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Chapter 220: The Yun Army (4)

Yun Feng and her sullen father looked at each other. If you treated them with all your heart, they would also be sincere to you. These were all mutual.

After getting the mid-level ores, these hundred warriors were undoubtedly loyal to the Yun family. If they didn’t feel grateful for the Yun family’s pa.s.sion for them, they didn’t even deserve to be humans. Yun Feng’s act also consolidated these people’s sincerity and initially established a Yun Army for the Yun family.

Another five day had pa.s.sed. The strength of the warriors, who absorbed the energy in the mid-level ores, had certainly increased a level, rising from the original level 4 or level 5 to level 6 or level 7 abruptly. This caused quite a huge furor in Chunfeng Town!

Level-4 and level-5 warriors weren’t rare, but level-6 and level-7 warriors were already considered masters! In just a few days, almost a hundred masters sprung up. All the families in the entire Chunfeng Town couldn’t help but exclaim, “The Yun family! The Yun family! The Yun family!”

Apart from the Yun family, who else could be so generous? With so many powerful guards, just ten of them could already level a small family. The small families were all sincerely anxious. They were worried that they would be exterminated in a night. However, these hundred masters behaved themselves. Even though their levels had risen, they only kept the stores of the Yun family safe as usual and didn’t cause any trouble deliberately, acting very low-profile. Of course, this was also an order issued by the Yun family.

After the tension in Chunfeng Town pa.s.sed, it became peaceful again. The other families were also deeply impressed by the Yun family’s bearing. Other families would have become arrogant and domineering if they had such a powerful guard team. Who else could be as low-profile as the Yun family?

Some people of the Mei family saw the Yun family’s glorious development and couldn’t help but shake their heads and sigh. Mei Ran also looked gloomy and regretful. If the Mei family was on the Yun family’s side back then, they would probably be successful together right now as well.

Due to the rise of the Yun Army, the Yun family’s top position in Chunfeng Town couldn’t be replaced anymore. Only those large families in a first-cla.s.s city could compete with the overall strength of the Yun Army. Except for being in a small town, the scale of development and bearing of the Yun family were undoubtedly on an equal footing as those of a large family.

Things at home had almost settled so Yun Feng was relieved. Apart from the Yun Army, everything else was managed by her sullen father, so she really had nothing to worry about. She left a few ultimate ores for her father. Yun Feng originally wanted to give him some Magic Beast Crystals as well, just in case. However, her sullen father rejected them. The reason was that those were things that her Master gave her and she shouldn’t give them to other people so easily.

Yun Feng nodded. She thought that her sullen father was right, so she also stopped thinking about it. After finis.h.i.+ng everything she could do, the Yun family had nothing she needed to worry about anymore. Yun Feng stayed in Chunfeng Town for another few days and enjoyed some rare father-daughter time. Although her father was still awkward and looked sullen when the two of them were alone, Yun Feng was still very happy.

Yun Feng stayed for a total of twelve days at her home in Chunfeng Town. She calculated the days. She still had to go to the Red Maple Mercenary Team, so it was time for her to leave now. She told her father about it. Although Yun Jing didn’t say anything, his facial features became much stiffer again. Yun Feng smiled. “Father, I’ll come back again with Brother next time.”

Yun Jing nodded. Yun Feng stood in the yard of their house as the green Ring of Contract appeared in her hand. “Lan Yi, come out.” Yun Feng said softly. The handsome young man, Lan Yi, immediately showed up in front of Yun Feng.

“Master, are we leaving again?” Lan Yi smiled and asked Yun Feng. Yun Feng nodded. Lan Yi understood and a blue aura immediately enveloped his entire body. When the light disappeared, a beautiful and powerful Griffin appeared in the Yun family’s yard. Lan Yi’s body was kind of huge. Luckily, the Yun family’s yard wasn’t small either and could barely fit him.

“This… This is…” Yun Jing was dumbfounded when he saw Lan Yi’s original form. Yun Feng burst into laughter as she hopped onto Lan Yi’s back. “Father, I’ll take good care of Brother when I get to Masang. Don’t worry! Lan Yi, let’s go!”

As Yun Feng yelled, Lan Yi flapped his enormous wings abruptly, creating gusts of strong wind. He kicked his giant claws from the ground fiercely and a beam of blue light flashed directly into the sky!

Yun Jing narrowed his eyes slightly and watched that beam of blue light sweep across the sky, flying out of Chunfeng Town in a blink. Thinking that Lan Yi’s original form was a Magic Beast like that, thinking that his daughter could tame such a Magic Beast, Yun Jing was indescribably thrilled in his heart!

His daughter would become the biggest pride of the Yun family and would even surpa.s.s the ancestor of the family!

The blue light in the sky flashed at an extremely high speed. Every time Lan Yi flapped his wings, his body would dashed a huge distance forward. He was so fast that it couldn’t be described. Yun Feng looked at Park City that appeared in front of her eyes after a while and was in awe of Lan Yi’s speed again.

The beam of blue light flashed through the sky above Park City, attracting the attention of many people, especially some teachers from Masang School of Magic. The powerhouses in Park City also looked up at the blue line one after another.

“What… is that? It’s so fast I can’t even see it clearly!” A level-7 warrior mumbled, looking very serious. If it was someone coming to Park City, such a way of appearance would be too ostentatious!

The other powerhouses also had the same thought in their minds. Luckily, the blue light flew past Park City and went east. Everyone was then relieved slowly. However, the few teachers from Masang School of Magic looked serious. They weren’t people who hadn’t seen the world. Masang School of Magic was a place that even the Karan Empire had to respect. What weird things had they not seen? They certainly had some guesses about the beam of blue light that flashed through in their minds.

“Mr. Ted, is that… a Magic Beast?” A teacher said with a tremor in his voice. Fitch, who came to Park City to supervise the exam, also frowned tightly. That was indeed a Magic Beast. Where did this Magic Beast come from? Or was it someone’s mount? It was okay if it was the latter case, but if it was the former case…


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