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Chapter 775: Dino Slave-Hunting Team!

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“What’s going on”

As Yue Zhong gobbled up 10 pieces of the meat, the Type 5 meat managed to nourish his body, pus.h.i.+ng his healing to recover from the wounds of the velociraptor. However, as his muscles began to heal, there were sharp stabs of pain from his wounds, as a numbing sensation began to travel throughout his body.

Yue Zhong’s face turned ugly and had a bad feeling.

“Help!! Help!!”

At this moment, there were the sounds of screams from the forest. The fatso, his secretary as well as his bodyguards turned to look, as those youths who were engaged in an orgy ran out of the forest, their faces full of shock and fear.

Han Qiong, Sun Lan Lan and the other 2 immediately got behind Yue Zhong.

The fatso and his entourage were running with all his might, when suddenly, a long spear came hurtling out of the forest, piercing one of the bodyguards beside him, pinning him to a tree. The bodyguard wailed in agony while he struggled.

The sultry secretary despaired as she gritted her teeth and pushed the fatso in front of her, causing him to fall.

Multiple spears then shot out suddenly, piercing the fatso full of holes, causing him to squeal and scream like a pig being slaughtered.

The secretary had fear in her eyes as she ran towards Yue Zhong and pleaded, “Save me!! Save me!! As long as you save me, once we’re back, I’ll give you 50 million credit points! I’ll give you anything, please, please save me!”

However, Yue Zhong was in a tight spot and could not afford to deal with the lady. A strange numb sensation traveled throughout his entire body from the wound of his right shoulder. Everywhere the sensation spread, he felt his control over his body cut off, as though he had lost that body part.


Yue Zhong’s expression turned ugly, he had never experienced such an abnormal thing. With his Regeneration skill, no matter how many times his chest had been pierced, he had always healed properly. It was the first time he was facing such a strange phenomenon.

If it were during a peaceful period, it would have been fine. However, they were in the middle of nowhere with danger beseeching them on all sides. He had not even gotten a clear picture of how dangerous the Third World was, if he was not careful, he might die at the jaws of those strange prehistoric beasts.

The secretary had barely managed a few yards when a long spear shot out from the forest, piercing her left leg, blasting it to pieces. She screamed out and tumbled to the ground, moaning in agony.

The tall gra.s.s shook, as 10 humanoid creatures riding atop a velociraptor each, with spears in their hands, appeared. They were over 3 meters tall and had green skin, and the most fearsome thing was that they had dinosaur heads.

The 10 dinosaur-head hunters nudged their mounts forward towards the escaping nude young men and women, and they reached them easily, opening their jaws to snap down on them.

“Help!! Save me!!”

One naked man screamed out as one of the velociraptors chomped down on his body. With a sickening crunch, the man was torn in half.

A naked young woman ran and suddenly tripped, tumbling to the ground. She turned to look fearfully at the approaching dino-head, her eyes filled with horror as urine began to flow uncontrollably. She cried and pleaded, “Ah!! Don’t kill me!! Please don’t kill me!!”

Yue Zhong stared at the 10 dino-head hunters who had suddenly appeared and stood right up, channeling his Dark Dou Qi, enveloping his entire body.

However, just as the Dark Dou Qi started to flow, his entire body was buffeted by a numbing sensation, and he crumpled to the floor.

“f.u.c.k! What’s going on?”

Yue Zhong was thoroughly shaken, as he tried to struggle and stand. However, his entire body seared in temperature, and he felt dizzy, falling into a semi-conscious state.

The 10 dino-heads charged out from the forest, ignoring those who were on the ground, instead, chasing after those who were fleeing, throwing spears to nail them to the ground.

Sun Lan Lan trembled uncontrollably, not daring to move, asking Han Qiong, “What should we do?”

As Yue Zhong suddenly crumpled to the ground, they felt helpless, having lost their pillar of support. These dino-head hunters did not seem to be friendly.

Yue Zhong had fallen down suddenly, and while Han Qiong was similarly frightened, she maintained her wits to observe, “Wait, they seem to be chasing those running. Let’s wait.”

Those who were running seemed to have noticed this as well, and many quickly got down on the ground and begged for their lives.

One of the dino-people gazed down at his prey, revealing a satisfied expression, “Very good! Seems like our Slave Hunting Team has gotten a good haul of humans. We can have a good drink when we’re back!”

These dino-people actually could speak, although it was in some different language. However, for some weird reason, everyone could understand them clearly.

One of them threw a large rope over to a naked man and barked, “You, come over here, tie them up!!”

The naked man grabbed the rope and nodded profusely, tying the rest of the humans, “Yes!! Yes!!”

Yue Zhong, the naked woman with one missing leg, and the rest of those who had been pierced by spears were all tied together and tied to the tail of one of the velociraptors.

The human corpses were all tied together on another velociraptor.

Yue Zhong sunk into a semi-conscious state and watched helplessly as he was dragged along like trash.

The squad of dino-people re-gathered and left the area.

Many squads appeared within the forest, behind them, they dragged many human corpses or their own velociraptor corpses. Some of them even had dinosaur eggs.

The total number of hunters were about 200, as they regrouped and quickly left.

While in his semi-conscious state, Yue Zhong could feel his entire body suffering from a tingling sensation, when suddenly, a hot surge of energy charged everywhere, causing him to lose control over his body.

At this moment, the golden G.o.d-Devil Nuclei in his sea of knowledge began to glow, and the gold radiance continued to s.h.i.+ne brightly, pulling forth all the life force that had been absorbed into his cells, transforming them into the purest energy to nourish his body.

“Congratulations on becoming a Strength, Stamina and Agility Triple-Attribute Evolver.”

“Congratulations on achieving the perfect attribute evolution, all skills below Second Order will gain a level of enhancement! You’ve also gained the Level 5 Skill, Summon Tamed Beasts.”

“Level 5 Skill: Summon Tamed Beasts. Regardless of your position, casting this skill can summon the beasts that you have tamed to your side.”

When Yue Zhong woke up, a constant flow of notifications resounded in his mind.

“Perfect Attributes! I actually became a 6-Attribute Evolver? I didn’t die?!”

His eyelids fluttered open and discovered that he was in a dark and smelly cell, with almost no light.

‘You’re awake!!”

At this moment, the excited squeal of a girl sounded nearby.

Yue Zhong turned around and noticed Han Qiong grabbing a wet towel, looking at him with joy. Evidently, this pretty girl had been taking care of him all this while. It caused him to feel touched and warm, despite his hardened heart.

He asked, “How many days was I out for?”

Han Qiong sat beside him, “2 days!”

“Where is this?”

“This is the Underground jail of Temron City. We were captured by a hunting squad from Temron City, becoming their slaves! This is where they keep us!”

Yue Zhong a.s.sessed his plight, turning his head to take in information, noting that there were 31 people within the cell, everyone almost handicapped from having lost a limb. The secretary whose left leg had been destroyed was curled up in a corner, her face dirty, and her appearance looked like a ghost, with none of her initial allure and charm.

Yue Zhong asked, “Where are your friends?”

Han Qiong pointed to the next cell, “They’re over there!”

He swept a gaze across, noticing that Sun Lan Lan and the other 2 were huddled together in a corner of the other cell, their faces pale and weak.

“Why are you here?”

Han Qiong looked straight at him with her clear eyes, and smiled brightly, “In order to take care of you, silly! You saved our lives since you’re in trouble now, I’ll naturally help you! This is my way of life!”

“Thank you!”

Yue Zhong looked at her and smiled lightly. Maybe he might still have been fine without her care, but this girl was actually willing to go out of her way to take care of him even in such a situation. It was truly hard to come by.

“No problem!”

She smiled back, revealing a bright expression. In this dark and dank place, it was as though her smile lit up the entire room.

At this moment, one dino-person pulled 3 velociraptors along.

When he entered the cell, his eyes swept across the room, before pointing at Han Qiong, “You! Come out!!”

Han Qiong stood up, “I’m going! Be careful!”

She did not dare to disobey their orders.

Yue Zhong nodded, “Yep!”


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