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Chapter 943: It’s Just An Arm (2) Translator: Iris8197 Editor: Rock

“Okay,” Yun Xiao’s voice was hoa.r.s.e and ambiguous, “why don’t we try it once again now? You can stay on top this time.”

“Yun Xiao!”

A gleam flashed through Yun Luofeng’s eyes and as she was going to refute him, he had cupped her face with his hands and sealed her mouth with his cold, thin lips.

The whole room was shrouded in a pink, romantic atmosphere.

The Xuanyin Valley.

All the guests cowered in a corner, looking in horror at the little girl in the scarlet robe and none of them dared to stand up…

Just now, someone of the Xuanyin Valley tried to catch Huohuo to threaten Yun Luofeng. However, before he could reach Huohuo, he was burned to ashes by the flame she spat out.


Without any extra movement, the little girl spat out a flame towards the G.o.d-level low-rank spirit cultivator and killed him in an instant! Therefore, let alone the guests, even Valley Master who was the most powerful one among them, didn’t dare to do anything to her…

“Anyone else?

Huohuo stepped on the artificial hill, arrogantly raised her chin and looked down at the crowd.

“Who else wants to catch me? Come out! I’ll leave him a complete body!”

The crowd shuddered and shrank, trying to hide their presence from her eyes.

Huohuo looked around and her eyes rested on Hunyu’s fair-skinned face.

Like a proud Phoenix, she swaggered towards Hunyu.

“Tut, why do you need a man so desperately, forcing him to marry you when he is in a coma?”

Hunyu’s face changed, “I didn’t do anything wrong. We’re in love with each other. It’s you who are trying to break us up!”

As the Xuanyin Valley’s heiress, she enjoyed a n.o.ble status. How could she allow anyone to humiliate her like this? Even at the expense of her life, she would never admit that she tried to rape a man while he was unconscious!

It was not her concern whether Yun Luofeng could find the man or not…

Even if she found him, in his current state, he couldn’t say anything. At that time, the public opinion would only be in favor of her!

“In love with you? Can you tell me who’s in love with you?”

Suddenly, a lazy and wicked voice came from behind. Then, another cold voice rang, piercing into her heart and making her shudder.

“Not me.”

When she heard Yun Luofeng’s voice, her face didn’t change. However, the next moment, her face turned ghastly pale and she turned her head to look at the two slowly coming from the direction of the setting sun.

The afterglow of the sunset poured down into every corner of the Xuanyin Valley. In the light of the sunset, the girl’s snow-white robe glowed with a faint sheen. With a freezing aura, the cold-faced man closely followed her steps. His icy eyes were as sharp as daggers, as if they were able to kill.

“How…how can you…?”

Hunyu covered her mouth in shock, her beautiful little face ghastly pale.

Wasn’t he unconscious? Why did he suddenly appear here?

“Yun Xiao,” the white-clad girl raised the corners of her lips, “this woman almost became your wife. Don’t you want to say something to her?”

His wife?

Yun Xiao frowned.

All he knew was that he had been taken away by the people of the Xuanyin Valley, and he had no idea what had happened next. Of course, he didn’t know the Xuanyin Valley people planned to make him marry Hunyu when he was in a coma…


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