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“Song Laosi, stop trying to resist. We will show leniency if you are honest and we will be strict if you try to deny. I don’t need to repeat myself. It’s useless to even keep quiet. We had been collecting evidence for a period of time. The evidence collected would be sufficient to pin you down!”

“Chief Zhang, actually I am working as an undercover for the police. I am collecting evidence against Cripple w.a.n.g, Brother Ke, and Western Bun!” Song Laosi suddenly said.

Chief Zhang raised an eyebrow: “What did you say?”

Song Laosi was an uncover for the police? What a joke. There had never been instances where an undercover becomes a triad boss.

“I am telling you the truth. If you don’t believe me, you can check with Jiangbei’s Police Chief Li Qunli. He can verify my ident.i.ty. I had collected a lot of evidence against Cripple w.a.n.g and Brother Ke. Not only them, even Rotten knife King from Mei Gang and Ya Xi’s Bald Sun, Gu City’s Big Black…… I had collected all the evidence against them. Guaranteed to convict them!”

Song Laosi starts to drag the other triad bosses from other cities and provinces. When he had become the boss of Longjiang Province, he got close to the other bosses and got a chance to collect evidence.

At first, he was afraid that he could not control them and had collected evidence to be used against them. He did not expect that he would be able to use these evidence to try and save his own skin.

The undercover story was thought up by him a long time ago as a precaution. Li Qunli was one of the leaders he bribed long time ago. He was also the highest ranking Police Officer he was able to bribe. Initially, he felt that he had spent a lot to bribe him, but now, he felt that the money spent was worthwhile.

Li Qunli had records of Song Laosi being undercover for him. Song Laosi was to a.s.sist the Police to collect evidence of other triads.

If this file of his was used, he would not be convicted and was still about to get a clean record. Even the Police confiscated his a.s.sets, it’s fine too. He had transferred most of his a.s.sets to Song Xiaofeng long time ago, and Song Xiaofeng was currently in Hong Kong and was doing quite well there. If the Police release him, he would immediately fly to Hong Kong!

This plan was suggested by Song Xiaofeng way back. Song Laosi had considered it for a while and convinced. This secret ident.i.ty was better than other escape plans and could be used as a last resort.

Song Laosi had wanted to retire at the end of the year after he collected the tributes from the local triads. He had planned to fly to Hong Kong and buy citizenship there. He did not intend to return to Bing city after that. However, the Police came knocking on his doors first!

Luckily Song Laosi had planned some escape plans in advance. He felt that at least one plan would be successful. As for him ratting out the other triad bosses, he was not concerned. Anyway, he would be leaving Bing City and would not be the boss of Longjiang Province.

Chief Zhang was shocked by what Song Laosi said. This Song Laosi had collected evidence against other triad bosses? Impossible. That Li Qunli was only a sector Deputy Chief. How could he asked Song Laosi gather evidence?

Chief Zhang thought back about Li Qunli. He had heard this name before. He was someone groomed by one of the Provincial Police Vice Executive. Could this Song Laosi be connected with that Vice Executive?

This Song Laosi was really an undercover for the police?

Chief Zhang asked his men to contact Li Qunli and at the same time try to extract more evidence from Song Laosi. It doesn’t matter if Song Laosi was really an undercover. The evidence was more critical.

With this evidence, the security of the whole Provincial would increase by a notch. This was not only his wish but also a significant political achievement for him. Maybe he could get promoted because of this!

Chief Zhang was still considered young and still wanted to be promoted.

Song Laosi saw that Chief Zhang had to bite the hooked and he was jumping with joy in his heart. When Chief Zhang verbally promised him that he would be safe, he began to tell him about the evidence of other bosses, starting with Cripple w.a.n.g.

If it weren’t for Cripple w.a.n.g, he would have controlled the whole Longjiang Province and last year he would not be in trouble. He had lost a large number of profits. If he had not lost those profits, he would have flown to Hong Kong in Summer. Maybe he would be a Hong Kong citizen now!


Cripple w.a.n.g was still trying to resist. Even though the Police had much evidence against him, he believed that his men would not betray him and they would take the reap. The most he would be sentenced to a few years in jail. After his release, he can still regroup his gang!

Just when he was gloating at his interrogator, Chief Zhang entered the room and asked Cripple w.a.n.g 3 questions casually.

Cripple w.a.n.g’s face changed colors. Impossible. Not many people know about this. How did the Police find out? Those that knew about this were his close followers, and they would never betray him. Who’s the one that betrayed him?

Chief Zhang gave him the answer. The person who ratted on him was Song Laosi. The evidence collected by Song Laosi were more detailed than the Police. There was no need for Cripple w.a.n.g’s confession and could convict him straight!

Cripple w.a.n.g never expected that the self-proclaimed boss of Longjiang would rat on him and not observe the rules of the underworld. Since Song Laosi broke the rules first, then he would not hold back anymore. He also had lots of evidence against Song Laosi!

Just like this, both bosses started to provide evidence against each other to Chief Zhang. In a short period of time, lots of concrete evidence were collected. Coupled with the evidence gathered by the Police, the court would be able to pa.s.s the death sentence to at least 20 triad bosses.

Chief Zhang sighed. Although this was a great political achievement, it also showed that the past few years, the police had failed in their duties. So many crimes had been committed, and the culprits had gone scoff free until now.

But at least all these culprits were arrested now, and the Police can answer to the public.


Li Qunli arrived at the station, and Chief Zhang did not let him meet with Song Laosi. Before Chief Zhang could question LiQunli, he noticed something was off. Li Qunli had been drinking. He remembered that when his men called Li Qunli’s office, the secretary claimed that Li Qunli was on duty.

Something was wrong with this Li Qunli! After a night of sudden checks on him, it was discovered that this Li Qunli had over a million worth of a.s.sets under his name. His lifetime wages could never reach this amount even if he had not been spending a single cent. Where did all this money come from?


“Song Laosi, you don’t need to wait anymore. Li Qunli could not prove that you are undercover. Was he bribed by you? And not only me, even the judge and the people would never believe that you are an undercover for the police! You are finished!”

Song Laosi broke down. He was full of hopes that Li Qunli would prove his innocence and he could walk out of the Police Station free. Even though he could not be the boss of Longjiang anymore, but all his opponents would be dead, and he could move to Hong Kong to enjoy his retirement! Why did things turn out this way? All his escape plans were useless?

“Impossible. Chief Zhang, think about all the things I had done for Bing City. If it wasn’t for me, would the redevelopment of the old city be so successful? How much eviction compensations did I save for the government? Also, the crime rates in the Province in the past were low because I had confiscated the hunting rifles. Also……”

Song Laosi was still shouting, but Chief Zhang turned and left the room. To Chief Zhang, Song Laosi was already a dead man! Chief Zhang needs to lead his men to capture the rest of the triad bosses in the province in the shortest time!

Author Notes: As I could not write it as close as history, I simplified the ending. I had deleted at least 50,000 words from the original ma.n.u.script to end this fast. As such, I ask for your forgiveness if there would be parts that were lacking.


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