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Chapter 504: Depends on Our Dean

“As of now, I can’t give you a clear answer on this matter. Our Dean told me to follow the rules. And thus, I will definitely follow the rules of our hospital. Making a deal with Mr. Qin is not in line with our hospital’s rules. As a result, I can’t say yes.”

“Your Dean?”

Qin Hongzhi had always been curious about the Dean of Lahaisen Hospital.

He was interested in meeting the person who could mobilize talented individuals from many different areas. Although Lahaisen Hospital was a rather small hospital, it was still incredibly powerful.

“Can I have your Dean’s contact information? I will contact him directly.”

Qin Hongzhi a.s.sumed that it would be useless for him to continue to talk to Li Zhuojia. As a result, he wanted to talk to the Dean directly.

Li Zhuojia smiled as he looked at Qin Hongzhi. He didn’t answer right away.

“What are you smiling about?” Qin Hongzhi asked.

“Mr. Qin, I will not give our Dean’s contact information to outsiders. Furthermore, our Dean is not responsible for contacting outsiders in the first place. And thus, if you have anything that you want to say to our Dean, you can tell me. I will relay what you say to our Dean.”

Qin Hongzhi hadn’t expected such an outcome. It seemed as though Lahaisen Hospital and its staff were incredibly stubborn and headstrong.

Although Qin Hongzhi had personally come to discuss this matter, he still hadn’t managed to make a change in their att.i.tude.

However, Qin Hongzhi had to stop the shares from falling into someone else’s hands.

As a result, he said: “Please tell your Dean this. I sincerely hope that this deal goes through. I am willing to negotiate with him. Furthermore, Lahaisen Hospital will not suffer any losses from this deal. On top of this, the Qin Group will also provide all sorts of benefits to Lahaisen Hospital afterward.”


Li Zhuojia promised to relay Qin Hongzhi’s words. However, that was all.

And thus, Qin Hongzhi almost gained nothing out of the conversation.

If he wanted to make a deal with Lahaisen Hospital, it seemed as though he had to get into contact with their Dean.

However, he didn’t have much time left. Qin Hongrui was about to be picked up by Lahaisen Hospital.


Just like before, Zhai Yunsheng left his office on time and returned to his apartment on time as well.

However, unlike the past two days, his apartment was dark. The lights weren’t turned on. And the small figure wasn’t waiting there for him either.

Zhai Yunsheng picked up his phone and scrolled down to find Jian Yiling’s number. He wanted to call her. However, he stopped himself before he pressed the call b.u.t.ton. He didn’t want to disturb her.

Zhai Yunsheng knew that Jian Yiling also had her own work to do.

And thus, it was unreasonable for him to continuously call her if she came home late. That would make it seem like he was controlling her.

And so, Zhai Yunsheng waited.

He kept glancing at the time and waited until 8:30 pm. However, Jian Yiling still hadn’t come home.

As there was only half an hour until 9 o’clock, Zhai Yunsheng decided to call Jian Yiling.

However, when the call went through, a man answered it.

The man’s voice was low and s.e.xy as he said: “Who is this?”

“Who are you?” Zhai Yunsheng asked. One of his hands unknowingly tightened.

“I’m the man that Yiling loves the most,” the man replied.

It was a very shameless answer. However, such an answer revealed the true ident.i.ty of the man.

“Jian Yichen, where did you take Yiling?”

Jian Yichen was the boss of a company. However, in his spare time, he would also be a voice actor. This was because he could imitate many different kinds of voices.

According to the information that Zhai Yunsheng’s subordinates gathered, Jian Yichen was also a well-known content creator. As a content creator, his main focus was on characters from anime, comics, and games.

And thus, his changing voices were not a surprise.

As Zhai Yunsheng saw through his disguise, Jian Yichen immediately returned back to his normal voice: “Master Sheng, I don’t think I need to tell you where I bring my sister, do I?”


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