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Compared to Master Xia’s anxiousness, Xin Linyu was not in the least bit worried. He knew that as long as his sister was around, nothing bad could happen.

He has faith in her!

He believed that nothing was impossible for her.

Wei Yiyi took a deep breath and produced a silver needle from her sleeve prepared just for this occasion. She gingerly approached Xia Zixi and explained, “This might hurt a bit, you must try and bear the pain.”

Xia Zixi laughed bitterly, “At this moment, what pain is there that I have not endured? Do not worry, Ghost Doctor. A pain like this is nothing to me, please go ahead.”

“Very well.” Wei Yiyi softly nodded her head, and carefully unwrapped the thin silver needle from her handkerchief before gently inserted it into Xia Zixi’s body.


A powerful force seeped into his body through the needle, it felt as if it was entering into his soul. It was so painful that Xia Zixi turned as white as a ghost and tightly gripped the bedsheets.

It hurts! The pain from having his soul pierced was far more painful than the usual agony that he’d suffered.

He initially thought that his excruciating routine was the peak of its limit, but this terrible pain was truly the torturous feeling of having one’s soul torn apart.

But for the sake of his father and Yu’er, he must stay strong!

Pu chi!

Suddenly, Wei Yiyi, who had been administering the acupuncture for Xia Zixi, turned pale and spat out a mouthful of blood. Her body was suddenly and violently thrown out of the way. Her countenance was filled with great astonishment as she cried out, “It’s a parasite dragon! The parasite in his body is actually a parasite dragon! And it’s a parasitic dragon in the rank of a Martial Emperor!”


The faces of everyone in the room changed greatly, especially that of the old man. The aura from his body erupted, smas.h.i.+ng against a nearby table.

“A parasite dragon! How could this be? Who would hold such a deep hatred towards the Xia Family and would so cruelly wish for the death of my future generations?”

The Poison Master, Tian Gu!

In that instant, one name rang aloud in Master Xia’s mind.

That’s right, who else but the Poison Master would have this sort of power?

But he could not understand it. The Xia Family has nothing against Tian Gu, the Poison Master. Why would he do such a thing to Zixi?


Wei Yiyi bit her lip fiercely as she turned towards Gu Ruoyun and spoke with remorse, “I’m sorry, the power of that parasite dragon was too great. It has already suppressed me, there’s no way for me to force it out.”

This was the first task that her Master had entrusted to her and yet she has failed!

Furthermore, from what she could tell, it would seem that the relations.h.i.+p between the Xia Family and her Master was not an ordinary one…

“Wei Yiyi, even I did not expect such an outcome,” Gu Ruoyun’s excited expression returned back to normal and she smiled calmly, “I thought that your powers would be enough to force the parasite out, but I didn’t expect for it to be the mythical parasite dragon! This time, even I have underestimated the circ.u.mstances.”

A parasite dragon! She thought. I did not think that such a valuable thing would be living in Xia Zixi’s body! If I can capture this parasite dragon, then there is hope for me to heal the Azure Dragon’s eyes…

“I knew it…” Xia Zixi laughed bitterly, “Lady Ghost Doctor, do not blame yourself. I have already known that no one can possibly save me so I never held any hope.”

He may be saying this now, but who doesn’t want to continue living?

Honestly, if even the Ghost Doctor cannot save him, then he has truly given up.

“You’re saying that you’re going to die?” Wei Yiyi rolled her eyes, “Just because I do not have the capabilities to save you that doesn’t mean that my Master cannot. The reason why my Master asked me to do it was that she wanted to see how much progress I’ve made over the past few years. She is the true power behind me, with her around, everything will be fine.”


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