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Chapter 1931

Chapter 1931: “Explosive Face Slap (23)”

Gu Yi found himself being pushed harder and harder and his gaze glanced all around him constantly, attempting to find a way that could change the current situation. But what he found was only despair when in the entire battlefield, he was not able to find a single opportunity for him to turn things around.

The Twelve Palaces’ army’s morale had already been shattered. As they were made up of disciples from eleven different conflicted palaces, there was absolutely no rapport between them to even speak of, many of them holding vengeance against each other. There was no need to even mention cooperation among them as the scattered and disunited army was like a dish of loose sand, so how could they possibly be able to stand up against the well trained and disciplined iron blood army?

The incense that Jun Wu Xie had brought in before was having a immense effect on the various Palace Lords. With the pa.s.sing of time, more and more of their spirit powers

was being depleted and some of them had even fallen from the Silver Spirit…..

Everything was looking so dire he just could not make himself watch.

Who could have thought that with the strength of just one little young lady, she would be able to force the entire Twelve Palaces into such a helpless quandary?

Gu Yi gritted his teeth, forcing himself to hold out, but was struck to roll upon the ground from a whip of Jun Wu Xie’s vines. A mouthful of blood spurted out from his mouth, his mind buzzing in a whirl.

High up in the air, Jun Wu Xie gave the vine a slight flick and it weaved itself into a sharp sword. Purple Spirit power surged into the blade and she dove straight towards Gu Yi’s chest with a mighty lunge!

Gu Yi’s eyes flared wide open, wanting to dodge but it was already too late.

At the very last second just before Jun Wu Xie was to take Gu Yi’s life, a slender figure suddenly charged right before Gu Yi!

The sword that

that was shrouded in Purple Spirit glow immediately pierced right through that small pet.i.te figure.

Jun Wu Xie stared blankly at Gu Xin Yan who had suddenly rushed out to take the thrust of the blade for Gu Yi, and the murder in her eyes faded away in that instant, to be replaced by a look of shock.

[It is him!]

“Little Yan!” The moment Gu Yi’s eyes saw his daughter taking that sword thrust on his behalf, his heart immediately wrenched up tightly into a ball.

Bright crimson blood surged out from Gu Xin Yan’s wound. That sword thrust by Jun Wu Xie had been carrying the strength and power that sought to kill Gu Yi with one single strike, where not only had she been diving at an extremely fast speed, the spirit power imbued within had been highly intense. When that thrust pierced Gu Xin Yan’s chest, a devilish crimson bloom had immediately blossomed out over her chest.

“Jun Wu….. Spare him…..”  A trickle of blood spilled out from a corner of Gu Xin Yan’s mouth.

Yan’s mouth. Her brows creased up with agony and it was when the murder had seeped out completely from Jun Wu Xie’s eyes that she clearly saw those eyes that were so familiar to her, the pair of eyes that she had seen so many times in her dreams ever since she left the Cloudy Brook Academy.

[How could she forget those eyes?]

The hand gripping the sword trembled slightly.

The sharp sword weaved from vines then quickly withdrew.

Blood droplets splattered all over the floor.

Jun Wu Xie was in a slight daze while her gaze remained fixed upon Gu Xin Yan who fell to the ground into a pool of her own blood when she lost the support from the sword that was holding her upright.

She had never intended to kill Gu Xin Yan at all, never having even once thought of harming Gu Xin Yan at all. Though she was from the Blood Fiend Palace, but during the period of time back at the Cloudy Brook Academy when she had interacted with Gu Xin Yan, Gu Xin
Yan, Gu Xin Yan had made Jun Wu Xie feel that she was not evil at heart. Towards this point, she had even verified it with Fei Yan, where she knew from all the information the Dragon Slayers Palace had ama.s.sed, none of it had pointed to Gu Xin Yan for all the crimes committed before.


The person whom she did not want to hurt the most, had now been wounded by her unintentionally.

What surprised Jun Wu Xie more, was that she did not see any hatred in Gu Xin Yan’s eyes, but just thick and heavy despair.

“Little Yan! Little Yan!” Gu Yi’s tears were streaming down his face sorrowfully as he stared at Gu Xin Yan, his hands all covered in Gu Xin Yan’s blood. His eyes turned red in an instant and he charged right towards Jun Wu Xie with wild abandon.

Jun Wu Xie immediately dodged in retreat, but at that very instant that she dodged, she suddenly felt a highly tyrannical surge of power charging right towards her from the back!


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