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Chapter 642: Darts Compet.i.tion (2)

If Jian Yiling continued to play at this level, she would instantly end the game if her next dart hit the bullseye.

On the other hand, Yao Moping was still ninety-eight points short. And thus, it was not possible for her to finish the game with a single dart.

The only way for Yao Moping to win was if Jian Yiling missed her next shot.

However, with the way she played just now, how would that be possible?

Then, Jian Yiling made a throwing motion. She was just about to throw her next dart.

Suddenly, a girl tumbled out of the crowd and b.u.mped into Jian Yiling.

This caused Jian Yiling’s dart to hit ten points instead of the bullseye.

All of a sudden, the atmosphere froze.

Han Mengyu and Xing Wei’s expressions changed as well.

The girl who tumbled into Jian Yiling had a very good relations.h.i.+p with Yao Moping. In fact, she was basically Yao Moping’s lackey.

And thus, it was rather strange that she tumbled out of the crowd at this exact moment. Her tumble had caused Jian Yiling’s dart to miss its original target.

Therefore, her actions were rather suspicious.

Jian Yiling turned around to look at the girl.

The girl who b.u.mped into Jian Yiling hurriedly apologized: “I’m so sorry. I tripped over my own feet.”

“I don’t accept your apology,” Jian Yiling replied.

Jian Yiling’s reply was calm and collected. It did not seem like she was angry.

However, her words made the atmosphere reach a freezing point.

These words stunned the girl who b.u.mped into Jian Yiling.

Everyone else in the room stared at Jian Yiling as well.

Instead of explaining herself, Jian Yiling slowly walked over to the dartboard. Then, she pulled out the dart that she had just thrown.

Finally, after retrieving the dart, she returned to her original spot before throwing it again.

This time, the dart hit the bullseye. That meant that she gained fifty points.

Jian Yiling did not need the girl’s apology. Instead, she wanted to rethrow the dart that missed her target.

The girl who tumbled into Jian Yiling stood there awkwardly.

Jian Yiling walked over to Zhai Yunsheng and said: “I won.”


Then, Zhai Yunsheng’s gaze swept over the crowd.

It seemed as though he was asking if anyone had any objection about the final result.

When the crowd saw Zhai Yunsheng’s gaze, they quickly cheered and applauded for Jian Yiling.

After that, the judge announced Jian Yiling’s victory.

Upon hearing this, Yao Moping felt incredibly embarra.s.sed.

She was the one who wanted to compete against Jian Yiling. However, she still somehow managed to lose.

Everyone else looked at her awkwardly as well.

They knew what she was thinking. They also knew what she was trying to prove by doing this.

However, she only ended up worse off. She acted as the background which brought out Jian Yiling’s brilliance.

In order to ease the awkwardness, Han Mengyu quickly proposed to start the escape room.

The venue of the escape room was right next door. This was specially arranged by Han Mengyu and Xing Wei.

This escape room was much more intense than normal ones. The owner of this escape room was a retired crime investigation officer. As a result, he had a lot of experience in criminal investigation.

Furthermore, his shop a.s.sistant was also an incredibly intelligent individual.

The rooms in their business would be updated every once in a while. As a result, many escape room enthusiasts would come to play.

However, the escape rooms were incredibly difficult compared to other escape rooms.

After entering the venue, Han Mengyu warned Jian Yiling: “Yiling, the owner of this store likes to put scary things in his rooms. Furthermore, in some cases, he tries to restore the scene of the murder. There may be a lot of gore. If you’re scared, just close your eyes. Master Sheng can guide you outside.”


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