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Chapter 2782: Call To Arms (3)Translator: Misty Cloud Translations Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

“Method? At this time, let’s not drag on anymore. It won’t work… it really won’t work. Don’t you have s.h.i.+ps in Sea Spirit City? How about we board the s.h.i.+ps? I don’t believe they can do anything to us once we are in the Sea of Death.” Dongfang Ku Bi was as anxious as an ant on a hot pot, as he offered his suggestion without hesitation.

Ye Mei could only look at Dongfang Ku Bi, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

After comforting him for a while, Ye Mei turned to the backyard.

In the courtyard, Jun Wu Xie was sitting quietly by the pond, together with Jun Wu Yao as they leisurely looked at Sacrificial Blood Rabbit and Lord Meh Meh who were was.h.i.+ng their paws and hooves.

“Lord Jue, Miss.” The expression on Ye Mei’s face had changed slightly, the false appearance which she wore usually had been dispelled, in its place the coldness of the Night Regime.

“What’s going on outside?” Jun Wu Xie turned her head slightly, looking at Ye Mei.

“The troops of the 72cities have been a.s.sembled outside.” Ye Mei said.

Jun Wu Xie looked back.

“What is Little Xie going to do this time?” Jun Wu Yao looked at Jun Wu Xie with his chin propped up by his hand, his eyes full of smiles.

Two million troops sounded terrifying but to Jun Wu Yao’s ears, it couldn’t have been more casual just like two hundred ants.

“If you need me to step up, just kiss me.” Jun Wu Yao laughed teasingly.

Jun Wu Xie glanced at him as she ignored his words completely.

Jun Wu Yao just laughed as he knew in his heart, Jun Wu Xie would not let him go fight. Everything Jun Wu Xie was doing now was to attract the attention of His Lord. Only by using this method, could she find Jun Gu. The two million strong army was just a stepping stone for her.

And this stepping how, how it was going to be used, was entirely up to Jun Wu Xie.

“I don’t know what that person’s criteria is for selecting the Knight of Destruction. But now… I’m doing all that I can to bring his attention to me.”

The moment Jun Wu Xie finished speaking, she stood up.

“And you.” She turned to look at Jun Wu Yao as she stepped forward slowly and printed a kiss on Jun Wu Yao’s cheek, and said softly, “Be a good boy and wait for my return.”

Jun Wu Yao was slightly stunned as he looked at the departing figure of Jun Wu Xie, his face was slightly warm.

Ye Mei, who was standing to one side, saw that Jun Yao’s complexion turned slightly red, she turned around slightly and pretended that she didn’t see anything.

Lord Jue and Miss had been married for a long time, so how come Lord Jue turned bashful after being kissed by Miss… If this went on, when will they be able to hear the pitter patter of little feet…

Inside the city’s official residence, after such a long wait, Dongfang Ku Bi finally saw Jun Wu Xie and he greeted her eagerly. Zheng Weilong, who had accompanied him, went forth to Jun Wu Xie’s side as well.

“City Lord, you’re finally here! If you still didn’t come out, the sky would have fallen!” Dongfang Ku Bi almost cried on the spot as he spoke to Jun Wu Xie.

Jun Wu Xie glanced at Dong Fang Ku Bi. She had not expected that anyone would support her. But Dong Fang Ku Bi and East Peak City’s 100,000 troops arrived, which really exceeded her expectations.

“City Lord, do we want to a.s.semble the army now?” Zheng Weilong asked, her expression heavy. The 72 cities were sparing no effort this time as each city had sent enough troops. A large part of the troops belonging to each of the 72 cities was not able to be used by each city, because the troops belonged directly to His Lord.


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