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Chapter 412 – Chen Hongye! a.s.sasination Attempt!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

[Book 3: The South]

The defences of the other parts of town were still tight, and with the protection of the numerous experts scattered throughout, the dense horde of Mutant Mountain Rats could not break through, instead getting slaughtered.

There were also parts where the Mutant Mountain Rats managed to overrun the humans, and they swept the place clean of the Enhancers that were stationed there.

The number of corpses of Mutant Mountain Rats had reached 3,000, and over 60 Enhancers had been killed as well.

Without giving the humans a chance to rest, the Mutant Beast horde lying in wait behind the Mutant Mountain Rats began their a.s.sault.

The Mutant Beasts waiting behind the Mutant Mountain Rats were actually Mutant Civets. These mutant beasts were Level 21, their bodies as tough as wolves, and claws extremely sharp. Behind the Mutant Civets, following closely behind were Mutant Leopard Cats. Behind them were Mutant Vietnam Golden Monkeys, Mutant Pangolins, and others. The entire horde was making their way closer, like an army of beasts.

Yue Zhong stared at the incoming horde, and his expression fell: “d.a.m.n it!! How can we defend an attack on such scale?”

In the dark of the night, only people with night vision capabilities like Yue Zhong, as well as some of the Evolvers could see the status of the town. Whoever saw the incoming horde, would feel their scalp go numb from fear and desolation.

The moment the horde pushed into town, the battle exploded into full blown proportions.

Ice spikes, sword qi, blade beams, fireb.a.l.l.s, wind blades, ground spears, all sorts of abilities exploded out, exhibiting their might at the front lines. Countless Mutant Beasts were instantly pulverized by the numerous abilities raining on them, but at the same time, there would be unfortunate humans that died at the vicious claws and swipes of the Mutant Beasts.

Yue Zhong had recalled White Bones and Xin Jiarou back, ordering Larman and his troops forwards with their modern weaponry to unleash carnage on the Mutant Beasts charging towards them.

Yue Zhong was worried that they would encounter a huge horde of Mutant Beasts, and had brought along 10 127mm heavy machine guns.

The 10 127mm machine guns aimed towards the horde of monsters, and let loose a volley of fearsome firepower. With the dense rain of bullets, a number of Mutant Beasts instantly got punched full of holes even before nearing the defence post. Facing that type of firepower, only those Mutant Beasts above Level 40 would be able to defend against it with their bare flesh, as for the rest, they could only die.

“What do we do? If this continues on, we will definitely die at the jaws of these brutes.” Yue Zhong eyed the situation as he racked his brains.

Yue Zhong had only 50,000 rounds of ammunition in his possession, and if they continued to fire at this rate, the bullets will run out sooner or later. And once it came to close combat, his subordinates would definitely face defeat.

Right at this time, a giant mouse of about 5m with scales that looked like rocks leapt out from the horde, squas.h.i.+ng a number of other Mutant Beasts as it made its way towards Yue Zhong’s area in a frenzy. The bullets of the heavy machine gun only served to bounce off that insane armor.

“Level 53 Strange Beast: Type 2 Mutant Mountain Rat. It possesses an extremely hard carapace and monstrous strength.”

“Prepare the grenade launchers! Fire!!” Larman saw the Type 2 Mutant Mountain Rat and hollered at the top of his lungs.

6 soldiers handling the grenade launchers stepped forwards, aiming at the Type 2 Mutant Mountain Rat and fired.

Hong! Hong!

A number of the rockets all exploded on the Type 2 Mutant Mountain Rat, and those explosives that could easily blast an armored vehicle only resulted in 2 very small b.l.o.o.d.y holes, not even endangering the Type 2 Mutant Mountain Rat’s life. On the contrary, it only served to enrage it even further, as it released a stronger killing intent, its eyes turning bloodshot and charged at Larman and his subordinates.

Seeing the Type 2 Mutant Mountain Rat rus.h.i.+ng over, the faces of Larman and his subordinates fell, if the Type 2 Mutant Mountain Rat successfully reached their site, they would definitely die, if not injured heavily.

At this time, White Bones took a step forwards, as a number of bone spikes appeared, and propelled itself onto the head of the Type 2 Mutant Mountain Rat. It then condensed a sharp bone drill, plunging it deep into the wound that resulted from the explosives earlier.

The sharp bone drill penetrated the wound of the Type 2 Mutant Mountain Rat, and started to spin rapidly, causing the wound to enlarge. The sharp bone drill then proceeded to mash the brains of the Type 2 Mutant Mountain Rat into paste!

The moment the brain was pulverized, the Type 2 Mutant Mountain Rat slumped to the ground, dropping 2 Skill Books and an amount of Survivor Coins. The 2 Skill Books were a Level 3 Stamina Consolidation and Level 3 Agility Consolidation.

The moment the Type 2 Mutant Mountain Rat died, the remaining hundred some Mutant Rats dispersed and started to retreat in various directions. Within the town, there were still a large number of Mutant Leopard Cats and Mutant Civets that happened to be the natural predators of the Mutant Mountain Rats. If it wasn’t for the threat of the Type 2 Mutant Beast, the rest of the Mutant Mountain Rats inside would have long since escaped as well.

“This!!! Maybe we have a chance!!” Yue Zhong saw the dispersing Mutant Mountain Rats, and his eyes shone brightly.

At this time, a shadow flitted over like a whirlwind, pouncing on White Bones, knocking it to the ground, as it opened its huge jaws and bit at its neck. “Level 56 Mutant Beast, Type 2 Mutant Civet!”

Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed with a strange glint as he changed towards the Type 2 Mutant Civet.

Just as the Type 2 Mutant Civet opened its huge jaws, White Bones immediately shot out a sharp bone spike towards the throat of the Mutant Civet.

At the same time, a bone blade shot out from White Bones’ body, locking the limbs of the Type 2 Mutant Civet.

The Type 2 Mutant Civet had a terrifying speed, as it dodged the killing strike from White Bones, but its movement was tied down by White Bones very same maneuver.

Yue Zhong shot towards the attacking Type 2 Mutant Civet like an arrow, his right hand condensing the domineering Devil Flame Spear, striking it at the Type 2 Mutant Civet. As he lunged into his attack he penetrated its head, incinerating the brains of the Type 2 Mutant Civet.

The Type 2 Mutant Civet slumped to the ground, becoming a corpse, at the same time dropping a green-coloured treasure box and Survivor Coins.

“Congratulations on reaching Level 53, you have gained 2 attribute points to be allocated.”

With the death of the Type 2 Mutant Civet, the rest of the Mutant Civets also dispersed, retreating towards the distance.

Yue Zhong’s side had a large number of Mutant Civets, and when they scattered, the pressure on his subordinates were alleviated a lot.

Yue Zhong relaxed a little after killing the Type 2 Mutant Civet, and could feel the chance for victory: “As expected, one must kill the Type 2 leaders. Otherwise, we would not stand a chance against these hordes of Mutant Beasts.”

Just when Yue Zhong was starting to relax, a dark shadow charged out suddenly from a dark corner, and a blade came sweeping downwards as though it was splitting the skies, slas.h.i.+ng towards Yue Zhong.

As it was the moment where Yue Zhong had just let down his guard, he was caught unprepared, and just as his Danger Perception warned him of the danger, the black blade had already appeared in front of him.

Yue Zhong activated his Shadow Steps, dodging towards the right, and raising his left arm to defend.

The black blade came slas.h.i.+ng down on Yue Zhong’s left hand, and went through the Type 3 Mutant Beast hide, sending Yue Zhong’s left arm flying, fresh blood splattering.

At the same time, a fearsome blade energy was sent through Yue Zhong’s wound, knocking him backwards 6 or 7 metres, as he spat out a mouthful of fresh blood.

“Larman! I’m Chen Hongye! Quickly help me kill Yue Zhong!! As long as we kill him! We can work together to rebuild the Hong Triad!!” As the black blade beam dispersed, a middle-aged man was revealed, holding a Level 4 Treasure Black Swiss Blade. His looks were refined, but his expression was currently grim.

This middle-aged man was Hong Triad’s chief Chen Hongye. The earlier took all of Chen Hongye’s Spirit, expending a huge amount of Stamina as well. That strike was a Second Order Skill: Shattering Cut.

The power of the Shattering Cut was truly without equal, even slas.h.i.+ng apart a Type 3 Mutant Beast Hide. However, its consumption was likewise enormous, almost expending all of Chen Hongye’s Stamina and Spirit. He had no choice but to ask Larman for help.

Just as Chen Hongye leapt out, from a small room at the back of the town, 20 other experts suddenly burst forwards, they were precisely the 4 Elders that Chen Hongye brought out, along with their subordinates.

At this point, there were only White Bones, Larman, his subordinates as well as Cai Mingliang and his men from the Knife a.s.sociation. If Larman was to turn on Yue Zhong now, it was possible that the Knife a.s.sociation would revolt as well, then Yue Zhong would truly be in danger.

Chen Hongye had waited a long time for this chance. If Yue Zhong had stayed at his own site, Chen Hongye would not have succeeded. He had been patient, and finally gotten the golden opportunity to strike, and his single strike had removed Yue Zhong’s left arm, creating possibilities.

Hearing Chen Hongye’s words, Larman’s subordinates were riled up, and looked to Larman. They were only willing to listen to this commander who had principles, but mostly because he was their commander after all.



体力固化 & 敏捷固化

Stamina Consolidation & Agility Consolidation. A number of chapters back, there was a Strength Consolidation skill like this as well. Open to suggestion for better terms?


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