.

When Sun Lan Lan heard this, she grabbed Han Qiong’s hand, “Qiong Qiong! Let’s go! Let’s go together!”

Han Qiong glanced at Sun Lan Lan’s swollen hand and gritted her teeth to look at Shao Yun, “How do you guys do, I’m called Han Qiong. She’s Sun Lan Lan. Do you guys have the means to treat her?”

Shao Yun grinned, “Of course! The parasitic fly is everywhere, if we don’t have any medicine, we would have been wiped out. However, the medicine is obtained through our hard work, why should we give it to you for free?”

Han Qiong faltered, and felt a bad premonition, “What do you want then?”

Shao Yun exclaimed boldly, “I want you to be my woman! As long as you agree, I will take the medicine out to save her. Otherwise, you can watch her die. The parasitic fly can release countless of small eggs in their prey, right now, it’s only a small number on her right hand. Most of the eggs have already infected the rest of her body. Soon, the eggs will hatch and if she doesn’t receive the right treatment, she would be eaten alive from within. The pain is the most horrific form of torture available.”

When she heard this, Sun Lan Lan began to tremble in fear, her mind almost crumbling at the thought of being eaten alive.

She began to squeal, “I can be your woman. I’m pretty and my body’s good! I’m also a virgin! Please, save me!! As long as you save me, I can be your woman!!”

In order to live, Sun Lan Lan could not care less. Not many could deal with the fear of being eaten alive by maggots. When she heard of her impending fate, she almost lost her mind.

Shao Yun glanced at Sun Lan Lan and barked coldly, “Don’t be silly! How can you compare to Han Qiong? I’m not interested in you.”

Sun Lan Lan was pretty, but she had not managed to keep herself neat and tidy for an entire weak, plus her current state was frail. It was easy to mistake her for being ugly.

Shao Yun turned to eye Han Qiong with desire, “Have you thought it through?”

Sun Lan Lan was practically pale as she begged Han Qiong, “Qiong Qiong, please, save me! Save me!!! I don’t want to die!!”

Han Qiong fell in a dilemma, on one hand, it was her friend’s life, on the other, it was her own happiness. It was a difficult choice.

“I…agree…” Han Qiong struggled in her mind, before making the decision. Compared to her own happiness, she was not willing to watch her friend being eaten alive.


At this moment, a voice traveled over.

Shao Yun and the rest felt their backs turn cold, as they readied their weapons, turning around warily.

In this world, there were fearsome, prehistoric creatures, as well as dangerous, mutated Dino-people. Even humans were capable of murdering others.

Han Qiong and Sun Lan Lan immediately perked up upon hearing that voice, recognizing whose it was.

Under everyone’s gaze, Yue Zhong walked out from the forest and into the cave.

With a flick, Yue Zhong pulled out a Type 2 Mutant Beast nucleus, “I want the medicine. I won’t ask for it for free, hence, this Type 2 Nucleus is your payment.”

“Type 2 Mutant Beast nucleus!!”

“He actually has one, what luck!!”


When the 6 others saw the nucleus, their eyes lit up with excitement.

Shao Yun held it tightly with greed in his eyes, staring at Yue Zhong.

The rest also turned to look at Yue Zhong with a hint of greed, as though they might do something stupid. In such a lawless society, it was common for people to kill over belongings.

Yue Zhong could sense their intentions and laughed coldly in his heart. He had seen plenty of such people. If they decided to do something, he would not mind killing them.

Shao Yun observed Yue Zhong carefully and felt guarded when he realized Yue Zhong was extremely calm. Hesitating a little, he decided to forego his previous thoughts, and nodded to him, “This Type 2 Mutant Beast nucleus is indeed more valuable than the medicine. We’re willing to exchange. Please come with us to the village, that’s where the medicine is kept.”

“Let’s go!”

Yue Zhong turned to look at Han Qiong and Sun Lan Lan, who quickly arrived by his side.

Sun Lan Lan came up to him and wiped her tears, thanking him profusely, “Thank you, Yue Zhong! Thank you for saving me!!”

Yue Zhong had already saved her twice, no matter how selfish or wilful she was, she knew what grat.i.tude was. In this dangerous world, all she could think of was to rely on this dependable and strong person.


Yue Zhong did not say much, he had saved her because of Han Qiong. It was merely a minor act. Although he was not a saint, saving someone out of convenience was not something he was reluctant to do.

Sun Lan Lan saw how distant he was, and hesitated. If it were in the past, she would have immediately grabbed hold of him. However, she knew she had not bathed for a week, plus due to her injury, she was stinky and smelled of rotting flesh. She did not want to destroy her image further.

The group of them proceeded carefully through the forest, fortunately not coming across any prehistoric life forms, and reached Shao Village.

The village was located at a plain at the corner of the forest, with countless huts made out of wood.

The inhabitants did not seem to possess any construction or building flair, as the wooden huts resembled those of the ancient Red Indian tribes.

All around the village, there were about a hundred people, and 20 kids cheered when they saw Shao Yun and the rest return.

A number of topless women of different skin color also surrounded over, retrieving the hunting spoils of their men, before kissing them pa.s.sionately. Each man was surrounded by about 4 or 5 women.

Shao Yun had 11 women surrounding him, taking down the hunting trophies from his body before kissing him pa.s.sionately.

He laughed smugly as he showed off to Han Qiong, “See that, Han Qiong? I’m the most outstanding hunter here. I have 11 women, however, my prey is enough to feed 20 people. If you were to become my woman, I will not let you go hungry, and I will feed you well every day!”

In this world, although food was plenty, there were many Mutant Beasts and Mutant Bugs, as well as prehistoric animals. In this strange world, humans were at the bottom of the food chain. The fact that Shao Yun could hunt so much prey was pretty impressive, thus, many women were willing to give themselves to him.

Seeing his arrogance, Han Qiong and Sun Lan Lan wore blank expressions. Their lifestyles were extremely different, especially where they came from, they could not understand why he was so arrogant.

Yue Zhong interrupted his speech, asking indifferently, “Where’s the medicine?”

When he was stopped so abruptly, Shao Yun felt p.i.s.sed, but he pointed to an elder, “The medicine is with him. I’ll go get it for you.”

The old man came forward and introduced himself, “How do you do, I’m the village chief, Shao Sheng. Although having visitors is a joyous occasion, we don’t have much food. If you join us, we can give you food. Otherwise, we can only allow you to stay the night, you’ll have to settle your own food and water.”


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