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Chapter 197 – Turns out you aren’t omnipotent

“If you are hiding a sickness for fear of treatment, and won’t listen to advise, then you also don’t need to take care of me!” Chu Qing-Yan’s heart felt wronged and she loudly shouted this at him. Soon after, she turned her head to the side. “Xi Ning, starting from today I’m going on a hunger strike. You don’t need to bring the food into this room!”

“Ah!” Xi Ning didn’t know what was going on. The two people were clearly having a perfectly fine conversation. How come saying they would argue, they then started to argue ah?

“Your Highness, this—” Xi Ning said this awkwardly.

“According to her!” Xiao Xu lifted his feet and was about to leave the room.

Chu Qing-Yan saw this and immediately blurted out. “Xiao Xu, you stand still for me!”

Xiao Xu turned around. His eyes had an unclear mood that bubbled forth from the dark. “You dare to call this king by name?”

Chu Qing-Yan didn’t dare to look him in the eyes. She guessed that right now, he must be angry so she lowered her head, pulled at the knot and grumbled. “Isn’t choosing a name for people to call you by? Otherwise, why do you have a name?”

Xiao Xu tossed his sleeves. “You have actually learned to twist words to make up fallacious arguments! Good, you don’t want to eat, fine. Xi Ning, first let her go hungry for a day. This king wants to see how long your will will last!”

Hearing his tone, he was clearly angry. This was the first time he was so fierce with her. Now was not the time to be peeved about this matter. From the corner of her eyes, she saw he was about to leave. Chu Qing-Yan was so anxious that she was like a cat on a hot tin roof, going around in circles. Because her breathing movement was too big, a faint pain came from the wound. Her eyes lit up, her right hand covered her left shoulder, then she closed her eyes and pressed down with all her might.

“Master, your wound cracked open!” Xi Ning who had paid attention to every movement by her master since the beginning and immediately shouted when she saw this scene.

Chu Qing-Yan’s face was pale, but she tossed her a praising gaze. Worthy of being her people, really quick-witted!

Xiao Xu who had just stepped out the room heard this, he immediately turned around and walked back. When he returned to the front of the bed, the white inner clothing on her left shoulder was already soaked through with blood. On that snow white cloth, petal after petal of red flower bloomed.

His eyebrows tightened as he sat down. He shifted the person on the bed into his arms and said to Xi Ning who was staring blankly at the side. “Medicine and gauze.”

Hearing this, Xi Ning immediately brought them over.

Xiao Xu wanted to take off her cloth but her hand grabbed his.

“Qing-Yan, now is not the time to be headstrong!” Xiao Xu’s ice cold gaze looked at the face that was completely lacking in color, his tone was as cold as ice.

Chu Qing-Yan shook her head. “If the top beam is not straight, then the lower beam will be crooked. You are being headstrong, then why can’t I be headstrong?”

She was sucking in the pain as she said each word with great difficulty.

“Qing-Yan, don’t think you can threaten this king!” Xiao Xu forbore his anger.

“Then can I really threaten you?” She was like a serious and eager to learn student. She had a desiring to learn expression as she asked this.

Xiao Xu clenched his fist tightly. Looking at her pair of clear and bright eyes, he was unable to say no out loud.

Chu Qing-Yan waited for a moment, and still didn’t get her answer. Her heart then had the answer, and she was somewhat happy and somewhat sour. “Big Block of Ice, wanting me to have my wound rewrapped is possible, as long as you let Air Spirit take a look at the condition of your injury!”

“You——” Xiao Xu’s gaze was like a sword as he looked at her. But she used a fearless expression to welcome his gaze.

This wasn’t the first time someone threatened him to exchange a thing with another thing. But this was the first time he couldn’t resolutely refuse when he was threatened.

It was he himself that gave her the capability to make himself yield.

Sensing his hesitation, Chu Qing-Yan released the hand gripping his wrist. She turned and pulled at his finger. Her tone changed, no longer that unyielding tone from just now, in a soft and sticky manner she said. “Big Block of Ice, I’m not trying to force you. Only that I’m really worried about you.”

Xiao Xu looked at her deeply. The b.l.o.o.d.y flower on her shoulder bloomed bit by bit. However she completely disregarded it. Her pale cheeks were so transparent he could almost see the blood vessels in her skin. Her expression was weak but showed a trace of stubborness. She racked her brains for him, would rather let her wound rupture in exchange for a nod from him.

Little fellow, this kind of you, how could this king feel at ease to let you live alone on this earth?

Xiao Xu was silent for too long, to the extent that Chu Qing-Yan’s heart started to be uneasy. Would Big Block of Ice agree?

Just at this moment, Xiao Xu turned his head to say to Xi Ning who stood there stupefied. “Ask Air Spirit to come over.”

Hearing this, Xi Ning happily agreed as she promptly ran out of the room.

Chu Qing-Yan released her breath, she relaxed from head to toe. But she couldn’t endure it and started to cough.

Xiao Xu sighed lightly and extended a hand to help her ease the cough. “You ah, reaping what you sowed!”

“I reap what I sowed, isn’t as strong as your hiding a sickness for fear of treatment.” And when he gave her a glare, Chu Qing-Yan immediately changed her tone. “Oh, no, no, no. It’s me who reaped what I sowed, reap what I sowed!”

Once she finished speaking, Chu Qing-Yan felt somewhat annoyed. How could she fold so quickly!

Air Spirit was already waiting inside his room. Seeing Xi Ning come to summon him, he immediately followed her out of the room.

Once he entered the room, he saw Chu Qing-Yan laying on the bed with her wound split open as well as his master who was sitting by the bed. His heart was puzzled, just what the heck was this?

“First check her wound.”

“First check his body!”

The two people spoke in unison.

Xiao Xu frowned, Chu Qing-Yan immediately seized the chance to say. “In any case, we agreed that if you don’t get examined, then I won’t have my wound wrapped up!”

Xiao Xu glanced at her, unwilling to continue arguing with her. If he continued to delay, then maybe she would lose too much blood.

As a result, he got up and sat down on the chair and extended his wrist.

Air Spirit seeing this, was ecstatic. He walked forward, extended his hand and placed it on his pulse as he held his breath, concentrating fully.

Chu Qing-Yan leaned against the wall near the bed. Her eyes unblinkingly looked at them, waiting for result from Air Spirit’s diagnosis.

Air Spirit’s expression changed from calm in the beginning to surprise then to being pained. Chu Qing-Yan’s heart couldn’t help but clench.

“Air Spirit, how is His Highness’s body?” Chu Qing-Yan saw him withdraw his hand and asked at once.

“Master’s internal organs suffered some damage. His qi and blood is in disorder. Thirty percent of his internal strength was destroyed. If he doesn’t properly recuperate, then the blood clot that formed would block his meridians. This will cause the blood to be unable to flow freely until the end it’ll——” He never expected that master’s injury was more serious than he had imagined. Fortunately, the little consort was able to persuade him. Otherwise if it was delayed continuously like this, the consequences would be too horrible to contemplate.

“Then is there a way to treat this?” Chu Qing-Yan’s heart had already been wrenched to pieces.

“The period following this, master must not use martial arts. This subordinate will write a prescription for master and add to it the calm the heart’s gas medicinal pill. After drinking it for a period, then he will completely recover.” Only that this period of time was at least three months in length.

“Good, good, good. Able to recover after proper nursing is best. Xi Ning, quickly go boil the medicine for His Highness!” Chu Qing-Yan immediately said this to Xi Ning on the side.

As a result, Air Spirit brought Xi Ning and withdrew.

At this time, Xiao Xu stood up and returned to the side of her bed. He looked at her and said. “Now can I deal with the wound on your shoulder?”

Right now, Chu Qing-Yan’s thoughts were in chaos and seeing his nonchalant appearance, her heart felt very sad. How come he doesn’t care a bit about himself? Injured so seriously and he still wanted to help wrap up her wound.

Xiao Xu seeing her remain silent, picked up the medicine and gauze. He pushed back her cloth to reveal the shoulder, gentled his strength and carefully undid the gauze thoroughly soaked in blood. His brows were tightly pursed, they hadn’t relaxed since the beginning.

After Xiao Xu finished dealing with it, he then helped her straighten her cloth. At this moment, bean sized hot tears landed on the back of his hand. He stiffened slightly, immediately asking. “Does it hurt a lot?”

Chu Qing-Yan extended her hands and embraced him. Burying her head in his embrace, she shook her head.

Big Block of Ice, it turned out you aren’t omnipotent. You can also be injured and also hurt.


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