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Chapter 654: You Can’t Regret After Things Have Happened!

Mu Qiqi’s prediction of the fake diamond incident of Huang Yao leading to another bigger problem was accurate. In the morning, another customer brought a reporter along to the counter of Huang Yao. Similar to the rich woman yesterday, she had apparently also bought a shoddy product.

If there was only one case, the possibility of it being purposely done to frame them was high. But now, with two cases happening in succession, could Sheng Bowen still convince himself it was not a scheme?

Every necklace and every accessory that Huang Yao sold had a unique code. Moreover, there were customer service staff a.s.signed to each area to manage the sales.

Since the incident happened, the staff in charge of that area had disappeared. And the diamonds corresponding to the code were all missing. Didn’t this explain the problem?

So, Sheng Bowen reported the case to the police last night. And before sunrise, he had called for an emergency meeting with the board of directors and initiated a plan in response to the emergency. Now, Huang Yao paused the sales of jewelry entirely. And Sheng Bowen ordered the staff to examine each and every one of the products to prevent any potential fake diamond cases.

However, there were still loopholes.

Sheng Bowen had sent out men to retrieve jewelry from customers who had been entertained by the staff members who had disappeared. However, some of them refused to cooperate, especially the young lady they were dealing with now.

The staff members of Huang Yao tried to communicate with her, but they realized that it was of no use. She didn’t want to solve the problem at all and simply wanted to expose the fake jewelry sold by Huang Yao because she was enraged. She felt that Huang Yao had damaged her privilege as a VVIP customer, and that Huang Yao had embarra.s.sed her by letting her wear fake jewelry.

Subsequently, the broadcasting companies in Jianchuan followed and reported the case in the news. Huang Yao immediately issued a public memo to apologize for the mismanagement of the employees which had damaged the interests of the customers. Besides that, they also announced that Huang Yao had reported the incident to the police and the authorities would find the people involved as soon as possible.

Next, Huang Yao would retrieve all the jewelry sold by the missing staff members to ensure the rights and interests of each customer were respected. They also promised to conduct tests on each and every accessory sold on the spot in the future to give a satisfactory answer to customers.

When the public memo was released, it did not restore much of the customers’ confidence in Huang Yao. The damage only continued to worsen.

Grandpa Sheng had originally planned to retire fully and spend his remaining days in peace after he had escaped from the brink of death. But now that such a big crisis happened, he could not sit still and pretend that nothing happened. He wouldn’t be able to call himself a Sheng anymore if he did nothing.

So, he called Sheng Bowen home.

“Third Brother, what the h.e.l.l is going on?” Grandpa Sheng pointed at the TV screen. “Wasn’t everything alright the last few days?

“I’m sorry, Grandpa. It’s because of my incapability,” Sheng Bowen said defeatedly. “I cannot nip this kind of problem in the bud like Eighth Brother.”

“I’ve seen the public memo. You didn’t miss anything out. You’ve done everything you can.” Grandpa Sheng sighed. “I just want to know if this has anything to do with Sheng Kai.”

Sheng Bowen lowered his head, not looking at Grandpa Sheng. After a while, he said, “We’re still investigating, so we can’t be sure…”

“I know you’re worrying about my body.” Grandpa Sheng waved his hand. “It’s my fault that I didn’t get rid of that animal entirely. Now that he is making a comeback and trying to cause havoc, it seems like you can only suffer.”

Having said that, Grandpa Sheng turned around and leaned on the chair.

Sheng Bowen was worried about his body, so he quickly held him. “Grandpa, I will do everything I can to save Huang Yao. Although I’m not as clever as Eighth Brother, as long as I’m still the CEO of Huang Yao, I will treat Huang Yao as my own life.”

Grandpa Sheng shook his head and patted Sheng Bowen on his shoulder. “Just do your best.”

He was no longer attached to these material things now.

However, Sheng Bowen still felt that he had a huge responsibility. So, after meeting his grandfather, he returned to Huang Yao.

When the secretary saw him, she said sympathetically, “CEO Sheng, there’s another guest.”

Sheng Bowen knew that the guest must be coming for Sheng Kai’s shares. These people were clearly trying to take advantage of the situation. He wondered how far they would cut the price.

“It’s okay. Bring some tea to the meeting room.”

Since the scandal broke out, Mu Qiqi had been following the updates closely. If the rich woman who made trouble yesterday was only an experiment to test the waters, then the young lady today must be an upgraded version prepared by the enemy to attack them.

To Sheng Bowen, his divorce with Hu Ran was already a blow to him. Now that Huang Yao was being attacked, Mu Qiqi couldn’t imagine how sad her brother-in-law was.

Moreover, Grandpa Sheng had just undergone a brain operation. He valued Huang Yao the most. With such a thing happening at Huang Yao, she wasn’t sure if he would become more stressed and get himself hospitalized again.

Seeing her in an absent-minded state, Feng Shanshan asked, “Do you want to go back and help? There’s nothing to do in the police station. You don’t have to waste your time here.”

“How can I help?”

“I’ve heard about your plan for the VVIP Night before. Although you are an irritating person, your brain is undeniably smart. Moreover, you study forensic science, so you can identify the problem better than a normal person. Go back and look at the problem and maybe you will find something.”

Mu Qiqi shook her head. “I know nothing about jewelry.”

“But you’ve seen a lot of conspiracies.”

This time, Sheng Xiao had already said that he wanted to let Sheng Bowen grow. Although she wanted to help, she still felt that what her man said made sense.

“Who am I to go there?”

Mu Qiqi rolled her eyes. When she was about to go back into the laboratory, a senior came running to her, telling her that someone was looking for her.

Mu Qiqi thought it was Mu Tangxue. She was too lazy to see her already. But when she saw the person, she knew the person came for Sheng Bowen.

It was Hu Ran.

“Am I disturbing you?”

“No.” Mu Qiqi shook her head. They no longer had any relations.h.i.+p. And Mu Qiqi didn’t know her ex-sister-in-law well, so she felt a bit awkward.

“If you’re here for Third Brother’s problem, I suggest you go and see him yourself. I don’t know much. All that I know comes from the TV and gossip.”

After that, Mu Qiqi wanted to leave, but Hu Ran stopped her. “I never thought that I would leave him at this juncture. I didn’t expect it to be like this.”

“You don’t have to blame yourself. Since you have ended your relations.h.i.+p with Third Brother, you don’t have to regret. Just walk your own path now. He’s not the person who you should be worried about now.”


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