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Elder Tianren shook his head. “Our ancestor had not described him very much. They had only claimed that he was a G.o.d and that to even look upon him would be blasphemy! That cultivator must be very powerful to have earned such great reverence from our ancestor! However, the ancestor had pointed out in the archives that the cultivator had one characteristic which was his silver hair! That’s right, silver hair! It was said that the cultivator had a head full of beautiful silver hair as if it had some shocking power!”

Silver hair?


Those two words were like a bolt of lightning in Gu Ruoyun’s heard and made her expression change instantly.

Silver hair and crimson robes, those were Qianbei Ye’s distinctive features! Furthermore, Qianbei Ye had come from unknown origins and had been asleep for a long time. Could it be that the person this Secret Order’s Elder had mentioned was him?

If it really was him, she absolutely must enter and explore the Secret Order. Perhaps she would find more answers inside.

“Alright, I promise you.”

Gu Ruoyun lifted her head as a light flashed in her eyes, “I will enter the Secret Order and I will help you vanquish that person who had been sealed away. However, the Secret Order is not allowed to force me into doing anything!”

Initially, she had not intended to b.u.t.t in but if this matter concerns Qianbei Ye, she could not leave it alone.


Gu Ruoyun’s heart slowly sank. She does not know why but she suddenly recalled the white-robed man who had addressed himself as ‘this Holy One’!

Before she had become a Martial Saint, she had thought that the white-robed man, who had wounded Zixie, was only at the Martial Saint rank! However, after she had truly experienced the powers of a Martial Saint, she knows very well that the man’s power must have been above the Martial Saint rank!

If he turns out to be the man under the Secret Order’s guard, when he emerges, the first people he would look for would be Qianbei Ye and her!

Since that was the case, she had to accept the Secret Order’s inheritance. If she succeeds, perhaps she would have the power to fight him in the future!


Elder Tianren burst into laughter and felt his worries being put at ease. He then smiled and said, “Gu girl, would you come back with me to the Secret Order now?”

“No.” Gu Ruoyun shook her head, “It’s late now so I will start my journey tomorrow! Furthermore, I hope that you can send someone to greet me outside the Secret Order’s gates in case I get barred by the Secret Order’s disciples again.” 

After hearing this, Elder Tianren looked rather awkward. He then cleared his throat drily and replied, “Don’t worry, Gu girl, I will send someone out early in the morning. This time, I guarantee that no ignorant disciples would bar you outside the gates.”


Gu Ruoyun smiled as she calmly replied.

Previously, she had been suspicious over Elder Tianren’s friendliness towards her. Now, she understands everything. As it turns out, the Secret Order was in danger and was asking the mainland for help. She, on the other hand, had coincidentally entered the Secret Order to receive the inheritance and face the oncoming danger!

As their discussion ended, the group from outside walked in again.

Mu Chu was now sporting a b.l.o.o.d.y nose and a swollen face from all the beating. His hair was disheveled and hung behind him. He did not have the courage to even look at Elder Tianren, scared of displaying the hatred in his heart.

“I won’t disturb your rest anymore today. Gu girl, goodbye.”

Elder Tianren rose to his feet and joined his fist at Gu Ruoyun before he looked at Mu Chu and said, “Let’s go.”

“Yes, Elder.”

Mu Chu quickly followed behind Elder Tianren with a lowered head. Once they had left the guest house, Elder Tianren paused in his footsteps and sighed, “Mu Chu, there’s something which I was not able to tell you due to the Gu girl’s presence.”


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