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The Secretary and his Deputy sat down to discuss. They really do not have the authority to change the students named in the invitation letter, but that does not mean that they will give up. What if, the students withdraw voluntarily?

So, Feng Yu and Wen Dongjun were summoned to the Secretary’s office. The Secretary had decided to persuade them “nicely” to withdraw voluntarily. He would give them some compensations by stating they were good students on their testimonies.

“What? Secretary, you said that we are invited to the summer camp organized by Moscow University? Is Summer Camp fun?” Wen Dongjun asked excitedly. He did not expect to be so lucky. But why was Feng Yu unhappy? They were going to the Soviet Union for a holiday!

“That’s right, but this time you will be representing our school, Bing City, Longjiang and even China’s High School. So, the school intends to get the best students to attend. Both of your results are……”

Wen Dongjun’s face changed: “Secretary, what do you mean? Didn’t that university invite us? Are there any problems?”

“After considerations, the school had decided to get some students who can represent us to go for this camp. So, I wish the both of you to give up your places.” The Secretary noticed that hinting does not work on them, so he told them directly. Even with the backing of the Vice Princ.i.p.al, these 2 students would not dare to go against his wishes. He is the Secretary of the school. The no.2 of the school!

“Give up our places? Why should we?” Wen Dongjun was unhappy. This was a chance for him to travel overseas, why should they give up.

“I had told you the reason. I will not explain anymore. Of course, the school will give the both of you some compensations. Both of you will be getting this year’s best students awards.”

Feng Yu looked at the Secretary with a sneer. Vying for the students’ quota and targeting his spot? Without him, the school will not even have a single place!

The Vice Princ.i.p.al Sun knew about this matter clearly, but he did not tell this Secretary. He must be up to no good too.

“Feng Yu, why are you keeping quiet? Tell me your decision. The School can even nominate the both of you for the Provincial Best students awards. Both of you will also get 10 extra marks for Bing City’s university entrance exams.” The Secretary increased the compensation. Of course, nominating and getting the award were two very different things.

“Fine, Secretary. I will tell you my decision.”

When he heard Feng Yu, the Secretary had a bright smile on his face. There were still obedient students in the school. Wen Dongjun looked at Feng Yu in shocked. His impression of Feng Yu had a rebellious trait and would not give up his place easily.

“I decide to refuse!”


The Secretary still thought that Feng Yu was an obedient student, and he even wanted to praise him, but he heard the word refuse from Feng Yu.

Why? How can he refuse! Why he dares to refuse?

Did he really think that he could do anything he wants with the Vice Princ.i.p.al’s backing? The school’s other leaders, including the Vice Princ.i.p.al, were still lower ranked than him!


The Secretary banged hard on the desk: “What’s wrong with you two? I am persuading you two nicely here. Let me tell you one thing. I don’t care if the both of you agree or not, this is decided!”

Feng Yu was still sneering and said: “If the both of us are not attending, then no one can attend!”

“What did you say? You dare to threaten me? You are still a student. Demerit points. You must be punished!” The Secretary was furious. A student from his school dared to talk back to him? This was Third High School and not some vocational school. He must teach this brat a lesson!

“Before you punish me, think about how you should avoid punishments. You should be the one who decided made this decision to make us give up our places. Have you ever think about the reasons why Vice Princ.i.p.al did not agree to this?” Feng Yu was smiling and looking at the Secretary straight in his eyes.

The Secretary paused for a moment. Right, even if the Vice Princ.i.p.al takes special care of Feng Yu, because of his brother-in-law, he should also not look after Wen Dongjun. Wen Dongjun’s father was only a Deputy Farm Officer of a small district. His rank was too low to be even considered a government staff in Bing City.

“Do you know that my brother-in-law is sponsoring the transportation for this camp? You think this is the only reason? Didn’t you wonder why our names are on the invitation letter?”

The Secretary’s face changed. Could this Feng Yu have connections to some high ranked leaders? The names on the invitation were not randomly picked? Impossible. The names must be randomly selected. This was the Moscow University. How was it possible for Feng Yu to have connections with them?

“You know why Moscow University wanted students from our school to attend their Summer Camp? You know why they only wanted first-year students? Why are our names on the invitation list? Why am I the first name on the list?” Feng Yu continued.

The Secretary looked at Feng Yu in shocked. Feng Yu really have someone great backing him?

Wen Dongjun looked at Feng Yu like a moron and asked: “Why?” He does not understand why Feng Yu knows about the invitation letter, inviting their school’s first years only and Feng Yu’s name was the first name. Why can’t the first name be his? It must be in alphabetical order. It should be in that order!

Feng Yu pointed to himself and said slowly: “It is because this Summer Camp was organized for me!”

The Secretary jumped up from his chair and shouted disbelieving: “Impossible! This is the Moscow university and not some domestic universities. Even if your family have connections, you could not extend your influences to the Soviet Union!”

Feng Yu shook his head and looked at the Secretary like an idiot: “You do not know that my family is doing business? You do not know that my family’s company traded few million Rubles with the Soviet Union every month?”

The Secretary’s eyes widen: “Your family has business deals worth a few million Rubles with the Soviet Union every month?”

“Then do you know that our trade with the Soviet Union uses the Soviet Army’s trains to transport our goods? Do you know that I am a regular visitor to the City Government and the Foreign Trade office? Do you know how much the car I drive on weekends cost? Not expensive, it’s only somewhere between 500,000 to 600,000 RMB.”

Soviet Army? This Feng Yu’s family had business dealings with the Army? Was it the Provincial Army or the Soviet Union Army?

A regular visitor at the City Government and Foreign Trade Office? Those were units bigger than the Education Ministry!

What? 500,000 to 600,000 RMB car? The secretary had not even seen a 50,000 to 60,000 RMB car!

Feng Yu had shocked the Secretary again and again!

“Since when did you come across a university organizing a summer camp for high school first-year students? Without me, there will not be such camp! Every year, the Moscow University does have a summer camp for high school students, but it was for the students partic.i.p.ating in the Math compet.i.tion. The compet.i.tion had already started on the date of this summer camp. This Summer Camp was organized specially for me!”

Feng Yu’s every word made the Secretary’s jaw dropped lower and lower. He did not expect that things would turn out this way. Others might not know about this, but the Vice Princ.i.p.al should be aware. f.u.c.k, he had been tricked!

Also, the Deputy Secretary had found some stupid excuse to avoid this meeting with Feng Yu. He wanted to take advantage of this Summer Camp but still wants to hide from the responsibility? The Secretary finally found out that he was the only fool who had to face this alone!

“After saying so much, do you still think we should give up my spot for others?”

The Secretary fell back into his chair and mumbled: “That’s fine. Both of you can go back to cla.s.s. I do not care about the student quota anymore.”


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