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Chapter 1378 – It’s fine to cooperate this way

“Hi, Bill. Sorry to keep you waiting.” Feng Yu greeted Bill Gates with a smile.

It’s been a while since Feng Yu came to Microsoft’s headquarters, which is very different from when he left.

The moment Feng Yu steps into the office building, many people greeted him with respect. Some staff, who doesn’t know Feng Yu, were curious who he is. Why are so many people greeting him? Is he one of the company’s higher executives?”

How come they have never seen him before? Is he new?

The new staff asked their senior colleagues and found out Feng Yu’s ident.i.ty. They were all shocked. This World’s Richest Man is different from what they imagined.

Many staff were shocked and sympathized Feng Yu left this place previously. They thought he was kicked out of Microsoft. But he has returned as the World’s Richest Man now.

Bill Gates’s a.s.sistant opens the office door without knocking when he saw Feng Yu. His Boss has been waiting for him for a while and even postponed all other meetings.

This meeting with Feng Yu is more important than other tasks.

“Feng, have a sit.”

Feng Yu sat opposite Bill Gates, and Paul Allen entered the office when the a.s.sistant served a cup of tea.

Bill Gates frowned but did not say anything. He asked his a.s.sistant to serve coffee to Paul.

“Feng, I had invited you over is to discuss something with you. We had some misunderstandings in the past, and it resulted in you leaving and selling Microsoft shares. I hope our misunderstanding had been cleared after so long.” Bill Gates said.

Misunderstanding? Feng Yu took a sip from his teacup and did not reply.

“Feng, I would like to invite you to be our Microsoft Director again. What do you think?”

Paul Allen looks at Bill Gates in shock. How come he is unaware of such an important decision? Regardless of whether it is replacing one of the directors or adding a new director on the board, it will affect the company’s management. He should be informed beforehand as the second major shareholder.

Bill Gates is too much!

Many people know Bill Gates is the founder of Microsoft, but can the company grow to this extent without Paul Allen? Without him, there might not be Microsoft!

Paul Allen can tolerate Bill Gates becoming the front of Microsoft. Still, he can’t tolerate Bill Gates making such an important decision without discussing it with him.

“Bill, how come no one informs me that the company is going to invite Feng back on the board of directors? The shareholders should decide all decisions regarding the board of directors.”

Feng Yu smiled and did not say a word. He is enjoying seeing Paul Allen and Bill Gates argue.

Bill Gates and Paul Allen have different characters. For example, Bill Gates prefers to dress casually and focuses more on comfort than appearance. Most of the time, his hair is in a mess.

But Paul Allen is different. He will spend a long time in front of the mirror to take care of his appearance. His suit, tie, hair, and shoes, must be very clean and tidy.

Bill Gates loves to travel with his wife, go for hikes and enjoy doing whatever they like. But Paul Allen spends most of his time at work. Other than Microsoft, he still has his own software company, which is not doing well.

This is also why Kirilenko looks down on Paul Allen. Without Microsoft, he is nothing!

It’s weird for two people with different characters to come together and set up Microsoft. Maybe both of them have some ideas that are in line with each other.

“Paul, this is not the time to argue about this. I will explain to you later if you are willing to listen.”

Paul Allen kept quiet and nodded. This made Feng Yu very disappointed.

Feng Yu was still looking forward to seeing both of their quarrel and fight. If he can record it on video and air it in the cinema, it will be a box-office hit!

Feng Yu will reserve at least 1,000 cinemas to show his support.

“Feng, what do you think of my invitation?”

Feng Yu shrugged his shoulders. “Sorry. I am not interested in being a director in someone’s company.”

Feng Yu implies that if you are willing to let me be Microsoft’s Chairman, I will surely be interested! But being a director will cause Microsoft shares to rise, and it will be Bill Gates and the rest to benefit from it. He has nothing to gain from it.

Paul Allen was about to say something but forced himself to keep quiet. He is extremely unhappy with Feng Yu’s tone. He sounded like a Microsoft Director is nothing to him.

“Feng, I feel we can avoid unnecessary compet.i.tion and can cooperate in several areas.” Bill Gates continued.

“For example?”

“For example, we can develop the Office software, smartphone’s operating system, mobile phone software, and other software.”

Bill Gates had mentioned all of Lenovo Kingsoft’s businesses, which is the same as Microsoft.

“Eh… Bill. All the businesses you mentioned are all from Lenovo Kingsoft. I am not holding any position in this company, and you had approached the wrong person.” Feng Yu replied.

Bill Gates was stunned for a moment as he did not expect Feng Yu to reject him so quickly. The excuse given by Feng Yu is too lame. Even if he is not that company’s controlling shareholder or holds any position, he still has a huge influence.

Bill Gates doesn’t believe Liu Chuanzhi will disagree with Feng Yu.

Are the conditions not attractive enough, or are there other reasons?

“Feng, we had good cooperation in developing G-Box. Why can’t we work together on other projects?”

“Oh… if it is the same cooperation model as G-Box, I might be able to persuade Liu Chuanzhi.”

The smile on Bill Gates’s face froze. The same cooperation model as G-Box? How is that possible? Feng Yu has the controlling stake in that project, and Microsoft is only a minor shareholder.

G-Box is a new business, and Bill Gates is willing to give in because Feng Yu has a bigger advantage. But it is different this time. Office software, smartphone operating system, application software are all Microsoft’s advantages. How can he let Feng Yu own the controlling stake?

Seems like Feng Yu is not interested in negotiating.


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