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Chapter 1241 – Double Happiness

Feng Yu has been very busy these days and had no time to care about what Coca-Cola’s representative thinks.

His huge donation had shocked the higher-ups. This is not a small amount, and the top leaders were very thankful to Feng Yu.

Also, the leaders wanted to give Feng Yu a government t.i.tle but were rejected by Feng Yu. With this t.i.tle, he will have obligations.

Feng Yu does not have time, and he felt if he has the time to attend government meetings, he might inspect his factories and companies to see how he can increase his workers’ welfare and benefits.

Feng Yu is also not interested and does not want to interfere with the higher-ups. But if the State needs him, he will do his part.

A top leader had wanted to meet Feng Yu today but was rejected. This is because Feng Yu needs to accompany Li Na to the hospital.

Li Na had suddenly felt sick two days ago and had missed her period by over a week. Feng Yu’s first thought is she might be pregnant.

Feng Yu did not call home to tell his parents about it as he wants to confirm it in the hospital first.

Beijing Tai Hua Hospital’s Director of Obstetrics and Gynecology smiled and congrats Feng Yu.

“Manager Feng, your wife is pregnant. From the ultrasound, I can see she is confirmed pregnant, but there are two black dots: Gestational sacs. I need you two to return one week later for further checks.”

Feng Yu blinked and asked. “What do you mean by two Gestational sacs? Is it dangerous?”

“Two Gestational sacs means it might be twins, but it’s too early to confirm it now. From my years of experiences, there is a high possibility of your wife having twins.”

Feng Yu is overjoyed. “You mean it’s twins?! That’s great! Thank you, Director Sun! Thank you!”

Director Sun smiled. “Manager Feng, why are you thanking me? Also, I mentioned that this is not confirmed, and she needs to come back again one week later.”

Before Director Sun could finish, Feng Yu had run out to hug Li Na.

“Is it confirmed?”

“Yes! You are pregnant, and the doctor says it might be twins! Let me help you up. Slow down.” Feng Yu is smiling happily.

Li Na looks at Feng Yu speechlessly. “I am only 4 weeks into my pregnancy, and you don’t need to hold me. I can walk by myself.”

“No. You must listen to me. The doctor said the first three months of pregnancy are the most dangerous. I will call your school to take time off for you. During this period, you will stay at home. Oh, I will also get two maternity matrons to take care of you. I will ask Zhang Han to see if I had missed out anything.”

“It’s too early for me to apply for maternity leave. Furthermore, it’s only one month into my pregnancy. There’s no need for maternity matrons now.”

“Then I will hire two professional maternity care nurses to let them accompany you. You must not return to school as there are too many electronic devices, chalk dust, students running around… it is too dangerous. Listen to me. We will apply for unpaid sick leave.”

“But it will be boring at home.”

“How can it be boring? I can accompany you. You like reading, right? We can buy some books, and I can read them to you.”

“Nonsense. You are so busy with work, and did you see Mum’s reaction when you told her you made a huge donation a few days ago? If you don’t make money back, Mum is going to nag at you again.”

“It’s alright. I just need to tell her that you are pregnant, and she will be fine even if I donated some more money.”

Feng Yu did not inform anyone but called Zhang Han to ask her for advice.

Less than an hour, Wen Dongjun arrived with Zhang Han. He is also carrying their child.

“Congratulations… when are Uncle and Auntie coming over?” Wen Dongjun asked.

“I still have not told them.”

“Why?” Wen Dongjun asked curiously. Why is Feng Yu not telling their parents?

Feng Yu proudly replied. “Because the doctor says it might be twins and asked us to return in one week to confirm.

“Really?! Congratulations!” Zhang Han is happy for them and looks at them enviously.

Feng Yu looks up proudly. “No choice… having twins depends on innate talents. You can just envy us. Hahaha…”

Wen Dongjun looks at Feng Yu. “Do you think I did not attend school? Who in your family has twins? Hurry up and tell me. Is it that you have some secret formula?”

Feng Yu: “……”

You still dare to claim you have attended school? Secret formula?! Don’t you know that you cannot control natural pregnancy?! If I have such a formula, my Bing City Pharmaceutical Group would have been rich!

“Zhang Han, Dongjun, help me to advise him. He wants me to take time off from work to stay at home. How can he do this? Zhang Han, you are a Police Woman, and you continued working when you are pregnant.”

“How can it be the same? I sent and fetched her from work during that period. It was too tiring.” Wen Dongjun tried to speak up for Feng Yu. “Feng Yu is so lazy. Do you think he will do that? Also, his business is so big, and he might not have the time to send you to work if he has something to attend to?”

“But Feng Yu had hired a driver for me. Don’t think I don’t know. The driver had been following behind my car wherever I go.” Li Na gave Feng Yu an angry stare.

“I am worried for your safety.” Feng Yu smiled.

“What’s there to be afraid when a driver is sending and fetching mee from work? I want to continue to work and don’t want to stay at home!”

“But you cannot carry on teaching. The chalk dust is too dirty. Alright… I will transfer you to the library, and you can read books there too.” Feng Yu gave in.

Feng Yu knows that being overprotective and sudden change of habits is not good for Li Na.

One week later, Feng Yu saw the medical report, and if he is not in the hospital, he would be screaming with joy.

Twins! It’s really twins?!

Although it is too early to tell the s.e.x of the twins, having twins are rare.

“Come… have some sweets.” Feng Yu gave out sweets to everyone he met. People still thought his wife had just given birth.

On the way home, Feng Yu did not stop smiling. He did not have any children in his previous life, and now, he will have two.

Feng Yu immediately call his parents the good news once he reaches home. He behaves like a kid who had just gotten full marks in a test and showed off to everyone.

The next day, Feng Yu and Li Na’s parents came over. This is a special occasion for their families.

Now, Feng Yu cannot interfere in making arrangements to take care of Li Na. He tried to say something but was reb.u.t.ted by his parents. “Have you given birth before? Have you taken care of pregnant women before? You don’t know anything and should step aside!”

Feng Yu is speechless. It’s my wife who is pregnant. Why must I step aside?

Luckily Feng Yu have something to do at this time. Bing City Machinery Manufacturing Group called to inform him of a piece of good news.


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