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Chapter 146

The four arrows shot out towards their targets in the blink of an eye . One of the attackers managed to dodge with what looked like wind element magic, however, the other three were all hit by the arrows . Nowhere critical, the wounds themselves would not cause much damage . Of course, Greyson also laced it with the lightning element spell, Paralyze . Unlike the initial power from when he was just starting out, this spell packed a much larger punch . When the arrowheads stabbed into their targets, a bright purple spark of lighting exploded and brought the three victims to the ground . Unable to hold in a shout of pain, the voices allowed Greyson to confirm they were all male . Convulsing uncontrollably, they were not able to escape from the approaching Greyson . Sure that those three were not going anywhere, Greyson tried to track the fourth person . Against his expectations, the last person did not bother staying a second longer . The moment Greyson counterattacked, that a.s.sailant dodged and ran away directly . Disliking loose ends, Greyson got ready to chase, but his wounds debilitated him before he could .

Holding his side, he could feel the blood gus.h.i.+ng once again and he himself spat some red blood staining the white snow beneath his feet . Unreconciled, he knew there was nothing he could do about it . Grunting in pain, he brought himself over to the three he did catch . Not bothering with their other restraints and the like, he just tore of their masks . However, instead of gaining insight, he was only further thrown into confusion . The only reason these faces were not completely unfamiliar to him was because Greyson had a great memory . He remembered what all the partic.i.p.ants this time looked like, so he knew that these three were really partic.i.p.ants . Other than this information, though, he did not have a clue as to why they would target him . Did they somehow know of his high number of tokens? But even then, it would be seriously risky for them to act against him . Although they had the element of surprise, when Greyson focused on feelings their levels, he realized they were all just magister level stage one and two magicians . Even if he was being slightly arrogant, there should not be any partic.i.p.ant who does not know his name and level at this point . Maybe they were just that dumb? That they thought they could bridge the gap with just surprise .  

“Why did you target me?” Sitting down, Greyson began to heal himself with his light element . At the same time, he kept the three of them locked in a light cage . Those three had already started shaking off the effects of Paralyze, so Greyson knew they were capable of answering him . Advertis.e.m.e.nt”Money . ” Surprisingly quick to answer, the men did not try to hide anything .

“Just money? You do realize I could have accidently seriously injured you, right? As self-defense, I doubt I would be penalized that harshly if at all . Your levels are so low and you should be aware that I am at the fifth stage . If you aren’t idiots, then what are you? Just because you got the jump on me does not mean that I could not still beat weaklings like you all down . ” Complete disbelief written on his face; Greyson continued to interrogate while not forgetting to mock them a little . He knew it was slightly immature, but he was truly angry and frustrated . Although he only knew Holly for a short amount of time, the cute little mouse was harmless and truly helpful to him . If she really died for such stupid reasons by these weak, unimportant people, it would feel like such an injustice .

“What do you know?!” Obviously triggered by the ridicule, one of the men quickly shouted out indignantly .

“Well, I don’t know . I don’t know you at all . I don’t know your names or where you’re from and I have not spoken a single word to any of you this entire time . If you were so randomly attacked by such people, wouldn’t you feel like this situation is fairly ridiculous? None of this makes logical sense to me right now . “

“Hmph! Someone of your position might not understand what we feel like . That man hired us with a lot of money and promised us that his family would back us up later . You would not understand what it is like for us coming from no-name poor families . Yes, it was just money in your eyes, but to us it was a chance to buy ourselves the resources we need and create powerful connections . Plus, he had stealth talismans with him that would hide us while we attacked . This way, as long as we hid, we could continue attacking in the dark . Waiting for a moment when you let your guard down and having this advantage, we did truly believe that we could beat you! Who knows what strange method you used to actually find our positions . ” Truly feeling wronged, the man continued speaking out .

Stealth talismans? Greyson knew that powerful dark element magicians could create those and would help ordinary people seemingly disappear into the shadows . Unless the difference in power is too large, most people cannot sense those with them . As he had used natural sense of smell and instinct from his dragon form, they could not hide themselves . The stealth was more for the majority of magicians who only use mana to check their surroudnings instead of their own senses and instincts . From what he understood, those were certainly not cheap items . As for their feelings, he realized they did not know he probably came from a poorer background then themselves . He definitely would not mention these things, though, because he does not pity himself and it’s not like he was one to go around complaining about his humble start . Obviously, he succeeded anyways . Which was why he did not feel any sympathy for this group of boys in front of him .

“Who was it?”

“I just know that he was a male . He did not say his ident.i.ty and he wore a mask when he spoke with us . “Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

“And you trusted him? You said that he promised his family would support you, but you do not even know the name of said family . After you succeeded in attacking me, if he just ran off what would you do? There is no name left behind to go settle accounts with . Plus, from the initial attack, you guys seemed out for my life . We have no way of knowing who is watching, yet you want to kill me? How do you know that your actions would not get discovered and then punished? What a happy life you must live with such trust in strangers . ” Sneering with derision, Greyson already realized that these three were useless . The one who escaped was the most important . Although he was not one to care about their lives, he felt it inc.u.mbent that someone give them a clean slap on the face . At the rate they were going, they would die without realizing how .

All that he knew at this point was that the person was a male and that he could use at least the wind element . Greyson could not leave out the possibility of the attacker being a multi-element magician . Some of the people who he actually knew that fit the categories were Sebastien Yce and Quinn Ventus . However, both of those had never revealed any serious hostility to this point . Maybe they were just that well-hidden? Sebastien did show some dislike and maybe even jealousy, but it did not feel like their conflict was to the point of wanting to attack and kill each other . Lucius had mentioned that he spotted Quinn watching him before . Only, it was more of an observing type focus than a secret murderous glare . Since everything was just an a.s.sumption on his part, Greyson knew that all his guessing would get him nowhere .

In the midst of Greyson’s deep thoughts, the three captives were also shocked awake by those words . That’s right . How were they going to get the money and the promised help if they had no idea who the person was? In truth, they did not even get the money yet because they were worried if they sounded too picky that the man would just find new people . But at this point, they were too embarra.s.sed to say this out loud . They were so desperate that they ignored any shady signs from the man . Now, they were suffering the consequences while that man’s ident.i.ty was still a mystery and Greyson would not be able to get any revenge . In the end, they were the only ones who suffered . Disgruntled after coming to this thought, they all cursed the man in their heads violently . But more than their hate for the man, they were worried about what Greyson would do to them now . After all, they had to survive this moment or all other thoughts would be pointless .

“Well, looking at your expressions, it seems you understand . I’m not going to kill you . You should live your lives a little smarter next time . ” After saying this, the light element cages around them faded away . Greyson really did not have any intention of killing them . Not because he had such a broad mind and could let bygones be bygones, but more so because it would cause a lot of unnecessary trouble if he so blatantly broke the rules of this stage . He had no methods to hide away his actions from the watching eyes around, so they would definitely find out if he killed them right now . Not completely sure of the att.i.tude of the Moon Empire towards him, he could still end up getting harshly punished or even lose his ability to partic.i.p.ate . There might not be that much special treatment towards talented people of interest . More than this immediate satisfaction of getting rid of these guys, he had to keep his focus on his original goal for coming to partic.i.p.ate in this selection .

Surprised by the sudden turn of events, the three young men just sat on the ground in disbelief without moving . When the reality of the situation hit, they finally fumbled around as they stood up with slight pain . Looking up at Greyson with gratefulness and admiration, they were impressed by Greyson’s generosity . At just a glance, Greyson could tell what their thoughts were and inwardly felt slightly embarra.s.sed by the misunderstanding .


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