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Chapter 1198 – Imitation phone design

Everyone continued the discussion, and Xu Lihua suddenly suggested. “Manager Feng, I think we should not use clamsh.e.l.l designs for this camera phone. Sliding or candy bar designs is more convenient.”

“Old Xu, that will not work. If you use the candy bar design, the screen will take up a lot of s.p.a.ce, and the phone will be very big. How are you going to make bigger screen models?” Jiang Wanmeng retorted.

“Then we should go for the sliding design. It will look more like a camera.” Xu Lihua argued.

“The phone will become very thick, and it will look clumsy.”

Feng Yu waved his hand. “Alright. Don’t argue over this. There will be people who like clamsh.e.l.l, sliding, candy bar designs. Why don’t we introduce all these designs? The models will be using the same model number, but the first number must be the same, and it will indicate it as the same series.”

“Produce all three series? How are we going to market them? How are we going to allocate our resources?” Zhong Qingxian frowned.

“Why should we focus on one series? We will market all series at the same time and see how the market responds. After that, we can adjust our marketing efforts to focus on the more popular series. Our target is to be the best-selling mobile phone in the world. Look at the way Nokia introduces their new phones. Their series use the same batteries and covers, and they can reduce many components’ wastage.”

Nokia used this strategy to reduce its cost. Introducing new models quickly helped them take over the European, US, and Asia markets.

Motorola is much slower when it comes to introducing new models and let Nokia takeover them.

“Manager Feng, the pressure on our funds will be bigger if we do this.”

“Get a bank loan. Min Sheng Bank is quite good. I don’t believe there will be banks that refuse to give us a loan.” Feng Yu replied. He had transferred all his funds to Wind and Rain Consulting to invest in gold.

“I am a.s.sured now. I guarantee that Wind and Rain Mobile and Aiwa Mobile phones will reach greater heights this year and overtake Motorola within two years. I am confident we can exceed Nokia and become the best in the industry within five years!” Xu Lihua declared.

“Hahaha… Old Xu, I think you had thought about this earlier, right? Are all the designs ready? Show it to us.”

Xu Lihua smiled and took out the phone designs. It is the design of a sliding camera phone and a candy bar camera phone.

The design for the sliding cover is not bad. It slides up and down and is modified from their older model, but Feng Yu is unhappy with the candy bar phone design. It looks too common.

It is just a rectangular block and has no outstanding features.

Feng Yu started drawing on the design and drew another frame with small squares on the outside.

“Just follow this design for the candy bar phone.”

“This big? Boss, will this be too big?” Xu Lihua asked.

“Old Xu, do you remember when we introduced ‘Palm Treasure,’ we targeted women and those with small palms. This model will be targeting the men and the ones with bigger palms.”

Xu Lihua is puzzled. People with bigger hands? Manager Feng’s definition of market demographics and segments is too confusing for him.

“We had gotten female celebrities to endorse our ‘Palm Treasure’ series of phones then, and we can get athletes to endorse this model. Most of the athletes have bigger hands, and this phone will suit them well. The size is not a problem, and we can integrate better digital camera technologies into it.”

“Also, we can increase the LCD screen and battery capacity. The new keypad backlight technology is ready, right? We can use it in this model. You all had said the keypad backlight consumed too much power. But now, we had increased the battery capacity, and this is no longer a problem.”

Without keypad backlights, it is inconvenient to use the mobile phone in the dark. This is just a simple technology.

This technology was used on one of the Aiwa Mobile phone models last year. However, the market response is lackl.u.s.ter. The main reason for this is because of the power consumption. The battery capacity is insufficient to support this technology yet. To increase the battery capacity at the lowest cost is to increase the size of it.

This candy bar model had met all these requirements. The battery can be bigger, and the capacity can be doubled to 3,000 mAH!

Most mobile phone batteries in the market are between 800 to 1,200 mAH! Even if this phone’s battery capacity reaches 2,000 mAH is considered a great improvement.

“Manager Feng, what are the small squares around the frame for? Is it to attract customers with different colors?” Xu Lihhua frowned. There would be nothing special if they were to do checkered colors on the external casing.

“No. These are colorful lights!”

“Colorful lights? Is it like those neon lights? The ones we see on signboards?” Jiang Wanmeng is confused. Why are they adding this light to their phones?

“That’s right. Some places call this ‘flashing lights.’ I want the exterior of this phone to be fitted with these bright lights. It will flash when the phone rings, received an SMS, or, playing MP3 songs.”

What Feng Yu mentioned is the imitation phone designs from his previous life. He remembered these phones appeared after 2005 everywhere.

Don’t belittle these domestically produced imitation phones. They grew rapidly and were even exported to the US and Asia. The plus point for these imitation phones is the bigger battery capacity, louder speakers, multifunctional and cool designs.

When these imitation phones appeared, it was the trend for a while. Wind and Rain Mobile will be introducing this phone earlier, which will definitely attract attention. Everyone will be curious about new things.

Also, the running lights are good for people to show off their phones.

“This is not complicated technology, and I hope you all can develop this phone soon. Also, the camera cannot take clear pictures in darker areas. When can you all add flash to the phone?”

“We can do so now, but the phone will be very big and clumsy… huh… It should not be a problem.” Xu Lihua had wanted to continue, but he saw Feng Yu’s design of this candy bar phone. This phone is big enough to incorporate all these technologies.

Since Manager Feng Yu says it is alright for the phone to be bigger, they will incorporate all the new features into it. This will be the most powerful phone on the market!

“There is one more thing for you all to take note of. Many people will travel for work frequently, but auto-roaming is expensive, and most of them will have two SIM cards. Try to design the phone to fit two SIM cards and let both cards work at the same time.”

This is another important feature of imitation phones. Dual SIM cards.


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