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“Master Crutches, I heard that Song Laosi seems to be finding trouble with that kid Feng.”

Crippled w.a.n.g’s face was covered with a towel and was soaking in his bath. He enjoys taking a bath as it was relaxing and he could not feel his crippled legs.

The follower says Cripple w.a.n.g did not have any reaction and continued: “That kid’s trading company which sold the Wind and Rain fans last year and the humidifiers this year is doing very well. His even advertise on CCTV. I heard that his annual profits are more than a few dozen million!”

“Recently, there are lesser demolition projects, and Song Laosi wants to do some other business. I heard that he is targeting that Feng’s trading company. Our men say Song Laosi’s advisor went to the trading company. It seems that he wants to buy a stake in the company.”

Cripple w.a.n.g took down the towel on his face and looked at his follower. Although he did not say anything but that follower felt a chill creeping up his back.

“Did he succeed?”

“This…… I think no. I heard that Feng Yu rejected. I am not sure what’s wrong with that Feng Yu. His company has lots of banners, plaques and awards hung outside. Some of these were awarded by the Motor Factory, Aviation Factory, Machinery Company and some were from government departments and even the City Government.”

“What are you trying to say?”

“Master Crutches, although our earnings for the past year was not bad, we have lots of men. You treat us very well and split the earnings with us. You look at Song Laosi, his mansion is bigger than those generals. Furthermore, Feng Yu’s company is located in our territory, and even if someone has to get a stake in the company, it should be us.”

Cripple w.a.n.g looked at that follower: “You are telling me to ignore the rules and swallow the company from the businessman operating on my turf?”

“It’s not swallowing. It’s becoming a shareholder or becoming a partner. We will also come out with capital and get part of the profits. When it’s the time for splitting the profits, then we shall see if that Feng Yu knows what to do.”

Cripple w.a.n.g hesitated. He was also the boss of a gang, but he was not as glamorous as Song Laosi. They were all bosses of gangs but why was Song Laosi doing so well? It’s all because that Song Laosi earned the most.

Now his follower made sense. Song laosi came to his turf and wanted to buy a stake in the companies located here. This was obviously stepping into his territory. If it was because of demolition projects, it’s okay but this was a trading company and dealt with electrical appliances. If Song Laosi really got what he wanted, then it would be a disgrace for Cripple w.a.n.g.

This period of time, both Song Laosi and he had received warnings from the City Government, and they had stayed low. But it was also during this time, Song Laosi established his position as the Longjiang province, big boss. Many cities had acknowledged this fact, and there was no one objecting in Bing City.

“What if he does not allow us to buy a stake in his company? You said that he had connections with lots of government officials and if this is true, you think he will let us get what we want?” Cripple w.a.n.g asked.

“Master Crutches, there is still one more thing that I heard recently. You remember that Feng Yu had bought an incense burner from us?”

“Incense burner?” Cripple w.a.n.g thought hard. They had sold an incense burner?

“The incense burner in our meeting hall. That kid had bought the burner for 300,000 RMB.”

“Isn’t that an excuse to compensate for the injuries of our men?” Cripple w.a.n.g remembered that incident.

“Hai!” That follower slapped his own leg in an exaggerated manner: “that’s what I thought too. But my cousin-in-law that worked in the bank heard that recently, someone used an antique as collateral for a loan. You guess how much did the bank loan him? 6 million RMB!”

Cripple w.a.n.g shouted in surprised: “6 million? What antique is that? You meant that antique is that incense burner?”

“That’s right. I heard that it is a Xuande burner and it is a treasure from the Ming Dynasty. That kid had used 300,000 RMB to cheat us. There are rumors that a Hong Kong businessman offered him 10 million for that burner!” The follower continued.

Crippled w.a.n.g hit the water surface hard with his fist. Water splashed up onto the follower’s face. When Cripple w.a.n.g is angry, no one dares to do anything that will attract his attention. If not, they will get a taste of his iron crutches!

Actually, Cripple w.a.n.g liked Feng Yu. Feng Yu was young and had already started his own business. This was not an easy feat. Also, Feng Yu knows how to handle different situations well. He knows how to compensate others for their help. However, Cripple w.a.n.g found out that he had been cheated by Feng Yu!

Because of this Xuande burner, the positive feelings towards Feng Yu was all gone. He was p.i.s.sed off by Feng Yu now!

6 million, no it should be 10 million RMB! He had so many men, and there was no way his gang was able to earn 10 million in a month.

“Tomorrow you go and tell him that we want to buy a stake in that company.”

“Master Crutches, how much are we paying them?”

“How much? We had already paid them. That burner is worth 10 million.” Cripple w.a.n.g glanced at his follower.

The follower immediately understood what he meant: “I understand. Then should I ask for last year’s bonuses?”

“This type of minor things you still need to consult me?”


High school year 2 had started, and the students were separated to Science and Arts cla.s.ses. Once again, Feng Yu and Li Na became cla.s.smates in the same cla.s.s, and Feng Yu was seated behind Li Na. Even his previous form teacher who had taken care of him was forced to become his form teacher again! But Feng Yu was still in a bad mood!

His bad mood was not because of school. It was because of Tai Hua Trading.

Tai Hua Trading was very busy during the Summer break. However, Feng Yu was pleased with the results. Other than the machinery from the Soviet Union, there was still the acquirement of shares, and the sales of the humidifiers were also doing above his expectations.

The day before yesterday, he received a call from Wu Zhigang to ask him to return to the company. After his trip to the company, Feng Yu did not smile at all!

Feng Yu had thought that Song Laosi would not find trouble with him again. He also does not want to interfere with these gangs. He just wanted history to take its course. It’s only one more year. But yesterday, Song Laosi’s man came to the company and wanted to buy 50% stake in his company, and he offered a “high” price of 5 million RMB!

5 million? Even if it were 500 million, Feng Yu would not sell!

His company now have over 200 million worth of shares. Although he was in debt from the bank loans, in 2 years’ time, he would get profits of at least 5 times of that amount. If he was lucky, he might get even more than 10 times!

That Song Laosi’s man obviously saw Tai Hua Trading was doing well and wanted to get a share of the profits!

Feng Yu sent Lao Laosi’s man away with the excuse that he needs to consider for a few days. Before he could think of a solution, Cripple w.a.n.g’s man came. He said that they had invested 10 million RMB, which was the incense burner, last year. He instructed Feng Yu to give them their share of the profits from last year.

Making use of these 2 gangs to fight with each other would not work every time. Especially now with this incense burner incident, his relationship with Cripple w.a.n.g was broken. It was impossible for him to make Cripple w.a.n.g fight with Song Laosi.

The visit from Song Laosi and Cripple w.a.n.g’s men had caused the seed of getting rid of all the gangs in Feng Yu’s heart germinate.

Author’s note: Many people do not like the part of Song Laosi and the gangs. So, I will keep this part short and end it within a few chapters.

Translator’s notes: Reappearance of the gangs. Another short, boring arc. But after this part, they will not appear again. Please be patient.


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