WebNovel From Sidekick to Bigshot Chapter 850 – Suffering The Consequences Of One's Own Actions (5)

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Chapter 850 – Suffering The Consequences Of One’s Own Actions (5)

Zhai Yunsheng coldly replied: “Those things never belonged to her in the first place.”

Everything Wen Cheng planned to say was blocked by these words.

Then, Jian Yuncheng added: “Uncle, she won’t have absolutely nothing. After all, she’s still your daughter. She’s the Young Lady of the Wen family. The life she lives is already so many times better than ordinary individuals. What she is losing is something that never belonged to her in the first place.”

Upon hearing this, Wen Cheng calmed down a little.

Then, he turned around to look at his daughter who had fallen onto the ground. His thoughts became somewhat clearer.

After all, his nephew was right. His daughter was merely losing out on praise and glory. However, she was still the Young Lady of the Wen Family. She still had no worries about food and clothing.

Furthermore, her praise and glory did not belong to her in the first place. Even if she got away with this incident this time, there was no guarantee that such a thing would not occur in the future.

After all, something fake would not become real.

She could deceive others for a while but she couldn’t deceive others for an entire lifetime!

Furthermore, it wasn’t necessarily bad for his daughter to get punished. After all, it would ensure that she wouldn’t repeat this mistake in the future.

His daughter could still develop her career in other areas in the future.

After he thought this through, Wen Cheng decided to bring Wen Ruo back home.

“Wen Ruo, let’s go home.”

However, Wen Ruo refused to leave. She hugged the floor as her face was filled with tears: “Father, are you really going to do this to me? Are you going to watch me lose everything? Are you going to just let them bully me like this?”

Wen Ruo felt incredibly upset. After all, she almost jumped five thousand times. However, in the end, she was tricked!

Furthermore, her father did not choose to defend her. Instead, he wanted her to accept her humiliation.

Cai Qinyue began to become upset as well: “Wen Cheng! You’re not a man! How can you just leave?!”

Wen Cheng looked at his daughter and wife before he said: “But she did the wrong thing! If Yuncheng and Yiling forgive her, that’s because they’re willing to. However, can you really blame them for not forgiving her?”

Cai Qinyue did not care about these things: “Well, are you just going to stand by and watch your daughter get mocked? She’s going to lose everything! Are you still her father? Is it because of Yiling?! Are you just biased towards them?”

At this moment, the door of the lounge room opened. Wen Nuan walked in.

All this time, she could hear their entire conversation. She held herself from coming out because of what Jian Yuncheng said to her.

However, Cai Qinyue’s words caused her to be unable to restrain herself.

“Cai Qinyue! What right do you have to say those things to my brother?! If you and your daughter hadn’t done something wrong, why would my brother be caught up in this situation in the first place?!”

It was very rare for Wen Nuan to lose her temper. This time, Cai Qinyue really p.i.s.sed her off.

“Oh wow. Have you been hiding in there for the entire time? Are you deliberately avoiding us?”

“Why do I need to avoid you guys? You guys were the ones who did the wrong thing! I can’t believe you even have the audacity to come here!”

“Well, I will tell your parents about this! I will tell them about your attempt to harm my daughter! I will let them judge the situation!”

“Go ahead! My parents aren’t blind. They know what’s right from wrong. After all, you guys were the ones who did something wrong! You also attempted to hurt my daughter! Is there anything wrong with us fighting back?”

And thus, Cai Qinyue and Wen Nuan began to argue.

The noise made Jian Yiling frown.

Upon seeing this, Zhai Yunsheng’s eyes became cold. The bodyguards next to him immediately stepped forward to break up the fight.

Then, Zhai Yunsheng said to Cai Qinyue: “Shut your mouth. If you don’t shut up, I will make the Wen family disappear from Beijing!”

Right now, only Wen Ruo was involved. At most, Cai Qinyue’s money was also caught up in the situation. However, this incident was not large enough to affect the Wen family yet.


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