WebNovel Fierce Ex-wife: President, Please Be Careful Chapter 82 – You're The Cause Of All My Misfortune (2)

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Chapter 82: You’re the Cause of All My Misfortune (2)

When the grief-stricken Xia Zhetao heard his president’s ridiculous and overbearing demands, the corner of his lips instantly twitched further.

‘What do you mean by he’s all mine as long as he doesn’t die? President Mu, how could you be that brutal and cruel? Does your ex-wife know about this? Fine, I think she definitely does. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have divorced you!

‘On second thought, you two are each more brutal than the last. Indeed, birds of a feather flock together. You two are truly a perfect match for each other!’

Secretary Xia grumbled to himself. He waved his hand to signal the men in the shadows. They emerged and dragged the half-dead person away.

When the surrounding onlookers saw the bodyguards in black suits abruptly appearing out of nowhere, they were caught by surprise. They stared wide-eyed as the bodyguards dragged that man away. Then, they cast another glance at the man not far away from them who looked like a sharp sword flying fresh off the sheath and exuding an aura of bravery as well as intensiveness. A single glance told them that he was not someone they could afford to mess with. So, the onlookers immediately left the spot to do whatever they were supposed to do.

The receding pa.s.sers-by did not cause any changes to Mu Tingfeng’s expression. He inadvertently swept his gaze across the site, and his sharp eyes caught sight of something.

After Xia Zhetao had instructed his men to mop up the miserable spy, he turned his head around and saw his president standing in place with a folder in his hand.

Xia Zhetao was a little stunned. He went up to Mu Tingfeng. He frowned as he said, “President Mu, anything wrong with the doc.u.ments?”

Of course, the doc.u.ments that were deliberately placed before the spy had been fake. But, when Xia Zhetao noticed Mu Tingfeng’s serious expression, he could not help but get worried. Did they mess out somewhere?

Mu Tingfeng did not continue. He kept staring at the various information taken out of the folder.

When Xia Zhetao saw Mu Tingfeng ignoring him, he sheepishly gazed at the ground and scratched his nose. After a moment of embarra.s.sment, he also noticed the difference.

“Eh, why is there a picture on the cover of the folder? I remember this being a generic office folder. There shouldn’t be…” Before Xia Zhetao finished speaking, he suddenly recalled something. He widened his eyes and cried in surprise, “Could it be that the former Mrs. President… Ah, no… Ms. Zhao took the wrong file?!”

Upon hearing his words, Mu Tingfeng finally raised his head and looked up at him, as if he had been rewarded for figuring it out. Immediately after, he frowned. ‘Do the doc.u.ments belong to her? Why did she want to find someone to investigate the doc.u.ments in the police department?’

Although feeling doubtful, he knew that the doc.u.ments were what the woman had wanted. Sooner or later, she would look for him to take back her belongings when she realized she had lost them.

Unbeknownst to everyone, Mu Tingfeng’s disposition suddenly lit up.

As Mu Tingfeng’s closest personal a.s.sistant, Xia Zhetao could keenly sense that the person next to him brightening up like the sun. His jaw dropped.

‘Darn it! Someone on Earth could actually warm President Mu’s heart. Are pigs starting to fly?!’

Before Xia Zhetao returned to his senses from his shock, Mu Tingfeng stared at the folder, and his next sentence nearly drove Xia Zhetao insane.

Mu Tingfeng said, “You’re going to take my family name again sooner or later.”

‘Take my family name, take my family name, take my family name…’ Xia Zhetao felt like he had been struck by thunder. Those words kept repeating themselves in his mind and within an instant, he felt sick.

Just a moment ago, the former Mrs. President had mentioned that she would do whatever the president wanted if she ever poked her nose into his affairs again in the future, and he wanted to use this to marry her again?!

No sooner after the former Mrs. President had left, his president had responded with an imperative tone across the air, “Sooner or later, you’re going to take my family name.”

H-He… He sensed that something big was going to happen again soon.

Xia Zhetao raised his head in frailty and looked up to Mu Tingfeng who was vastly different than his usual self. His eyes teared up.

‘President Mu, there seems to be something wrong with you today… T-That’s very scary!’


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