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Chapter 2926: The Start Of The Selection (2)

There were but a few who could cultivate a Spirit Ring. Below the top ten exponents, were 72 City Lords. White Night City had long been ranked first place among the 72 cities, in addition to Bai Zhu’s impressive personal strength. Naturally, many people fought to fawn over Bai Xhu.

However, the 72 cities today were not the same as before. Although Bai Zhu’s status seemed to be unchanged, if one observed carefully, you could see that the lackeys around Bai Zhu were all from White Night City. Unlike in the past, the other cities were no longer always around the White Night City.

Each city fought for their leader, and the division was extremely obvious. As Nangong Lie said, in the early stage of the selection, basically no strong person will enter, and the first match was a duel between two strong exponents who were at the peak Gold Spirit level.

For ordinary people, the peak of Gold Spirit was unattainable, but in the top ten selection, those of that level had become the weakest exponents. The battle between them did not have any influence on the final result. The reason they worked so hard was to seize the opportunity to show their strength. Even if they could not hold a candle to the top ten exponents, being able to stay in the city would be their biggest lucky break.

In the ring, the two opponents were fighting as if their lives depended on it, but few paid them much attention. Most of them were talking amongst themselves, as if they came only to change meeting places instead of watching the selection.

Bai Zhu’s gaze swept around the square, and soon his eyes set upon Jun Wu Xie, his eyes betraying his surprise. In an instant he got up and walked towards Jun Wu Xie.visit our L istnovel.com

The people around Bai Zhu were still a little dazed, but when they noticed the direction in which Bai Zhu was headed, they all quickly understood.

No matter how lofty Bai Zhu’s status was, but in the realm of the 72 cities, there was always one person he could never surpa.s.s. That person was the lord of the Sea Spirit City, the Overlord of the 72 cities!

The people sitting beside Jun Wu Xie also noticed that Bai Zhu was walking towards them. Qiao Chu couldn’t help but whisper into Jun Wu Xie’s ear, “Bai Zhu is coming.”

Jun Wu Xie glanced over blankly and gave a slight nod.

Jun Wu Xie didn’t care too much for Bai Zhu

However, the ident.i.ty of Bai Zhu had taken on a new meaning for Qiao Chu and the others.

Qiao Chu s.h.i.+fted his b.u.t.tocks and went directly towards Bai Mo’s side. Bai Mo looked at Qiao Chu with disdain, with a look in his eyes that clearly said to get lost.

However, Qiao Chu completely missed Bai Mo’s hint and said, “Nephew, look at that person.”

Qiao Chu raised his finger towards the approaching Bai Zhu.

Bai Mo gave him an exasperated look, “What’s so good to look at? This kid is the current Lord of White Night City, must he have some blood relations.h.i.+p with you?” Qiao Chu looked at Bai Zhu with bright eyes. From the mouth of Jun Wu Xie, they already knew the ident.i.ty of Bai Mo, as the previous Lord of White Night City.

Although Bai Mo, as the city lord, abandoned White Night City and chose to live in seclusion, it did not change the fact that he and Bai Zhu were both surnamed Bai. In fact, the two might have no blood relations.h.i.+p at all!


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