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Chapter 1119: Yun Luofeng’s Rage (1)

Translator: Zen_  Editor: Rock

Nangong Yunyi’s body weakened, and he did not even have the energy to stand up. He coldly stared at Nangong Lan with hatred-filled eyes. If his gaze was a knife, he would certainly turn Nangong Lan into mincemeat.

“Hate?” Nangong Lan bent down and looked at Nangong Yunyi with a faint smile. “When you arrived at the Nangong Family in the beginning, I felt the same as you. Ever since that moment, I’ve been plotting how to deal with you!”

“Nangong Lan!” Nangong Yunyi’s voice was very weak, as though he would disappear at any moment. “One day, I will shred you into thousands of pieces!”

“Hahaha!” Nangong Lan guffawed without any inhibitions. “Shred me into thousands of pieces? Nangong Yunyi, I’m afraid you won’t have that capability! Father was too idiotic previously in protecting a b.a.s.t.a.r.d like you. This time, I absolutely won’t give you the chance.”

She raised the hammer in her hand again and harshly slammed it against Nangong Yunyi’s ankle.


The sound of the bone breaking rung inside the silent prison.

Nangong Yunyi tightly clenched his teeth and used his hand to press against his broken ankle. He stubbornly watched Nangong Lan with resistance in his eyes. His handsome and pale face was unwavering like a mountain, and he did not even frown

“Treat this broken leg as my retribution for you for stealing away Father’s love for all these years! Enjoy everything else! Hahaha!” Nangong Lan’s laughter was deranged, and her malicious face was twisted. It was as though torturing Nangong Yunyi brought her great pleasure.

At the same time, at the entrance of the Nangong Family’s Estate, the iron door was chopped open with a boom by a sword. The two guards did not have the time to react before a force hit their chest, and they crashed through the entryway.

At the entrance, a girl stepped over the door sill, her clothes, whiter than snow, floating in the wind. Her features were bold without holding back any of her domineering aura. Killing intent flashed through her evil eyes.

A storm surged up around her, making people too scared to approach.

“Bring Nangong Qing out here!”

Following the girl’s icy shout, Nangong Qing, who was originally having a discussion inside the main hall, instantly walked out with a group of elders.

When he saw Yun Luofeng, his expression minutely s.h.i.+fted, and he lowered his head to order the person behind him. Heeding the orders, that person hastily retreated.

“Miss Yun, I trust you have been well since we last met,” Nangong Qing made small talk with a superficial smile and glanced at the servant who walked away.

Yun Luofeng’s wicked eyes shot toward Nangong Qing. “Where’s Xiao Bai?”

“What Xiao Bai?” Nangong Qing looked at her, feigning being perplexed.

“Lin Ruobai, my disciple! Also the young girl you s.n.a.t.c.hed away from the streets!” Yun Luofeng slowly pressed closer to Nangong Qing. “Where is she?”

Nangong Qing’s eyes flickered and dryly chuckled. “I don’t know what you mean. We did catch a woman from the streets, but that woman has been possessed by the devil. I’m afraid she will threaten the safety of the continent, so I brought her away.”

“Milk Tea! Hamster Queen!” Yun Luofeng’s eyes turned to ice and she coldly ordered, “Search! Whoever stops you, kill without mercy!”

After “Kill without mercy” was spoken, the murderous aura on the girl’s body intensified as her hair and white robe danced in the wind. Her chin slightly lifted up, and her bewitching face revealed a fierce killing intent.

Instantly, two streaks of lights appeared in front of Yun Luofeng. One of them was a teenage boy and the other was a proud and n.o.ble woman.


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