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Chapter 1015: Endless Examinations!

Li Yao was in quite a hurry. Although he had readied the preliminary disguise, Jin Zhenyi’s body shape was definitely not exactly the same as half a year ago after working in the Eye of Blood Demon in an underground world for so long.

Li Yao had to further compress or bulge his muscle fibers and add another few tiny wrinkles to make himself identical to the Jin Zhenyi.

While adjusting his muscles and bones, he released a hollowed metal ball that revolved quickly in midair.

The ball was a piece of magical equipment similar to a vacuum cleaner. It could absorb all the remaining smell, ashes, and waves inside the Wave Sealing Tower, known as the best ancillary magical equipment for murderers.

Hiu! Hiu! Hiu! Hiu!

The dust-collecting ball span quickly, triggering an enormous swirl that swallowed all traces. It was not until then that Li Yao finally hid all the magical equipment and clothes he took off in his Cosmos Ring.

He had barely plunged himself back into the biochemical drugs when the bodyguard walked out of the toilet in quite a good mood.

At this moment, Li Yao had not finished making up the wrinkles on his face. Therefore, he simply turned around in the medical cabin, with his back facing the bodyguard, so that the broad wings would cover up his body, which was still changing slightly.

The bodyguard glanced around casually and sat down in the chair again.

Li Yao felt relieved. He closed his eyes and pretended to be sleeping, but he was in fact considering the most possible architectures of the stabilization system for the infrastructure, as well as the problems that the real Jin Zhenyi might encounter.

With the Blood Demon Sector’s studies on rune arrays and spiritual stripes, and considering the scale of the Eye of Blood Demon, they don’t have many choices on the general architecture.

Jin Zhenyi has three well-known monographs, namely ‘Origins of Demonic Stripes’, ‘On the Rune Arrays in the Early Years of the Great Eagle Dynasty’, and ‘Mechanism of Triphase Stabilization Rune Arrays’. I can summarize his style and strategy in modelling from the three books, as well as his favorite rune arrays.

He is an experienced specialist. After decades of academic studies, his style has already become fixed. It is unlikely to have gone through drastic changes recently.

Thus, when he is faced with such a piece of enormous magical equipment as the Eye of Blood Demon, the methods he has adopted to resolve the stability and compatibility issues can be predicated.

Li Yao tried to walk in Jin Zhenyi’s shoes. If he were Jin Zhenyi, what methods would he have utilized to stabilize the infrastructure?

Li Yao had to figured it out because it would decide how he should destroy the stability of the entire system!

It was not very difficult to sabotage the system. The real difficult part was that he had to make the Eye of Blood Demon crash completely in only several seconds without giving the enemy any time to switch to the backup system!

In the meantime, he was also sensing the bodyguard’s reaction in silence.

Through the invisible spiritual threads that he released, he monitored the heartbeat and the blood flow of the bodyguard.

Jin Zhenyi’s bodyguard was definitely among those who were most familiar with Jin Zhenyi. If he had noticed an anomaly, there certainly would have been a brief tell in his heartbeat and the flow of his blood.

If so, Li Yao would have to figure out a second approach.

Thankfully, the bodyguard did not notice anything wrong.

It never occurred to him that, during the short time while he went to the toilet, the target that he was supposed to protect and monitor had already been swapped!

Two and a half hours pa.s.sed.

“Judging from your heartbeat, pulse, and pupils, you have fully recovered,” the doctor said with a smile after finis.h.i.+ng the preliminary examination on Li Yao. “However, for your safety, I recommend you undergo a full examination.”

“That will be unnecessary.”

Li Yao put on his clothes impatiently. He flapped the artificial wings and, pulling the crystal wires with the muscles on his back, manipulated the feathers to express his anxiety. “I am feeling good right now. There’s no time for us to dawdle here. I have to get back to work immediately!”

Naturally, Li Yao was not willing to take a full examination, which could potentially expose him.

“Little Guan, let’s go!”

“Yes, Master Jin.’

The bodyguard took a sealed, icy box from the doctor. Three dosages of emergency drugs were stored inside the box in case of another explosion of cerebral vessels.

The specialists in the Eye of Blood Demon were mostly workaholics who would like to spend every second they had working. Many of them even refused to go to hospital when they were slightly mentally deranged. They would often just sit down and calm themselves, inject a few dosages of drugs into their body, and dedicate themselves to working again.

With them as examples, Li Yao’s reaction was not abnormal. The doctor simply allowed them to leave after offering a few kind reminders.

After they left the hospital, however, Li Yao pretended that he was still feeble and intentionally slowed down so that the bodyguard would be leading the way.

Jin Zhenyi was a grave and taciturn man in the first place. He did not like to talk to anyone else except when his work required him to. It was also one of the reasons Li Yao picked him as the target.

The two of them were silent the whole time on the way, but the bodyguard did not feel anything unusual. Very soon, he led Li Yao to an elevator at the edge of the living area.

It was the only channel between the living area and the working area, and also the boundary between the third alert area and the second.

Quite a few security-checking facilities had been deployed in front of the elevator, guarded by a team of tough-looking, vigorous soldiers of the coalition army of demons.

The first and the second alert areas were the real working areas of the Eye of Blood Demon. They were heavily guarded without any blind spots.

The ventilation tubes, the drainage ca.n.a.ls, and the emergency channels were all watched by the most rigorous alert system. Li Yao, the Fire Ant King, and Jin Xinyue ran countless simulations, and their conclusion was that, even if the Fire Ant King had all the insect-type demon beasts under control, it was still impossible to sneak in.

Therefore, Li Yao could only enter the area openly under a pseudo ident.i.ty!


Four mystic rays overlapped and scanned the face, body shape, and walking posture of Li Yao and the bodyguard.

The guards immediately read their ident.i.ty information.

The two officers sitting in the checkpoint raised their heads and stared at Li Yao with their eyes, which were as cold as ice, demanding, “Level-1 Specialist Jin Zhenyi, your standard working time is from 8:40 a.m. to 10:20 p.m. Why are you three and a half hours late?”

The bodyguard stepped forward and handed over Jin Zhenyi’s medical record and the doctor’s signature. “Master Jin was mentally deranged while having breakfast in the No. 3 cafeteria this morning and went through a three-hour recovery treatment in the hospital. This is the medical record.”

The two officers read and reread the medical record. They also contacted the No. 3 cafeteria and the hospital to confirm the incident. In the end, they nodded and said, “Let’s begin!”

In front of them was a series of examination magical equipment.

At first, it was the magical equipment that tested fingerprints and palmprints. It looked like a football, with a few different dents in the shapes of a hand, claw, and hoof, among a few others, which were designed for different species of demons.

Li Yao put his left hand on the magical equipment. A needle suddenly protruded from the middle finger in the hand-shaped dent and stung his middle finger, absorbing a drop of blood.

Li Yao had been prepared for this. Not only had he duplicated Jin Zhenyi’s fingerprints, there was also a tiny blood vesicle below the fingerprint membranes which stored a drop of Jin Zhenyi’s blood.

A moment later, the rune arrays beeped in gentle green lights.

“Fingerprint test pa.s.sed. Blood test pa.s.sed. Moving on!”

One of the officers stepped close and opened Li Yao’s eyes with special equipment, checking if he were wearing lens on the eyeb.a.l.l.s.

Of course, Li Yao was wearing lenses, except that the lenses were the latest version that had been developed by the Fire Ant King in person. The lenses would automatically melt and dissolve into the eyeball after being put on. There was no way to discover them.

After two to three days, the biochemical lens that was refined out of living cells would be completely absorbed by the body because of metabolism.

The officer studied Li Yao’s eyes for a long time before he aimed another piece of equipment at them.


Two streams of colorful brilliance pierced deep into Li Yao’s eyes.

“Beep. Iris check completed. Similarity: 100%!”

The officer’s face was utterly changed. Gravely, he declared, “Next is the voiceprint test. Please read after me. Defeat Heaven’s Origin, long live the Blood Demon!”

While speaking, he connected two synthesize nerves to Li Yao’s throat and carotid artery.

“Defeat Heaven’s Origin, long live the Blood Demon!” Li Yao said.

“Beep. Voiceprint test pa.s.sed!”

The officer opened his hands and said courteously, “Please give me one hair and one feather for our final test. Rest a.s.sured. It won’t take long.”

Li Yao’s face was more and more gloomy, like a workaholic who was about to burst into fury because his time was being wasted.

He plucked his hair and his feather angrily from his head and his wings. The movement was so violent that the root of the feather seemed to be stained with a tiny bit of blood.

Naturally, the hair and the feather had been collected from Jin Zhenyi’s home. The hair had been stuck to his scalp with special glue while the feathers had been directly implanted into the man-made wings.

Half a minute later, the last procedure of security check was successfully pa.s.sed, too.

In another channel next to Li Yao, his bodyguard went through the same strict examinations. He said solemnly, “Are we good to go?”

“Let them through!”

The officer waved his hands and opened the gate. Another officer inputted the location of Jin Zhenyi’s workplace. The runes around the lift were glittering, ready to bring them to their destination.

The lifts and the short-distance teleportation arrays in the Eye of Blood Demon were all under the control of designated personnel. They could only be operated if the fingerprints and the pa.s.swords were correct.

It was supposed to be another security measure. But right now, it saved Li Yao the trouble of not knowing where his workplace was.


Just when Li Yao and his bodyguard were about to step into the teleportation array, three officers of the Wolf Clan, in black uniforms and wearing crimson epaulets, slowly rose up from an inconspicuous corner. They patted the sabers dangling from their waists and looked at Li Yao and his bodyguard with vague smiles.


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