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Chapter 180 – Who Says She’s Not Wanted (3)

“Y-You… struck me?! How dare you strike me?!” Sun Fengzi used one hand to cover her face, which was tilted to the side and turned back with an incredulous look.

Meanwhile, Zhao Youlin had gripped Sun Fengzi’s hand that had approached her with bad intentions. The corners of her lips curled upward to form a mocking smile. “Do you have to be so surprised? It’s not the first time, after all.”

“Y-You…” Sun Fengzi narrowed her eyes. She recalled the first time when they met in the backyard where she had been slapped by Zhao Youlin. Her face immediately darkened.

Just as Sun Fengzi was about to cuss, Zhao Youlin turned her hand and gave her another slap.

Sun Fengzi’s hand was still under Zhao Youlin’s grip. She could not dodge it even if she wanted to. As such, she had to take another slap from Zhao Youlin.

Five fingerprints in striking red appeared visibly on both sides of Sun Fengzi’s face. Zhao Youlin still felt unsatisfied. She smirked, “The first slap was for my mother, for insulting her. The second slap was on behalf of your good-for-nothing son. You brought up such a rotten son who only knows how to harm others. As for the next slap…”

Right after Zhao Youlin spoke, she raised her hand and gave her another slap, “This slap is for myself, for all the humiliation you put me through. Regardless if I’m pure and innocent, or a tainted woman, it’s never your turn to judge me, Young Aunt!”

Seeing that half of Sun Fengzi’s face was swollen, only then did Zhao Youlin feel content. She let go of her hand and sent Sun Fengzi a few steps back. Her body swayed before she flopped down on the ground.

“You… How dare you… You actually…”

Zhao Youlin smirked and took two steps forward. She bent down and leaned close to Sun Fengzi, she sneered, “Let me tell you, I really do have the guts! During the former master’s grand birthday, I’ve already told you clearly that if you dare to bad-mouth my mother again, I’ll slap your filthy mouth each time I see you until you stop spewing those unpleasant words. Since you want to provoke me, and if I still treat you politely, won’t it make others think that I have no integrity at all by making empty promises?”


“What’s with me? Can’t you replace them with some new words? Why do you always threaten people with the same words? I’m so sick of hearing them,” Zhao Youlin pulled her ear impatiently and leaned closer to Sun Fengzi, she said mischievously, “Aunt, in fact, it doesn’t matter even if you don’t want to control your own tongue from today on. I’ll be keeping an eye on you, and you can try your luck. At the end of the day, let’s see if your unrestrained tongue or my hand does the job better. I am most willing to contribute to this. After all, slapping a person is really therapeutic. If possible, I don’t mind contributing a few more slaps.”

‘Great… That’s so brutal!’ It was Xia Zhetao’s first time witnessing Zhao Youlin torturing someone physically and mentally at such a close range. The president reacted violently when he burst. Likewise, the former Mrs. President was equally violent when she got mad. The thought of the possibility of serving the two violent humans in the future scared the wit out of Xia Zhetao!

The rest of the people at present including Sun Fengzi were struck dumb by Zhao Youlin’s unexpected move.

With the searing pain on both sides of her cheeks, Sun Fengzi was the first to react to this. She looked into Zhao Youlin’s eyes, who did not look like she was joking, and she shuddered. She screamed in a high-pitched voice, “Oh my G.o.d! This niece struck her aunt! Is there any heavenly justice?! Isn’t there any heavenly justice?! Shunchang, Shunchang, come and help me! Your niece is about to beat me to death! After striking your son, she’s going to beat your wife to death! Why are you still standing there like a log?! If you don’t come over to help out, your family will all be killed! Oh dear! How can my life be so miserable…? Sobs…”

As soon as Zhao Shunchang heard Sun Fengzi’s wailing, his entire body trembled. He was about to rush over to Sun Fengzi, but upon hearing Zhao Youlin’s threatening remarks, he was so scared that he froze in place.

“Uncle, I advise that you remain where you are. Otherwise, I can’t guarantee that Aunt’s face or her hand would end up like my younger cousin… By then, the mother-son pair are going to reunite in the hospital.”

Zhao Shunchang abruptly stopped. His face instantly went ghastly pale. His lips trembled for a few seconds before he said dispiritedly, “Youlin, no matter what, we’re still your elders.”

Youlin did not appreciate this at all. She snickered and said sarcastically, “I can’t afford to have an aunt who calls me a wench.”

Zhao Youlin never believed in brotherhood and sisterhood, the rich and the poor nor morality of friends.h.i.+p. All she knew was if someone was good to her, she would be good to them. If someone was mean to her, she would certainly be meaner to them!

Once she finished speaking to Zhao Shunchang, Zhao Youlin turned around and stared coldly at Sun Fengzi’s pretentious wailing over there, Zhao Youlin said disdainfully, “Aunt, do you know what you’re making me think of now?”

Sun Fengzi stopped crying. Her tears flowed down her face where the striking red five fingerprints marks were still there and this made her look ridiculous.

Zhao Youlin nastily whetted Sun Fengzi’s appet.i.te before she said faintly, “Your current demeanor is just like those aunts in the market, who behave shrewishly and unreasonably after they fail to outdebate others.”

“What?!” When Zhao Youlin equated Sun Fengzi to the aunts in the market, who were calculative over a few cents, unreasonable and foul-mouthed, Sun Fengzi’s face turned red. She glared at Zhao Youlin as if she could not wait to slice her alive.

She opened her mouth and was about to curse her again. However, the moment she opened her mouth, she felt a ripping pain from her cheeks. She could not help but cover her face. She drew in a cold breath and gave up instantly.

Zhao Youlin saw her every move. The corners of her lips curled upward slightly. She was not interested in admiring Sun Fengzi’s swollen face that was as swollen as a dead whale. She turned around and was ready to depart.

Little did she know that Sun Fengzi was a brainless, stubborn mule. Even though her entire face was distorted by pain, she was still not willing to give up and wanted to have a verbal advantage.

When she saw Zhao Youlin was further away from her, she covered her face and shouted at her with all her might, “You wench, you harmed Yifei and now, you hurt me. You will be punished! You certainly will be punished! Serve you right… It serves you right for being abandoned by someone else. It serves you right that you’ve been kicked out of the house. It serves you right that you’re unwanted and that you will stay alone for the rest of your life until you die!”

Everyone’s expression changed as soon as they heard Sun Fengzi’s angry shout.

Zhao Shunchang hurriedly rushed over to Sun Fengzi’s side. He s.h.i.+elded her, his heart trembling in fear. Then, he looked at Zhao Youlin, who had turned around, in terror.

Zhao Youlin narrowed her eyes dangerously. Just when everyone thought she was about to explode, a cold and attractive voice chipped in their conversation dominantly. Everyone was shocked.

“Who told you that she’s not wanted?!”


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