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Chapter 2569: Victory Is Justice!

Seeing Boss Bai’s look that was mixed with regret, adulation, and anger, Yue Xuefeng somehow became unconfident.

He paced back and forth for a long time, only to come up with a meaningless question. “Are you speaking the truth?”

“Absolutely, Commander Yun!”

Boss Bai was almost bas.h.i.+ng his chest and swearing as he said, “How can I possibly have the courage to say anything untrue to Commander Yun? If it weren’t because Marquess Hushan was too outrageous and attacked my flags.h.i.+p vehemently first, how could I have been bold enough to attack a marquess of the Imperium without reserve? Could I have benefited from it at all? Was I not worried about the thunderous revenge from the Song family later?

“If I should be bold enough to lie to Commander Yun about the matter, I would be p.i.s.sing off the Song family and the Yun family at the same time. Then, however vast the sea of stars is, would there be a single piece of land that I could stand on? Please consider it carefully, Commander Yun!”


Yun Xuefeng was untouched. Sullenly, he said, “But that is not what Song Yus.h.i.+ said. Part of Song Changlie’s subordinates escaped. Their theory is the opposite of yours. They all claimed that you attacked first, and you meant to swallow Song Changlie’s fleet!”

“Of course they would talk like that. Could they have spoken the truth that they were encouraging a lot of stars.h.i.+ps to escape with them only to be crushed later?”

Boss Bai almost cut his chest open to show Yun Xuefeng his heart. “Commander Yun, right now, none of us has solid proof, but please consider it with common sense. Whose words are more reasonable, mine or the words of Song Changlie’s men? Did I really lose my mind and attack a marquess of the Imperium for no good reason other than to get myself killed later? It is utterly illogical!”

Yue Xuefeng pondered for a long time but still couldn’t sort it through. Rather upset, he said, “I too know that the Immortal Cultivators of the Song family have always been arrogant. The disobedience of this Song Changlie is universally known. I do not believe that you would’ve p.i.s.sed him off without a good reason.

“But still, it is a very important matter. After all, a marquess of the Imperium has been killed, by none other than his ‘allies’. Song Yus.h.i.+ demanded that I give him an explanation. Otherwise, the morale of the army would be affected, and the alliance of the million stars.h.i.+ps might fall apart immediately. Therefore…

“Commander Yun, I am an uneducated man who doesn’t understand rules. I’ll just speak whatever is on my mind. If what I say is too farfetched, please forgive me, Commander Yun.”

Boss Bai swallowed hard. As if he had made up his mind, he said straightforwardly, “As a matter of fact, while the four families’ coalition army seems to be in one piece on the surface during the attack of the Seven Seas Grand Market, everybody in fact has their own plans, especially the people of the Song family, who never planned to let Commander Yun win the battle comfortably.

“If Commander Yun wins the battle unstoppably and invincibly, Commander Yun and the Yun family’s prestige will soar ten times. How can the Song family compete with the Yun family in the choice of the next emperor then?

“Therefore, the Song family will certainly try to challenge Commander Yun with all kinds of excuses and create trouble for Commander Yun.

“The conflict between me and Song Changlie is a great excuse, but even without it, they can find other excuses as well!

“Now that a million stars.h.i.+ps have been mixed up in a mess, isn’t it more than easy to make some minor frictions? I even suspect that Song Changlie intentionally came to make frictions by the order of Song Yus.h.i.+, except that things went out of control in the end, and Song Changlie got burnt by the very fire he started.

“All in all, the Song family is causing trouble and slacking off, reluctant to approach Command Yun or follow your command, isn’t it? If my guess is correct, there are few wars.h.i.+ps from the Song family around Commander Yun right now, right? All the stars.h.i.+ps of the Song family have fled far away and joined each other, haven’t they?”

The more Boss Bai talked, the more excited Boss Bai was. He completely ignored Yun Xuefeng’s face that was getting more and more gloomy.

“How dare you!”

The dark clouds on Yun Xuefeng’s face finally exploded as he roared aloud.

Boss Bai s.h.i.+vered hard on the other side of the light beam. As if realizing that he had crossed the line just now, he hurried to apologize, “I was too presumptuous. Please forgive me, Commander Yun! My loyalty to Commander Yun can be proved by the sun and the moon! What I’m trying to say is that those people of the Song family cannot be depended on in any case. Only the Yun family’s own troops, Marquess’ fleet, and my ‘National Protection Army’ are the forces that Commander Yun can absolutely trust. Please take a look, Commander Yun. These are the forces that Marquess Yongchun and I gathered in the past day.”

Boss Bai sent over the data of most stars.h.i.+ps that had been gathered under him. The numbers and names of the wars.h.i.+ps occupied the entire light beam, and they were still growing.

Of course, most wars.h.i.+ps of the “Coalition Fleet of Pyromaniacs” were hidden.

“That’s a lot!”

Rather surprised, Yun Xuefeng was more delighted than he was angry.

“There weren’t as many in the beginning, but after we knocked down ‘Tiger Roar’, the stars.h.i.+ps under Marquess Hushan naturally switched to our side.”

Boss Bai said, “Please consider this, Commander Yun. If we hadn’t done anything at that time, at least 90% of the stars.h.i.+ps here would’ve been brought away by Marquess Hushan to build up the strength of the Song family. How could we have been confident to meet Commander Yun with only 10% of the stars.h.i.+ps? As their strength grew and ours diminished, the Song family would be much stronger than the Yun family on the battlefield. By then, who would still acknowledge Commander Yun as the ‘commander’ except for the loyal men like us?”

“About that…”

The moment he thought of Song Yus.h.i.+’s c.o.c.kiness a moment ago, Yun Xuefeng felt that fury was burning up all the way from his heels to his skull.

When a great enemy was looming ahead, the Song family was still starting a civil war. That was too outrageous!

“Commander Yun, there’s still one more thing that I don’t know if I should say. It is the truth that works both in the circle of the s.p.a.ce pirates and the world of the Immortal Cultivators—’victory is justice’.”

Observing his face, Boss Bai said what was on Yun Xuefeng’s mind, “Right now, your friction with Song Yus.h.i.+ is already on the table. If the battle is lost, or if it is won slowly with heavy losses, the Song family will not be satisfied however you explain to Song Yus.h.i.+, even if you chop off my head and give it to Song Yus.h.i.+ to kick as a ball. They will still blame Commander Yun.

“After all, how much is my dirty and stinky head worth? Is it really something that Song Yus.h.i.+ and the leaders.h.i.+p of the Song family cares about? Their real target is not me, but Commander Yun and the Yun family!

“Then, how many steps will you have to back off in order to satisfy Song Yus.h.i.+ and the whole Song family? Can the aftermath of the incident be resolved only by letting the candidate that the Song family supports be the emperor? Will Commander Yun or the Yun family be able to afford such a price?

“On the other hand, if Commander Yun wins the battle cleanly and quickly, who can possibly attack Commander Yun with such trivial matter? Song Changlie wavered in the battle, only to be executed by Commander Yun decisively, which significantly boosted morale. That’s why such a glorious triumph was secured. If that is the case, it will be the Song family that will be caught in an awkward situation. Song Yus.h.i.+ will have to explain why the Immortal Cultivators of the Song family were all uncommitted cowards in the battle!”


Yun Xuefeng’s eyes were more profound than ever, like swamps where venom was surging. He immediately made up his mind, but he waved his hands and interrupted Boss Bai. “I have my own plans about what to do. It’s not your place to comment!”

“Of course, I was being too talkative.”

Boss Bai lowered his head deeply. “Commander Yun is already confident of the victory after seeing through the chaotic battle with your unparalleled wisdom. All I need to do is to stay loyal and carry out Commander Yun’s orders obediently. How will Commander Yun ever need my stupid brain to resolve any trouble?”

“I did not realize that you were such a talent, Bai Xingjian. It seems that you truly have some capabilities for you to rise among the b.l.o.o.d.y s.p.a.ce pirates in only a couple of years. Being the commander of the ‘National Protection Army’ is a waste of your gifts!”

Yun Xuefeng looked at Boss Bai thoughtfully and said, “Where are you right now, and how long will it take for you to meet with ‘Landslide’?”

While talking, Yun Xuefeng sent over his own coordinates.

His eyes glowing profoundly, Boss Bai said, “If everything goes well, we will reach Commander Yun in twelve hours at most. However, I was wondering about one thing. If we encounter other stars.h.i.+ps of the four families, particularly those which are escaping to the edge of the s.p.a.ce zone because of the coercion of the Song family, what should I do?”

“Bring them over, of course. Have they jumped to the Seven Seas s.p.a.ce Zone from so far away just to enjoy a show?”

Yun Xuefeng said coldly, “If they resist, just do what you have to do. Like what you said just now, victory is justice!”

“Yun Xuefeng’s coordinates have been found!”

Soon after Yun Xuefeng and Boss Bai’s dialogue, the command center of the garrisons of the Business Alliance of Ten Thousand Sectors in the internal district of the Seven Seas Grand Market was echoing with cheers.

In the hologram of the s.p.a.ce zone that covered the whole command center, dense red and blue spots of light were all over it. They were the symbols that represented the hostile stars.h.i.+ps that had been detected as well as the stars.h.i.+ps on their own side.

Many red and blue spots were entangled and glowing quickly, which suggested that those stars.h.i.+ps were fighting heatedly.

As long as anybody touched the light spots with telepathic thoughts, they would also receive astronomical information that was the real-time dynamic data on the battlefield.

Before, Li Yao had always been charging at the frontline of battles as a special warrior. But now, he could only observe the battle from a very narrow perspective and could hardly watch the whole battlefield from the command center comfortably. For a moment, he did not even know what he should do in his idleness.

However, he also knew that the victory of the battle hundreds of thousands of kilometers away had already been decided. Boss Bai had torn an enormous gap in the four families’ coalition fleet and teleported the accurate coordinates of the enemy’s flags.h.i.+p. It meant that the battle did not have any suspense anymore!


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