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“Feng, can I take it as you had made more than 15 billion USD from the Asia Financial Crisis?” Steve asked.

Feng Yu nodded. “Yes.”

“So, you had cooperated with Quantum Fund to start this crisis?” Steve asked sharply.

“It’s the opposite. I had opposed the Quantum Fund. Together with a few Hong Kong investment funds, we join forces to try to stop Soros. If not, the economic destruction in Southeast Asia will be much worse. This is not a secret, and how did I make so much money? It is a trade secret.”

Steve does not believe Feng Yu. Other than futures trading, how can Feng Yu get such high returns? He must have short the Forex and Index market like Soros.

But the news Steve received states that Feng Yu had openly retaliated against Soros. He does not want to continue to dwell on this question, as only focus on business. From his perspective, Soros is also successful.

“Feng, you own around 15% of Microsoft shares, right?” Steve asked.

“I think it is less than 15%. I had received lesser shares last year when the company gave out shares.” Feng Yu looked towards Bill Gates. Last year, Microsoft had given out shares to reward the higher management, and Feng Yu received much lesser than the rest of the directors.

“Feng, this is decided by the board. After all, you had only appeared in Microsoft for a short time and had not attended meetings. These had upset many people. Although you had gotten lesser shares as a management staff, you had gotten the shares given out to the shareholders.”

“It’s fine. I can understand this. Am I still one of the directors in Microsoft?” Paul Allen was the one to suggest giving Feng Yu lesser shares, and the rest of the directors supported this suggestion. Bill Gates did not stand on Feng Yu’s side this time. Still, he insisted on keeping Feng Yu’s position as one of the directors and his position as the Vice President of Asia operations.

“Of course, your position will not be changed.” Bill Gates was relieved. He had promised Feng Yu high bonuses in the past and was worried Feng Yu would fall out with him. Falling out with Feng Yu will slow down Microsoft’s expansion in China. This year, Microsoft will be introducing a new operating system and cannot afford to give up the Chinese market.

“Feng, although your percentage of shares had dropped, the number of your shares had increased, right? The value of Microsoft shares had increased a lot, and the market value of your shares should be over 1 billion USD, right?”

“Really? The share prices had increased by so much? Seems like I had made the right investment.” Feng Yu had a surprised look on his face, but he was not surprised at all.

“Oh, I heard you also have shares in China’s biggest PC manufacturer, Lenovo? Can you reveal how many shares you own in this company?”

“Not a lot. It cannot be compared to the number of shares I own in Microsoft.”

“Can I estimate the value of your shares in Lenovo as 300 million USD?” Lenovo is the top PC manufacturer in China and owns the majority of China’s market share. Steve’s actual evaluation of Lenovo is worth over 1 billion USD because of its potential.

300 million USD? Feng Yu thought to himself. Even if someone offers 1 billion USD, he will also not sell his Lenovo shares. The market, brand, and technologies were severely undervalued. Three hundred million USD is the amount of loan Feng Yu got from using his Lenovo shares as collateral.

“It’s fine.”

“Wind and Rain brand is the fastest-growing electronics brand in recent years. You are also the major controlling shareholder, right? Can we talk about what products this brand is involved in?” Steve had bought a Wind and Rain Super VCD player for his home.

“Humidifier, bladeless fans, VCD and DVD players, and mobile phones are our main products. We also own some patents and are collecting authorization fees. Soon, we will be entering the TV and PC monitor market.”

“We understand that Wind and Rain Electronics, Wind and Rain Home Appliances, and Aiwa Electronics have close cooperation. What is the relationship between these companies?”

“Partners. It is just like our partnership with Philips on R&D and sales.” Feng Yu raised his brows. Steve Forbes does not know he is the main shareholder of Aiwa yet, and he decided not to disclose anything.

“We know that you are one of the shareholders of China’s biggest automobile manufacturer, Bing City Machinery Company. Are you the major shareholder?” Steve looked at Feng Yu and asked.

“My father and I own some of this company’s shares. The General Manager of that company is someone else, and I am not involved in their management.” Feng Yu is interested to know how much Steve knows about him.

China is unlike the US, and news and information are not readily available. Furthermore, these companies are not listed companies. Most of Steve’s information should be based on guesses.

Steve did not continue to ask about Bing Machinery Company and start asking about Lehaha.

“China and Asia’s biggest beverage company, Lehaha Group, had suppressed the two Cola Giants in China. Do you also have shares in this company?”

“That’s right. I do have some shares in this company, and I am holding on to a consultant position in the company. I do not get any salary from them.” Feng Yu replied.

“Tai Hua Supermarket Corporation is China’s and Asia’s biggest retail chain. Do you also own shares in it?”

“A little. But until now, I still have not received any dividends from this company, and is unsure when this company will be profitable.”

“What about that pharmaceutical company? I heard that company is producing medicated health supplements, and its scale is one of the biggest in China.”

“The scale is quite significant, as it is from the merger of many smaller factories. Currently, it is still in the growing phase. Oh, we had developed a new drug, Bigman, and this drugged can be bought from many hospitals in the US since last year.”

Bigman is the name of ‘v.i.a.g.r.a’ and was given by Feng Yu casually. Bing City Pharmaceutical has not outstanding products except for this drug. This drug’s patent had even stopped Pfizer from registering a patent for their ‘v.i.a.g.r.a.’ They had to change their formula before they can launch their version of the drug.

Bill Gates starts to frown. Feng Yu owns a lot of businesses, and all his business is either the biggest in China, and some are the biggest in Asia. How did he do it?

To Bill Gates, Feng Yu is someone that has the foresight and has his ideals. But now, Feng Yu cannot be considered as someone with investment foresight. He is an investment genius!

Each of Feng Yu’s investment will give him high profits, and all these companies have something in common. All of them are not listed companies.

Once these companies got listed, Feng Yu’s a.s.sets will be doubled, tripled, or even more!

Steve starts to calculate Feng Yu’s net worth. “Hong Kong’s Wind and Rain Consulting Firm’s profit is 15 billion, Microsoft Shares are worth 1 billion USD, Lenovo’s shares are estimated to be worth 300 USD, Wind and Rain Electronics and Wind and Rain Home Appliances are estimated to be worth 1 billion. The Bing City Machinery Company’s shares are estimated to be around 500 million USD. Lehaha’s shares are estimated to be valued at 500 million USD. Tai Hua Supermarket corporation’s shares are around 200 million USD, and I estimate the rest of Mr. Feng’s investments, like the Empire State Building, etc. to be around 200 USD. This time, I will place you on the second position of the billionaire list, with a net worth of 28 billion USD. Is this alright with you?”

Sometimes, people will get angry if their net worth is overvalued, and sometimes they will be unhappy if their a.s.sets are undervalued. Many tyc.o.o.ns treated this ranking as a form of honor.

Steve Forbes had to seek Feng Yu’s permission, as most of his evaluation is based on estimation.

Feng Yu smiled and thought to himself. You had not to include my investments in Russia, j.a.pans, and other investments. If you knew about those investments, I should be the first position on the list!

But being second is fine with Feng Yu. He only wants some promotion for his companies, and two years later, he will show his true colors!


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