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Chapter 1550: “The Plot Begins (4)”

Young youths were most easily incited into partaking into a mob. They were exuberant and hot blooded, while their ability at differentiating between truth and fiction were usually easily swayed by outside opinions. After that argument between Lin Hao Yu and those youths, Jun Wu Xie’s reputation among the freshmen in the Cloudy Brook Academy had become extremely vile.

Everyone secretly despised Jun Wu for thinking so highly of himself, thinking that having received invitations from all Twelve Palaces was something all that great. After having chosen the Spirit Jade Palace, he had still shamelessly clung on to the Blood Fiend Palace’s big thigh and he had ended up being disregarded by the academy to become a piece of trash that had been sent to the wine cellar to carry out odd jobs.

Under all those curses, only the youths from the Blood Fiend Palace were arguing in Jun Wu’s defence. When everyone else was berating and cursing Jun Wu, the youths of the Blood Fiend Palace would all stand together and take Jun Wu’s side to argue vehemently with the others.

But what they were doing had not only not reduced the amount curses Jun Wu suffered, it had instead turned into situation where things were seemingly becoming more intense.

After Gu Xin Yan came to know about the situation, her face showed a wide smile.

What Lin Hao Yu had done this time had made her highly satisfied. It had not only made all the youths from the other palaces stand on a completely opposite side from Jun Wu, it had made the Blood Fiend Palace become the little kid’s only ally. This feigned good intentions that actually set Jun Wu up had yielded results beyond what she had expected.

Which led Gu Xin Yan’s att.i.tude towards Lin Hao Yu to improve.

Hearing all the abuse being hurled, Qiao Chu and the other companions could do nothing but watch on with their chilly gazes. The Heavens knew just how many times they had almost been unable to hold themselves back and had wanted to jump out to beat all those moronic blabbermouths into a b.l.o.o.d.y pulp.

[Jun Wu Xie was trash?]

[Their Little Xie was a fourth stage Purple Spirit! Who possesses two plant Ring Spirits and a little black cat spirit who could transform itself!]

[If she was considered trash, all these people would be dregs that were worse than tras.h.!.+]

However, in order to topple the Twelve Palaces, they could only choose to maintain their silence, grumbling soundlessly in their hearts, to remember every single debt being run up. Till the day that their tasks were finished, they would make these dumb shrimps have a good taste of the vile fruits from the seeds they have planted this day!

[The Twelve Palaces are that great?]

If all these idiots only knew that the Jun Wu Xie they held in such strong contempt had appeared here seeking to obliterate the saintly palaces in their hearts, it was wondered what they would then think.

Towards all the admonishments, Jun Wu Xie herself acted like nothing at happened at all. She merely reported to the Waning Moon Chambers at a fixed time everyday and continued with her bitter experience under Su Ya’s hands.

One day, Jun Wu Xie had just gone into the bas.e.m.e.nt when Tian Ze came to the Waning Moon Chambers. Su Ya was lying upon her soft lounge drinking her wine and when she saw Tian Ze come in, she was too lazy to even lift up her eyes, not bothering with him in the least.

“Senior…..” Tian Ze said with an accompanying bitter smile, looking straight the Su Ya who was completely ignoring him.

“Don’t address this woman here as your Senior. I do not have such a dumb junior!” Su Ya said as she glanced at Tian Ze, her eyes contemptuous.

If anyone was to see that scene there at that moment, their jaws would have immediately dropped onto the floor.

Tian Ze held a very high position within the Cloudy Brook Academy and regular teachers in the academy had to somewhat defer to his position of authourity when they met him. All the disciples were also highly reverent and respectful towards him and who would have thought that Tian Ze who held such a high position in the Cloudy Brook Academy when faced with Su Ya who guarded the wine cellar before him, would instantly turn into a such a deferential lackey. He did not even dare to pull a long face and would only be too glad to smile in here!

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