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Liu Jichuan told his old Company Commander about Feng Yu, and he was overjoyed. They were lucky to meet such this type of boss. He said he will bring everyone to Bing City to meet with Feng Yu after the New Year to discuss the details of the company.

Li Jichuan’s father learned that his son will be working for Feng Yu and the monthly salary was 1,000 RMB, he was overjoyed too. With Liu Jichuan and his income, they should be able to buy an apartment in the City after saving for 2 years. Then his son can get married in another one or two more years.

Liu Jichuan’s father felt that Feng Yu helped his son because they were from the same village. If not, why would Feng Yu offer such a high salary?

It was the Lunar New Year. The time of celebration. All the household starts to decorate their houses with red paper. Every family left their lights on the whole night.

Everyone has hoped. For instance, that old man working in Tian Peng Pig farm hopes to earn more money for his sons to get married. His sons had also started working at Tian Peng Pig farm. As Tian Peng Pig’s brand became more popular, the father and sons’ team also became famous.

Not only in the district, but even many matchmakers from the county and city had also approached them to introduce women. Both the sons had girlfriends now, and even the old man has a partner.

After Tai Hua Processing Food Company was set up, the father and sons no longer need to rear pigs. They became senior workers, and their job was to inspect Tian Peng Pig Farms and train the new workers. They often had to travel to other provinces to check the farms there. Their work was no longer tiring and was paid higher than before.

After Wen Deguang became the district Chief, he was busier than before. In the past, he could still play mah-jong and drink during winters. But now, he was too busy with all the work in the district. He had no choice but to give up on these hobbies.

Only Feng Yu felt life was still the same. His stay in the district was not long, and he could just meet up with Li Na once or twice.

Today was the first day of Lunar New Year. Feng Yu decided to visit Li Na’s house.

Somebody once said that father-in-law was the scariest creature on earth. There was also someone who claims that mother-in-law was scariest person on the planet. But no matter whether it was father-in-law or mother-in-law, getting married was not so easy.

Look at Wen Dongjun. Other than a bigger and stronger body, what else does he have? He was always doing stupid things. Both families still had a big difference in status. Did Zhang Han’s father say anything? He did not oppose Wen Dongjun from dating his daughter. Instead, he even tried to groom Wen Dongjun and help to plan his career. He also uses his connections to help Wen Dongjun’s father.

But Li Na’s father was different. He just dislikes Feng Yu. Feng Yu also did not understand why. Which part of him was not worthy of being with Li Na?

You don’t let me visit on other days? Today is the first day of Lunar New Year. I don’t believe that you will chase me out of the house!

Feng Yu woke up very early in the morning. He took a few boxes of gifts with him and left the house. Feng Xingtai and Zhang Muhua looked at each other. They both knew where their son was going. Their son had grown up.

Knock, knock, knock.

“Who’s that?”

“Happy New Year!” Feng Yu suspect that if he said who he was, the other party would not open the door. He greeted Happy New Year, and they had to open the door out of courtesy.

It was Lunar New Year. Even if you went to the wrong unit, no one would be unhappy when you greet them with Happy New Year.

“You are Xiao Yu?”

“Happy New Year Aunty.” Feng Yu smiled and did not wait for Li Na’s mother to invite him in. He walked into the compound and enter the house.

Li Na’s father, Li Quan, was sitting in the hall when he heard the sounds of the door opening. He was holding on to a plate of melon seeds and peanuts on the one hand and candies on the other hand. He was about to entertain his guest.

But when he saw Feng Yu, his smile was gone.

Why was this brat here?

Li Na saw Feng Yu, and she smiled brightly. She laughed when she saw Feng Yu purposely raise his brows at her.

Li Na also did not know Feng Yu would visit her house today.

“Happy New Year Uncle Li. I am here to greet you on the first day of Lunar New Year.” Feng Yu placed his gifts on the floor.

“Ok. Happy New Year to you too.” Li Na’s father replied emotionlessly. He continued standing there staring at Feng Yu and did not invite him to sit.

Li Na’s mother, w.a.n.g Lanying, entered the room and saw the tension in the room. He immediately calls Feng Yu: “Xiao Feng, please take a seat and have some melon seeds. Nana, go and pour a cup of tea.”

With her mother’s permission, Li Na quickly pours a cup of tea for Feng Yu.

“Xiao Feng, you are also studying in Beijing, right?” w.a.n.g Lanying smiled and asked.

“Yes. I am studying at Beijing University Management Faculty.” Feng Yu answered.

“Is your school far from Nana’s school?”

“Not very far. It is only about a 30 minutes drive.” Feng Yu replied.

“Drive? Old Feng had sent you to Beijing to study, and you are enjoying life there? You even bought a car?” Li Quan roared. How much does a car cost? This Feng Yu was really a useless good for nothing!

“Uncle Li, I can study at Beijing University is because of my results in High school. I had also attended the former Soviet Union Summer Camp. The car is also bought by my own money.” What’s wrong with driving? Our universities are so far. If I do not drive, I have to take public transport?

“Your own money? Where did you get your money from? Your savings?”

“Dad, Feng Yu is really capable……”

“Shut up. I am not asking you.” Li Quan snapped.

“I am doing business. All the machinery in my father’s farm were from the former Soviet Union. I am the one who brought them back. Many of the factories in Bing City were using second-hand machines from the former Soviet Union. I am the one who sold most of the machines to them. I bought the machines from the Soviet Union and then sell to the factories for some profits. I also invented the humidifier and bladeless fans. The Wind and Rain brand you see on TV every day is also mine. I am the one who created this brand. All these are very profitable.”

“Wind and Rain? Old Li, this kid is really outstanding.” w.a.n.g Lanying gasped. Feng Yu was the creator of Wind and Rain brand!

Feng Yu did not explain much. Li Quan was still suspecting Feng Yu’s words. If Feng Yu were to tell him that he was now China’s wealthiest person now, he would surely not believe him.

China’s wealthiest person and your father is still living in this small district? Why didn’t he move to the City?

“Uncle, Aunty, I am sure that both of you could tell that Li Na and I are in a relationship. That’s right. We are dating.” Feng Yu decided to come clean with Li Na’s parents. He held Li Na’s hand when he said that.

Li Na tried to pull her hand out, but Feng Yu had a firm grip on her. She timidly looks at her father.

Li Quan and w.a.n.g Lanying did not expect Feng Yu to say these words. This Feng Yu was very brave to own up. But when they saw their daughter’s shy look, they knew that there was no way to stop them from dating.

Both of them also have no excuse to stop them from dating. Feng Yu was good looking, high education, knows how to make money and have a good family background. There was nothing bad about him.

Actually, w.a.n.g Lanying had approved her daughter dating Feng Yu a long time ago. She looks at her husband. She does not know what her husband will say.

Li Quan opened his mouth and then straighten his back. He did not say anything. He had thought that Feng Yu was a good for nothing wealthy second generation. But it seems that this kid was more capable than he imagined. His daughter should have a good life in the future if they were together. Never mind. Just let them be.

Li Quan waved his hand. Gesturing the both of them to go out. He lit a cigarette quietly……


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