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Chapter 1418: End of Ou Ya (5)

Translator: Iris8197  Editor: Rock

“It does have some impact if you haven’t recovered, but now in order to prove you are the real Saintess, we have no other choice.” The leader paused, and continued, “Guards, send the Saintess to take the inheritance!”

The inheritance would recognize the real Saintess. Once someone other than the Saintess forcibly entered it, it would kill them by detonating their body!


Seeing two guards approach her and try to drag her off the ground by force, she finally panicked and screamed.

“I can’t go there, I can’t go there!”

The leader, who had just become suspicious of Ou Ya, turned cold after hearing this.

“Ou Ya, how dare you cheat us?! Come on, catch this fake Saintess and we’ll punish her later.”

Ou Ya collapsed to the ground, her eyes filled with despair.

She was finished!

This time, she was completely finished!

Yun Luofeng! It was all her fault!

If it weren’t for her, she would still be the Saintess of the Witchcraft Tribe. And Huang Yingying would have been killed by her outside the mountain gate. And this would never happen to her!

So, it was all her fault!

“Yun Luofeng, I swear I will have my revenge on you after I become a ghost, haha!”

“Ghost?” Yun Luofeng smiled, “I’m sorry, but you won’t have the chance to become a ghost.”

At this time, Huang Yingying staggered and plunged toward the ground. Yun Luofeng quickly held her and hurriedly checked her wounds. Her face darkened after she checked her body.

“Saintess!” The leader trotted up to Huang Yingying, his eyes filled with worry, “What’s wrong with you?”

“She poisoned herself and planned to die with Ou Ya.”

She agreed to exchange blood with Ou Ya just for this purpose. If she had to die, Ou Ya had to die with her.

“Poison?” The leader’s legs softened with fear, “Can you save her?”

Yun Luofeng nodded gently. She took out a purple medicinal herb from her s.p.a.ce ring, squeezed some juice out of its leaves and applied it to the wound of Huang Yingying.

“She’ll be fine. She just needs a rest, but…” Yun Luofeng looked up at the leader, “the Huang Family was annihilated by the Witchcraft Tribe.”

She meant that Huang Yingying may refuse to act as the Saintess.

The leader understood what she meant and hung his head in frustration.

“I was wrong, wrong at every step! If I hadn’t been so stupid, I wouldn’t have given Ou Ya a chance to deceive us. It’s understandable if the Saintess gets angry at me, but I’ll try my best to win her forgiveness.”

“Xiao Mo, let’s go.”

Yun Luofeng gave Huang Yingying to the Witchcraft Tribe people and left with Xiao Mo. She had planned how to debunk Ou Ya, but she didn’t expect that it would be so easy.

Ou Ya suffered from her own actions. If she hadn’t exchanged blood with Huang Yingying, Huang Yingying’s potential strength wouldn’t be stimulated, Huang Yingying’s wound wouldn’t be healed, and Ou Ya wouldn’t have given herself away.

As the saying went, never trouble trouble till trouble troubled you…

“Xiao Mo, did you know Huang Yingying was the Saintess of the Witchcraft Tribe?”

“I didn’t know.” Xiao Mo shook his head, “All I knew was that Huang Yingying’s crescent tattoo could heal her.”

As they walked away, their voices trailed off and finally disappeared…

The night was as cool as water.

The leader stayed at Huang Yingying’s bedside and refused to leave.


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