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“Yue’er, your grandfather just told me you were bullied by someone.” Chen Tian smiled, “If you need help, just tell me and I’ll help you.”

“Thank you, Master.” A smug smile appeared on Tang Yue’s face, “We can solve this by ourselves! But I need you to help me with something. If Yun Luofeng tries to seduce Master Chen, please stop her.”

“I can’t stop it,” Chen Tian said, glancing at her, “From what I know of Master, no one can tell him what to do.”

Tang Yue raised a sweet smile, “Master, don’t get me wrong. I just don’t want Master Chen to be deceived by Yun Luofeng! That woman is very cunning and always plays innocent! Besides, she is really good at playing hard-to-get! I hope you can tell Master Chen about her evil deeds when she intends to seduce him, and I believe Master Chen will not choose such a disgusting woman!”

“Yue’er, don’t worry! I will not allow such a dirty woman to become the mistress of the Chen Family!” A ferocious gleam flashed through Chen Tian’s eyes, “If she dares to seduce Master, I will expose her real personality. If Master still insists on choosing her, we will get rid of her secretly!”

Gaining the promise of Chen Tian, Tang Yue was quite satisfied, the smile on her face grew bigger and her face filled with pride.

Yun Luofeng! How could you, such a filthy woman, compare with me? Though our Heavenly Martial Pavilion suffered some loss because of you, I’ll make you pay for this soon!

“It’s getting late, and I should go back. Yue’er, if you have any questions, come to the Chen Family and ask me,” Chen Tian said with a smile.

“Yes, Master.”

She was quite happy as she knew that Master had opened a convenient channel for her, through which she could approach Chen Yuqing. As long as she could enter the Chen Family, she would be able to meet that man who was like a banished immortal!

Chen Tian nodded with satisfaction and patted Tang Yue on the shoulder, “Yue’er, I’m waiting for your good news. Come to the Chen Family tomorrow and I will tell you about our master’s likes and dislikes, lest you make any mistake that he would not forgive.”

Tang Yue nodded with a serious look. With the help of Master, she would definitely win Chen Yuqing’s love!

Big Dipper Gang.

In a secret chamber, Murong Bei was meditating with his eyes closed, when all of a sudden a group of people rushed in and began to hurl questions at him.

“Master, was it easy for us to collect sixty million taels of silver all these years? Why did you give all our money to her?”

“Yes, it would be fine if you just gave her the position, but why did you give her all the money? Our properties have almost been carved up by other powers, and most of our money has also been s.n.a.t.c.hed by them. Now there are only sixty million taels left. Why should you give all this money to her?”

Heckled by these people, Murong Bei was dumbfounded. Obviously, he had no idea what they were talking about.

“What do you mean? Who said I gave all the money to Yun Luofeng?”

“Master, we already know about it. Today, she spent sixty million taels of silver in the auction house. If it weren’t for you, how could she have so much money?”


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