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Chapter 3032 His Lord 2

Chi Yan glanced coldly, turned and pushed open the door of the palace. Jun Wu Xie stood behind him, saw the heavy door of the palace, was pushed open a little bit …

In the bright hall, someone sat high above the direction of the hall door, sitting alone, lazy and elegant. When Jun Wu Xie saw the face of that man, a slight flash of surprise came to her eyes.

She had thought about the appearance of such a vicious person, but did not expect …

The man sitting in the high position looks extremely young. His handsome and unrestrained face made people unable to find any flaws. That face was like the proudest creation under the heavens. Such a face made people unable to look away. The face that made all women indulge in it, the most deadly, was the light smile on his thin lips, which looked harmless.

If Jun Wu Xie was not used to Jun Wu Yao’s stunning face, she would most probably be surprised by the handsomeness of this man in front of her. Although the man before her had a remarkable countenance, she was not a single bit impressed by it.

“Chi Yan meets His Lord.” Chi Yan strode into the hall, kneeling down on a pious knee and lowered his proud head.

Jun Wu Xie withdrew her eyes quietly and obediently said: “Yan Hai meets His Lord.”

Sitting on the high position, His Lord was supporting his chin with one hand, showing a gentle smile. His facial features were beautiful and not too sharp. It gave one a gentle feeling. It was hard to imagine such a gentle person turned out to be the leader who controlled life and death in the Upper Realm.

“You are Yan Hai?” His pleasant voice sounded in the hall, and His Lord’s eyes fell on Jun Wu Xie’s body and looked carefully at her.

“Yes.” Jun Wu Xie didn’t raise her head.

“I have heard for a long time that there was an incredible figure in the 72 Cities. From what I see, it’s not mere rumours but I didn’t expect that someone so young would possess such strength.” His Lord smiled as he spoke. His gentle words sounded like the big brother next door.

“His Lord has overpraised me.” Jun Wu Xie replied lightly.

“How could it be an overpraise?” His Lord chuckled softly. “Since ancient times, among the Three Realms, other than myself, no one has Dual Spirit Rings. I didn’t think that there would be another. Now that you’ve appeared and within the three realms, only us two wield such power. Tell me, how can our strength be weak? ”

Jun Wu Xie did not say anything. No matter how gentle the tone of His Lord was, Jun Wu Xie cannot treat him as a harmless one.

How could a person who seeked the Blood Sacrifice of the Three Realms be a good person?

“Alright, you all get up.” His Lord waved his hand and they both stood up.

“Before they said that there was another Dual Spirit Ring wielder, I didn’t believe it. Later I heard from Long Yao that you showed your strength in the selection of the Top Ten Experts. It was then that I truly believed it. Before that, I was negligent, please don’t mind that.” The gentle tone of His Lord was surprising. But after all that he said, he did not mention why he had not summoned Jun Wu Xie in the first place.

Jun Wu Xie said quietly, “Lord’s words are too kind.”

His Lord smiled without hurrying to speak. But Chi Yan’s brow furrowed aside. He seemed to disagree with His Lord’s gentle att.i.tude towards Jun Wu Xie. In the end, he failed to say anything.


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