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Chapter 742: Then Use Some New Tricks

After the two were done with registering their marriage, they returned to the company.

From the employees’ point of view, Sheng Bowen seemed to be in a particularly good mood today.

“Did you see the president in such a good mood today? And Secretary Ren only came to work in the afternoon. What did these two people do?” The employees began to gossip.

“They are in a relations.h.i.+p. What they do is none of our business. I heard that the president took Secretary Ren to see the Chairman yesterday. Isn’t this a meeting with his family? It’s a done deal.”

“Secretary Ren has always been the most hardworking for the president. So, I think the two of them are a good match.”

“But Secretary Ren’s family background doesn’t seem to be too good…”

“Why do you care? As long as it’s true love, it’s fine.”

The group of employees made such a fuss, wis.h.i.+ng they could dig up all the details about them. Fortunately, although some people didn’t think highly of Ren Yufei’s family background, no one had ever denied her as a person. At the very least, everyone in Huang Yao acknowledged her contributions.

Sheng Bowen had heard the news and had also thought of Mu Qiqi’s reminder to him in the afternoon. If he really wanted to protect Ren Yufei, he had to protect her from the bottom of his heart.

Therefore, using an excuse, Sheng Bowen proposed to reorganize employee benefits in the meeting and let Ren Yufei take the credit. He wanted everyone to know that Ren Yufei had a great influence on him.

This undoubtedly made Ren Yufei’s reputation amazing. When she came back from an errand, she heard her colleagues thanking her.

Hence, Ren Yufei knocked on the door and went to the president’s office.

“What’s going on? Everyone is thanking me.”

“I’m just letting them know that I listen to you and keep you in my heart.”

After Sheng Bowen finished speaking, he told Ren Yufei, “Get off work early today. I’ll accompany you home to pack your things. You’re moving to the Sheng family’s place. Do you still remember that?”

Ren Yufei nodded. “In the future, you have to discuss things with me. Otherwise, I won’t know anything. It’ll be very awkward.”

“Okay, Mrs. Sheng.”

Sheng Bowen had suddenly gone from a dull student with zero foundation to an expert in flirting. This was indeed true. It was all because he had someone he liked that everything just came naturally to him.

When faced with someone he liked, he would be positive, he would become soft, he would become romantic, and he would be able to understand feelings better.

Sheng Bowen felt that at last… the bitterness had come to an end.


Originally, when Sheng Bowen got married, Mu Qiqi and Sheng Xiao had wanted to congratulate him. However, as the forensics laboratory was short-handed, Mu Qiqi was called back to reprise her role as an a.s.sistant. Of course, for Mu Qiqi’s safety, Tang Yan and Sheng Xiao only allowed it this time.

Tang Yan was in the middle of handing over the batch of diacetylmorphine that had appeared in Huang Yao to the Drug Enforcement Team. Handling it was no longer his job, so he pa.s.sed the stuff to the professionals.

Now, the only problem left in the Jianchuan branch was that spy in Huang Yao.

As it was a major case, the Bureau approved the interrogation.

However, that person sat in the Bureau’s interrogation room for an entire day and did not speak anything of value.

“Captain Tang, this man insisted that he didn’t know anything. He said he found the item by accident and suspected that it was diacetylmorphine. Therefore, he immediately called the police. He refused to admit that he deliberately framed Huang Yao and claimed that he was not ordered by anyone.” Officer Long left the interrogation room after an entire day of interrogating the spy and handed over a white paper to Tang Yan.

“Have you checked his account, social media, phone records, and background?” Tang Yan asked.

“Yes. We’ve even gone to the bank to get his account information. Everything is normal.”

“Then it’s time to use some new tricks,” Tang Yan said. Everyone knew that Sheng Kai was behind this. However, where did Sheng Kai get the goods and how did he send it to Huang Yao through a small merchant? “Don’t lose this lead. Keep following it.”

“Hasn’t the case been handed over to another team?”

“If I tell you to follow it, then continue to follow it.”

This was because he always believed that if Jianchuan really still had involvement in those stuff, then Third Master Long must have played an important role in it. And now that Cheng Bin, that dangerous person, was under Third Master Long, he had to figure out the ins and outs of this matter.

Mu Qiqi came out of the autopsy room when she heard the result of the interrogation, she told Tang Yan privately, “I suggest that we follow Sheng Kai because Third Master Long knew that Sheng Kai was using him. He was so anxious that he wanted to take revenge. If we follow Sheng Kai, maybe we can find something.”

“This matter has nothing to do with Huang Yao and the Sheng family. From today onward, you and Shanshan are not to get involved. You understand what I’m saying?”


This was because Tang Yan and Sheng Xiao were both concerned about their safety. If the gang that caused Tang Yan so much pain all those years ago were to make a comeback, it would not be a joke.

She cherished her life.

She would not simply get involved.

“In a day or two, I’ll be going on a business trip again. Please take good care of Shanshan.”

“Don’t worry, Captain Tang.”

Mu Qiqi understood what Tang Yan meant. He wasn’t afraid of anything else, but Cheng Bin’s incident made Tang Yan very fearful. He was afraid that Cheng Bin would take advantage of his absence to make a move on Feng Shanshan.

Although Tang Yan didn’t say it explicitly, Mu Qiqi could hear from his tone that this man had seen a lot in his life. Nothing could affect him anymore, but Mu Qiqi felt that the existence of Feng Shanshan was definitely greater than his own life.

Heartless people were often the most affectionate.

Of course, Tang Yan also took her suggestion seriously.

Following Sheng Kai was one method they could follow. Not only could he investigate Sheng Kai, but he could also monitor Third Master Long.

However, he had already handed this matter over, so he couldn’t do it so openly. He could directly suggest it to the people in the narcotics department. However, he also needed a reliable informant because it was related to his and Feng Shanshan’s lives. He absolutely couldn’t be careless.

In fact, if it wasn’t for this matter, Mu Qiqi really wanted to see how Third Master Long would get back at Sheng Kai. This was also worth looking forward to, wasn’t it?

“Qiqi, why aren’t you touching the fish? Quickly come and help me.”

The professor’s back was hurt. The other forensic doctors were out on duty, so they called Mu Qiqi over to help the professor.


Sheng Kai knew that he had to clean up the aftermath of these two matters, so after he had settled Gu Ziling, he called his G.o.dfather and made an appointment for dinner.

At such a time, only his G.o.dfather could save his life.

Sheng Kai could not fully know this mysterious figure’s ident.i.ty and ability, but he knew that this was his greatest source of reliance from now on. Gu Ziling and even her grandfather were not people who truly trusted him fully. He could not continue to live under someone else’s roof and let others take advantage of him.


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