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“If you wanted to protect her so much, why not show yourself to her, instead of always hiding in the shadows?”

Zuo Shangchen, dressed in peach pink robes suddenly appeared behind the man. His face, which was as beautiful as a peach blossom, carried a relaxed and capricious smile. His beautiful eyes carelessly glanced at the body of the man before him. No one had noticed it, but at that moment a strange light flashed across his eyes.

Once he had found out that two parties from the Xia family were looking to track Gu Ruoyun down, the man in black called upon Zuo Shangchen for his help to squash the news of her presence in Black Tortoise Country.

This is why no news regarding the recent events at the Imperial Palace had leaked out…

Aside from anyone who was involved in the situation, no one knew the whereabouts of the Master of the Hundred Herb Hall.

“Xiao Yun’er…must really want to see you.”

Zuo Shangchen closed his fan and wiped off his lazy smile. His eyes now stared seriously at the man, “No one knows how much pain and suffering she’s endured all these years, are you really decided on never revealing yourself?”

The man was silent. The sunlight could not drive out the chill emanating from his cold demeanor, no matter how warm it was.

At that moment, even Zuo Shangchen could feel the man’s depressive state, his chest felt blocked with panic, his usually frivolous expression was now more dignified – no one had ever seen him this way.


“It is still not the time yet.” The man said, shaking his head as a cold light flashed across his dark eyes, “I cannot let anyone know of my presence here, and no one must realize that the man locked within the mountains is not me! Otherwise, the men who have eyed me covetously would not let this opportunity slip by. Furthermore, with such a strong enemy on my back, before I am powerful enough, I can only use this method to ensure her safety.”

Zuo Shangchen was momentarily startled, then recovered himself to his usual easy-going yet enchanting smile, his red lips curved attractively. He unfolded his fan with a smile as beautiful as ten miles of fragrant peach blossoms.

“You’re willing to give your all in order to protect her, then I will use my life to ensure her safety in the future. If anything happens to you, I will never let anyone harm even a single strand of hair on her head.”

Zuo Shangchen may have said this with a smile, but his eyes displayed exceptional firmness.

No one could even touch a single hair on whomever Zuo Shangchen resolves to protect.

Unless they did it over his dead body!

“Thank you.”

The man replied hoa.r.s.ely.

What is the meaning of being a brother? Brothers will make every effort to protect the members of their family. While he has never mentioned this to Zuo Shangchen, this man would be his sworn brother for the rest of his life!

“In the past, it was you who saved my life. If it were not for you, I would not be alive today. So protecting her is my duty.” Zuo Shangchen replied seriously.

Hearing these words, the man said nothing more. His gaze fell on the pure and beautiful young girl in the courtyard. His eye so filled with love it could drown a person to death.

“Yun’er, do not worry. Once I’ve acc.u.mulated enough power to protect you, I will appear before you, and guard you so that you will always live in peace.”

If Gu Ruoyun had known that the news of the commotion in the palace was squashed by that mischievous Zuo Shangchen, she would have punched him fiercely! In fact, the reason why she had decided to make such a huge commotion in Black Tortoise Country was to attract the attention of the Xia family. But their good intentions put her efforts to waste.

At this moment, in the Xia household, a middle-aged man slammed his hand on a table, glaring coldly at his subordinates, “I gave you a simple order to find someone, and you’ve failed! If that little b.a.s.t.a.r.d Xia Linyu found her first, all of you had better feed yourselves to tigers and wolves! I’ll give you half a month more. Be sure to murder Gu Ruoyun, and push the blame on Xia Linyu! I want to cause a rift between Xian Linyu’s father and the Ghost Doctor!”


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