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Chapter 1160 – I have the final say here!

Li Dafu is very excited today. Li Mingde had asked him to go over to his house. This is an invitation by Li Mingde, and he knows what it means.

Li Dafu has always wanted to do something to make the Chinese proud. For example, to produce the world’s best car, and let those foreigners know that they are not the only ones who can produce good cars.

Li Dafu cannot fulfill this dream in the past. He thought of achieving this goal by manufacturing motorcycles first. Still, He realized there are lots of motorcycle brands in the market. The best-selling motorcycle brand in Songjiang.

Li Dafu joined Bing City Machinery Company to fulfill his dream, career progression, and make more money to give his family a better life.

Li Dafu made a lot of money, but it might not be more than his former factory. His former factory is worth around 10 million, and it has clients and technologies. If he did not sell his factory, his income might be more now.

But Li Dafu did not regret his decision to join Bing City Machinery. Oh, it should be called Bing City Machinery Manufacturing Group now.

Li Dafu knows he can progress up to after joining this company. Li Mingde can get the company’s shares as a bonus, and he believes he can also get more in the future.

Everyone that followed Feng Yu from the start got high returns.

When Li Dafu arrived at Li Mingde’s house, he realizes Manager Feng is around too. He got more excited and knows this meeting is about his promotion.

“Manager Feng, Chairman.”

“Dafu, have a sit. Manager Feng wants to speak to you, and that’s why I invited you over to my place for a meal.” Li Mingde smiled.

Feng Yu saw the excitement in Li Dafu’s eyes, but he did not go into the topic straight away. He points to the dishes on the table. “Director Li, let’s start eating.”

The more Feng Yu avoided the topic, the more anxious Li Dafu is. Feng Yu wants to see how well Li Dafu can tolerate. He is impressed by Li Dafu’s tolerance when he did not approach Li Mingde.

Feng Yu is not looking down on the people who approach the leaders for promotions and pay raises. He is impressed with Li Dafu’s self-confidence. There are two reasons why Li Dafu did not look for Li Mingde. He is very confident that he is the best person for the President role, and he knows it is useless to look for Li Mingde.

At least, Li Dafu has better foresight than others. Directors and Deputies know Feng Yu is in Bing City, but none went to look for him. They can also approach Feng Yu’s father.

Did they forget who has the company’s final say after Feng Yu had not appeared for some time?

Li Dafu sat down and ate calmly. He even takes sips of beer while eating. They are eating with Feng Yu and will take note of his habit of not drinking strong alcohol.

For half an hour, they chatted about their lives, families, etc., and did not mention a word about the company. After eating, Feng Yu nods at Li Mingde.

Li Mingde turned to Li Dafu and ask. “Dafu, if you are the President of the company, how are you going to develop it?”

Li Dafu straightens his back. “If I am the company’s President, I will focus on a few areas. First, we must continue to build up our brand and let our brand overshadow those foreign brands, imported cars, imported agriculture machinery, etc.”

“Second, we will continue to open up new overseas sale distribution channels. Although our profits from overseas sales are low, as we have more models and our brand awareness increases, it will get better. By selling our cars overseas will prevent their cars from entering China, and this is beneficial to our brand image too.”

“Third, we must maintain our investments in our technological research. Technological research is the most important factor in our company’s development. Our technologies might be the most advanced in China, but we are still lagging compared to the big brands overseas. The same product only needs 10,000 USD to produce it, and we need 20,000 USD. This will lower our compet.i.tiveness globally. When one of our technology becomes the best in the world, we will gain a foothold in the international market.”

“Lastly, we must continue to expand our businesses. Other than the electric bike project, we must continue to expand our other projects. For example, we must introduce bigger CC motorcycles. We have the technologies and must not let the overseas brands takeover the big bikes market. Our automobile production is the same too. We should introduce a high-end SUV that can suit all types of road conditions and current our corn harvester machine must be dragged by a tractor. We should introduce our latest corn harvester to the market now.”

Li Dafu gave a detailed answer, and it showed that he had considered this question before. This also showed his ambition to get the President position.

Feng Yu has never been worried about his subordinates being ambitious. Being ambitious is a form of motivation. To achieve what they want, they must put in the effort. Using underhand methods might work, but it will not be sustainable in the long run.

All of Feng Yu’s subordinates are doing well, and only fools will try to use underhand methods to make their lives better. At least, none of the top executives in Feng Yu’s companies are fools.

If Feng Yu cannot even control these people, he will not give them the authority to run his companies in the first place. Moreover, Feng Yu’s t.i.tle of the World’s Second Richest Man is enough to put them in place.

Feng Yu and Li Mingde exchanged looks. They are pleased with Li Dafu’s reply.

“Li Dafu, you will be the company’s President.” Feng Yu said.


“What? Chairman, you are not going to be the company’s President, and you are appointing Li Dafu to be the President?” Another Vice-President, Niu Jinguo, asked agitatedly.

“Old Niu, this decision is made after careful considerations.” Li Mingde replied. Niu Jinguo is the Director appointed by the City’s Party Committee, and he is also the Vice-President. He wants to be the President for a long time, but he knows he cannot s.n.a.t.c.h the position from Li Mingde.

Now, Li Mingde is no longer going to hog this position. He is going to appoint someone else to be the company’s President.

“Shouldn’t the President’s appointment be decided by the board of directors?” Niu Jinguo replied unhappily, hinting to Li Mingde that he cannot decide this decision even if he is the Chairman.

Niu Jinguo had spoken to his leader in the City Government. The leader promised him that he will persuade Li Mingde to let Niu Jinguo be the President.

The meeting room’s door opened suddenly, and Feng Yu walked in. “The shareholders have the right to decide the appointment of the President and even the Chairman. Li Dafu will be the company’s President from today onwards. I say so! I don’t care who you all look for but let me remind you all of you. I am the biggest shareholder of the company, and I have the final say!”


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