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“Gu Ruoyun!”

Ceng, ceng, ceng!

Flames of fury began to stir inside Leng Yanfeng’s chest. Even he didn’t know the extent of his own anger for it was Gu Ruoyun’s very existence which had brought dishonor upon junior sister s.h.i.+yun. It might also be the fact that she was completely ignorant of what she’d done that brought him great discomfort.

“Don’t think that I don’t know your intentions behind fooling around with the Xia Family members. You only want their Divine Beast. However, do you really think that the Divine Beast would choose you with junior sister s.h.i.+yun around?”

Leng Yanfeng did not notice it but as he was speaking, Xia Zixi began to stare at him with an odd look in his eyes.

Others may not know the significance of the two spiritual beasts in Gu Ruoyun’s possession but as the heir to the Xia Family, he was obviously better informed. If Gu Ruoyun were to make the request, the Divine Beast in the Xia Family would most certainly leave the family and choose her instead.

And yet, he would claim that the Divine Beast would choose s.h.i.+yun instead of her?

“I’m in no mood for a long-winded banter with the members of the Weapon Refining Sect today,” Gu Ruoyun’s eyes grew colder and colder by the minute. Her fine, dark hair became tangled in the wind. At this moment, the power from within her body began to stir. Her voice was cold and emotionless, filled with a thick murderous intent, “Tianqiong, kill them!!! I, Gu Ruoyun, shall purge the mainland of the Weapon Refining Sect! Anyone with connections to them… Shall be pursued to the ends of the earth by the Hundred Herb Hall until they are all dead!”


Her voice was like thunder and pierced into the hearts of the crowd.

Luo Li stood behind the crowd and stared numbly at the young girl. Her heart unconsciously made a decision…

That decision would completely influence the rest of her life!

Tianqiong did not speak. He raised his chin and stared commandingly down at the crowd. When his gaze fell upon Leng Yanfeng, his eyes immediately filled with murderous intent.

Despite the fact that he and Gu Ruoyun were at loggerheads in the beginning, the latter did not estrange herself from him. She even went through a great deal of trouble and effort to heal his eyes. Such kindness and compa.s.sion cannot be repaid in one lifetime.

Hence, how could he allow anyone to insult his beloved Master?

“Insignificant little human, you dare to speak thoughtlessly! I, the Azure Dragon, will not hold myself back. I shall ensure that your corpse will be buried today!”

Tianqiong laughed maniacally, his cold, proud face was filled with a haughty and arrogant smile. A disastrous murderous intent erupted from his body and almost caused every Weapon Refining Sect member to fall over in fright.

“Hmph! Elder Wu Shan, let’s do this together. So what if this dragon is strong and powerful? There are two of us. What do we have to fear?”

Elder Ling Yun drew his longsword and jumped high into the sky. His vicious gaze stared into the sovereign-like man in azure robes. A cold smile hung on his elderly face.

“Spiritual beasts will always remain spiritual beasts. No matter how powerful you can become, this mainland will always belong to us humans. Spiritual beasts like you will only ever be tools to be used by humans. The funniest thing was that you’re still desperately risking your life for her. You’re really reckless.”

Powerful cultivators in the Weapon Refining Sect were like clouds. The Master himself was a mid-level Martial Emperor and not many can compare themselves to him in this mainland.

This spiritual beast seemed to have only just broken through, Ling Yun observed. His aura wasn’t even stable and he still wants to serve himself up on a platter to Death?

Wu Shan didn’t say much. His eyes stared eerily at Tianqiong as he stood next to Elder Ling Yun. His eyes clearly displayed a strong murderous intent.

No one was allowed to oppose the Weapon Refining Sect! Yet this human and dragon had the audacity to declare their intentions in annihilating the entire sect. In that case, this girl must die today, no matter how gifted she was.


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