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Chapter 771: Type 5 Mutant Beasts’ Battle!

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The wipeout of Gong Chang Tian’s 3rd Unit by Gu Mu and his 15 Type 4 Flesh-Eaters caused a huge wave among the Crusade Group’s soldiers. The force was an elite troop of the Resistance, most of them of Type 2 Divine Warrior strength.

After they were killed, for a period of time, everyone was nervous, and Yue Zhong had no choice but to remain in the base to keep them settled.

The moment those Flesh-Eaters acted, they had demonstrated their overwhelming power. After the 3rd Unit was destroyed, no one dared to go against Yue Zhong’s opinions anymore, insisting on killing all the Flesh-Eaters in one go.

Although it was possible for Yue Zhong to hara.s.s them with Bai Yi’s ability, it was far from really causing any substantial damage. The advantages still belonged to the Saint Clan after all.

Within a meeting hall in the Ancient Ruins, Yue Zhong and his subordinates of this world gathered together.

Yue Zhong asked, “Bai Yi, according to Radis’s information, there should be stronger equipment and weapons of war compared to the RH2s. We have taken down 11 cities but we haven’t discovered anything. Where would those equipment be?”

Bai Yi had previously experienced the First Sacred War and was clearer about the combat than Yue Zhong.

Bai Yi swiftly replied, “The Saint City. Based on the a.n.a.lysis, it is likely that most of the human weapons had been sealed within Saint City. The air fortress that you possess now was one of the strongest weapons utilized by the human forces back then. The Saint Clan had decided to use these as well in order to take down cities.”

Yue Zhong eyed everyone present and asked, “Saint City! Who has been there before, can you please fill me in.”

Everyone fell silent, their expressions falling.

Hearing this phrase, Yan’s mouth curled, as though he was reminded of some unpleasant memories. He hesitated for a long time before slowly speaking, “I’ve been there!”

“Saint City, that place is the sacred grounds for those of the Flesh-Eater race. At the same time, it is a paradise where most ignorant humans wish to reside in. Saint City has an inner and outer city, where the inner parts are only exclusive to the Flesh-Eaters. The outer city contains humans and other Flesh-Eaters.”

“In Saint City, there’s a tough law, even Flesh-Eaters cannot kill humans indiscriminately. All those who do so would be heavily punished. At the same time, there is technology that is way beyond our world within the inner city, and any illnesses or ailments can be cured by some of the machines.”

“If you want to enter Saint City, you have to be the elite of the human race, and willing to become a loyal dog of the Saint Clan. Most of the humans in Saint City are no longer considered as our fellow humans, but the hunting dogs of the Flesh-Eaters. They do not view other humans as equals, instead, as long as they receive orders, they would take up their weapons to slaughter other humans.”

“There’s also a strict household record system, all humans have to leave their fingerprints and iris features with the Bureau. When entering Saint City, they are subjected to fingerprint and iris scans, metal detectors and radiation checks. Without an ident.i.ty, it is impossible to enter.”

Yan seemed to have guessed everyone’s thoughts and curiosity as he continued, “Although it seems like Saint City is a secure and stable place with laws and regulations, in truth, humans are truly the lowest of lowest there. My parents and older brother had been captured secretly to become their food.”

When they heard this, everyone’s eyes were filled with sympathy.

Yue Zhong turned to Sima Bing and asked, “In Saint City, do we have any eyes or ears?”

She shook her head, “Nope. It is impossible to extend our reach within. All those soldiers who had tried to infiltrate had sacrificed their lives to no avail.”

“It truly is tough to carry this out!” Yue Zhong frowned and thought.

After that, he continued to ask everyone but did not manage to get any further information.

After the meeting was dismissed, Yue Zhong went back to his room, when suddenly he got an inspiration and summoned Xiangma Yiming to his room.

Yue Zhong asked, “Xiangma Yiming, have you been to Saint City?”

He replied obediently, “Yes, Master!”

Yue Zhong became excited and continued asking, gaining more knowledge from Xiangma Yiming.

Security in Saint City was as tight as what Yan had described, it was impossible for ordinary people to infiltrate. Even for someone like Xiangma Yiming, a Type 4 Divine Warrior, if he wanted to bring a human in, they would have to bring the person to the nearby city for a round of tests, after 2 years, then it was possible for the human to enter.

As for Type 3 Divine Warriors, it was impossible for them to try and recommend humans in. They would have to report in and Saint City would send someone to conduct an evaluation. If there were no problems, there would be further steps along the way, by the time an elite human got in, he or she would be 60 years old.

Yue Zhong took in all this information, considering them carefully and came up with a decision after 3 days.

He brought Xiangma Yiming and Duanmu Sheng in an a.s.sault helicopter towards Saint City.

If Yue Zhong were to stay in the resistance, after 9 months, he would at most expand their size by one or two times. Against the forces of Saint Clan, it would still be insignificant. He had to take the initiative.

Deathly silence, barren, bleak, with no trace of life. As Yue Zhong looked out the window in the helicopter, all he saw were abandoned cities.

All of a sudden, the pilot of the helicopter shouted out with a pale expression, “Not good!! Leader!! There’s a strange life form flying over here!!”

Yue Zhong’s face fell as he barked out, “Descend immediately!”

In this world, not even the skies were safe, as there were plenty of Mutant Beasts in the air. If one’s luck was bad, they would meet high-level Mutant Beasts. Even a fighter jet would be destroyed. Emergency landings were one of the tactics to avoid them.

The helicopter quickly descended with Yue Zhong’s order.

A huge beast wrapped in flames, its wingspan easily over a hundred meters and its body covered entirely in red scales came swooping over. It had a crocodile head.

Behind that crocodile-head beast, there was a green scaled-pterosaur of hundreds of meters in length chasing after the former.

The two mythical beasts clashed together in a mad frenzy, one utilizing flames, the other utilizing the storm and winds, pus.h.i.+ng their innate abilities to attack each other.

“Type 5 Mutant Beasts!”

Yue Zhong activated his Eye of Perception and immediately received the notifications.

On Earth, he could use the skill to tell the name and level of any Mutant Beast. However, on this planet, the usage of the skill was severely limited.

The 2 Mutant Beasts were engaged in a slugfest, when suddenly, a huge wind blade descended from the skies, striking the a.s.sault helicopter.

The a.s.sault helicopter was sliced through like b.u.t.ter, as countless metal parts scattered everywhere. The pilot was sliced in two as well.

Yue Zhong lost his right arm due to that sudden attack, while Duanmu Sheng and Xiangma Yiming were fortunate enough to dodge that.

As the both of them had no ability to float, they plunged down towards the ground.

Yue Zhong’s back began to s.h.i.+ne with his Dark Wind Wings, and he shot down like a beam of light towards his dismembered arm.

After grabbing it, he placed it back on the wound and channeled his Dark Dou Qi to gather at the injury. Enhanced by the Dark Dou Qi, his cells were invigorated and began to recover, automatically connecting with the stump, and soon, his arm was back to normal.

Having reconnected his arm, he flew down. The clash between those 2 Type 5 Mutant Beasts was too shocking, he would be caught in the crossfire, and could easily be killed.

The moment he landed on a hill, he quickly hid behind a huge boulder, observing the battle in the skies.

A number of flaming fireb.a.l.l.s descended, blasting the ground in various places. The flames continued to burn, as though inextinguishable.

Numerous wind blades slashed all over the ground, causing new rifts in the earth, their depths unimaginable.

The attacks of the 2 Type 5 Mutant Beasts were truly devastating and ferocious, as large amount of blood continued to fall towards the ground.

Yue Zhong stared at the blood, his eyes almost bursting with desire.

Every part of a Type 5 Beast was a precious treasure, their blood could be used to research new Evolving Liquids, and could nourish energy. Such a treasure was being wasted on the ground. His heart ached, and he pulled out his powerful Electromagnetic Gun, waiting for a chance.

The 2 Type 5 Mutant Beasts had terrifying regenerative abilities. Even if they were hurt, their wounds would heal at a visible rate. After battling for 2 whole hours, the crocodile-head beast was finally grabbed by the pterosaur in the head, and the sharp claws tore a huge chunk out of its skull.


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