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Chapter 1373 – Ralph’s thoughts

“h.e.l.lo, Zekai. Why are you calling? Huh? You are in the US?” Feng Yu received Li Zekai’s call when he was in the US, thinking about his plot against Softbank and investing in FB. Li Zekai knows Feng Yu is in the US.

“My brother and I are going over. We want to discuss something with you.”

Feng Yu knows it must be about business because of Li Zekai’s tone and coming with Li Zeju. Li Zeju is considered Superman Li’s representative now.

“Ok. I will be going to Boston tomorrow and will be back the day after. Is it fine with you?”

“No problem. We will talk when we meet.”

Feng Yu is going to Boston because Zuckerberg had replied to him. He agreed to Feng Yu’s investment of 100 million USD in exchange for 85% FB shares. That means Wind and Rain Holdings will acquire FB.

The three other co-founders will get 2% shares each, while Zuckerberg gets 9%. Feng Yu doesn’t know how they negotiated and doesn’t care. They had also signed an agreement to remain working in FB.

It is 100 million USD now, but who knows how much it will be worth in two years. FB had become one of the top brands in Feng Yu’s previous life, and it will be the same in this life. Maybe it will be easier.

FB had entered most countries and regions, except for China and independent States, in Feng Yu’s previous life. With his help in this life, it will develop faster.

But Feng Yu does not want FB to cover the whole world. A different social website must be used for China and the CIS to prevent FB from being sued for monopolization. This will prevent them from being forced to break up like Yahoo.

The companies can still cooperate after being forced to break up, but there’s a major difference. It’s like ten separate chopsticks and ten chopsticks tied together.

Zuckerberg and his partners were excited when they saw Feng Yu signing the contract with them. All of them are looking forward and feeling confident of this company.

Although Feng Yu had a.s.signed some management staff and someone to monitor the company’s finance department, Zuckerberg and his partners are still the CEO and other top executives.

The four of them had also entered the Board of Directors. There are nine members on the Board, and the Chairman is Wind and Rain Holding’s Deputy CEO, Ralph.

Kameda Masao is busy in j.a.pan and had handed all US matters to Ralph. Although he has more responsibility, he is overjoyed.

More responsibility means he can make more money. All the top executives in the subsidiaries can get some shares, and it is more attractive than getting a salary.

For example, Ralph’s Amazon shares value increased after Amazon was listed. His net worth also shot up.

Ralph planned to sell his shares at the highest point and use the money to follow his Boss to invest.

When Ralph knows Kameda Masao had become Softbank’s Independent Director, he was overjoyed. He felt his capabilities are about the same as Kameda Masao, and he knows Kameda Masao will not cope.

Ralph felt it’s time for him to get more power in Wind and Rain Holdings. Kameda Masao can continue to be the President, and he can be the CEO. Many companies have Presidents and CEO.

Also, Ralph and Wu Zhigang are considered Feng Yu’s disciples. The way they do things is very similar to Feng Yu. Furthermore, he had done a lot for Feng Yu and should be promoted.

“Boss, 100 million USD will not be enough. It might be enough for North America, but it will not be sufficient if they expand overseas. Also, new forms of charges should be implemented to get profits. Are we only going to depend on these people?” Ralph asked.

“This is the first investment, and 100 million USD is enough for them to take over the North American market. Also, they are not thinking of getting profits immediately. We will continue to invest two years later, and it will be easier to make profits when they lots of users.”

Users are the most important aspect of an internet company. Without users, everything else is useless. With a large user base, they can make high profits just from advertising alone.

“Boss, let me tell you about Amazon’s latest situation.”


Feng Yu looks at Ralph. He knows why he is so hardworking today. It must be Kameda Masao had taken on the director position at Softbank.

Kameda Masao had told Feng Yu that Ralph’s responsibilities could be increased after two years. He even suggested separating Wind and Rain Holding’s CEO and President positions.

Heitaro Nakajima is getting old, and his health is failing recently. Kameda Masao will take on the role of AIWA’s Chairman until Heitaro Nakajima appoints a successor.

Kameda Masao thinks that he will focus on Asia while Ralph handles the US businesses. This will balance out the company’s internal power, and it will be more efficient.

Although their US companies have high potential, Wind and Rain Holding’s top subsidiary is Wind and Rain Consulting. That is their Boss’s most important company, and it’s located in Hong Kong. Kameda Masao felt that this will gain more trust and can remain closer to Feng Yu.

Another reason for this arrangement is Kameda Masao can take over the US operations easily. Still, Ralph will have difficulties taking over the work in Asia. This is why Kameda Masao is confident that he can still retain his position if he doesn’t betray Feng Yu.

After reporting about Amazon, Ralph continues to report about Google and other businesses. He even reported LA Wind and Rain Team’s progress in detail.

“Ralph, take note of our company’s business in Europe.”

Ralph’s eyes brighten up. President Kameda has always handled the European markets. Is Boss going to give him more power?

Ralph paused for a second and asked. “Boss, President Kameda has been in charge of the work there. Did something happen to him?”

Feng Yu looks at Ralph. “Something happens? Everything is fine. Are you referring to him being Softbank’s director? I had agreed to let him do that. If any companies want you to be their independent director, and it will not affect your work at Wind and Rain Holdings, you can let me know. I will not stop you.”

Feng Yu’s words touch Ralph.

Feng Yu returned to New York. Why are the Li Brothers here to meet him?


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