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Chapter 419: “The Fan Brothers (3)”

The little black cat came to stand before Fan Zhuo. His unwavering eyes stared at the little black cat while his breath slowed considerably, and his pale face showed a tinge of nervousness.

The little black cat tilted its head when it saw Fan Zhuo become so excited that he could not even make himself raise his hand to touch it. The black cat gave up and extended a tiny paw and put it on Fan Zhuo’s hand that was resting on the table.


[Mistress, in order for you to integrate into society, I have even sacrificed my body! Do you see that my love for you is real?]

Jun Wu Xie heard the little black cat’s proclamation and the corner of her mouth twitched a little.

However, the expression on Fan Zhuo’s face was frozen, his clear eyes filled with shock and excitement…..

On his usually pale face, two faintly pink clouds suddenly appeared.

“…..” The little black cat stared at Fan Zhuo, speechless at the expression it would have expected to see on a shy new bride instead of Fan Zhuo.

He had been the one that had asked to be allowed to touch and the little black cat had readily been willing to sacrifice its own body, and in the end, Fan Zhuo was the one looking like he was the one having been taken advantage of?

Fan Jin saw the expression on his own brother’s face and coughed lightly before he turned to Jun Wu Xie looking a little embarra.s.sed to say: “Little Zhuo has a weakness for furry little animals but animals have never taken well to him since young. Little animals do not seem to like him too much.”

Although the little black cat was a ring spirit, it was nevertheless the first animal to initiate contact with Fan Zhuo, and Fan Zhuo’s heart had almost melted away at the little black cat’s touch.

After hearing Fan Jin’s explanation, Jun Wu Xie surprised Fan Jin when she nodded in agreement and said: “Soft and furry….. Nice to touch.”

The little black cat put its paw over its face!


Its mistress had found a comrade that shared a common interest now! ?

Sure enough, when he heard Jun Wu Xie’s words, Fan Zhuo lifted his head and stared at Jun Wu Xie with sparkling eyes.

“You like them too?”

Jun Wu Xie nodded gravely, in all seriousness.

“Then….. then would you come here everyday for lunch? I….. I will make sure Ah Jing prepares something nice!” Fan Zhuo’s cheeks grew rosier and his sparkling eyes were fixed on the paw upon his hand.

“I will.” Jun Wu Xie nodded to agree. Everything that happened in the dining hall today really got on her nerves and if she did not have to go there anymore, that would save her from having to dirty her ears and eyes further there.

Fan Zhuo’s face broke out into a wide smiling, blooming like a flower, and his eyes seemed suddenly filled with life.

The three youths chatted for a while, and Ah Jing had prepared a table full of goodies as he brought them all out. Fan Jin, whose stomach had been filled with exasperation in the dining hall suddenly felt them all drain away as he looks at the feast before his eyes. He asked his brother and Jun Xie to hurry and pick up their chopsticks while his own pair flew over the dishes in a flurry, emptying the dishes on the table, in moments.

That speed, did not leave Jun Wu Xie and Fan Zhuo a single chance. When the other two were just about to pick up their chopsticks, all that was left on the dishes were some gravy and some slivers of vegetable garnis.h.i.+ngs……

“Cough, I’ll ask Ah Jing to make some more.” Fan Zhuo turned to Jun Wu Xie, looking embarra.s.sed for his brother’s actions. His brother’s appet.i.te was directly proportionate to their body size, one Fan Jin to ten Fan Zhuo.

Fan Jin patted his bulging tummy in great satisfaction. And when he looked up and saw that Fan Zhuo and Jun Wu Xie had not even moved their chopsticks, he finally realised that he might have gulped down his food a little too fast.

“Ahem….. I think….. You guys can just carry on. I just remembered that there is something I need to do and will need to leave for a while. Little Xie, you should stay and accompany Little Zhuo after finis.h.i.+ng the meal. Normally, there is only me and Ah Jing around and Little Zhuo does not get the chance to interact with anyone else close to his age. I will come pick you up later.” After saying that, Fan Jin blew out the door, kicking up a draft.

The little black cat lay on Jun Wu Xie’s shoulders lazily, and its whiskers trembled as it looked in the direction that Fan Jin had disappeared, quick as lightning.

Expecting its mistress to be a chatty companion? Is Fan Jin brain in the right place! ?

Its mistress social skills were close to zero! How was she supposed to be able to carry out a decent conversation with Fan Zhuo who had lived almost like a hermit all his life! ?



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