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Chapter 1509: Guarding Kunlun

Translator: Legge

The fifth painting showed the Golden Hou leading the ten thousand races to fight against the Dragon Phoenix and Kun Peng who led a ma.s.sive army of the Primordial Eight Races as well as many other living beings!

Although it was only a single painting, it displayed the majestic scene of the primordial war before their very eyes!

All three of them were Mighty Figures who ruled over a region.

Furthermore, Su Zimo was the number one monster incarnate in history and could suppress anyone of the same cultivation realm as well as Half-Martial Ancestors.

Unless a Patriarch appeared, it was difficult for anyone to fight against him!

However, the three of them felt as insignificant as a speck of dust in the face of that magnificent battlefield!

They were way too ordinary in such a battle!

The moment the battle broke out, they might be drowned!

“Why? Why doesn’t the Divine Hou explain?”

It was still difficult for Nian Qi to accept the fact right now.

“Perhaps out of disdain,”

Su Zimo looked at the figure in the painting that stood at the peak of Kunlun with its head raised. Even against two taboos, the Dragon Phoenix and Kun Peng, as well as the army of the Primordial Eight Races, it was still fearless!

The painting was extremely lifelike.

In fact, the pride, disdain, coldness and killing intent in the Golden Hou’s eyes were completely revealed!

Extreme Fire shook his head as well. “Given the development of the situation, it’s not something that can be explained with a few words.”

Beneath the fifth painting were the words ‘Primordial War’.

Suddenly, Extreme Fire frowned. “Strange, why isn’t that Purple Hou in the painting? Given the painting skills of this master, there’s no way he would make such a mistake.”

Instinctively, Su Zimo looked towards the sixth painting.

The sixth painting was back to the G.o.d Slaying Valley!

In the valley, there was a demon beast with a torrential killing intent. Its back was facing Tianhuang Mainland and it was facing the cave with a rainbow l.u.s.ter, roaring in rage!

That demon beast was the female Purple Hou!

Countless G.o.d race beings were surging out of that cave!

Some of them wore heavy armor that shone with a golden glow.

Some of them rode on divine dragons that resembled gigantic lizards with wings!

Some of them rode on tall, armored horses and wielded spears!

It was an army of the G.o.d race!

Previously, the G.o.d race was merely testing the waters.

This time round, the G.o.d race had truly launched an attack on Tianhuang Mainland. The G.o.d race experts at the lead had terrifying auras and a mere painting was enough for the three of them to feel suffocated!

Those were Emperors of the G.o.d race!

Furthermore, there was more than one!

Beneath this painting were the same words as those on the fifth painting—Primordial War.

“I got it!”

Extreme Fire said in a deep voice, “While the Dragon Phoenix, Kun Peng and the Primordial Eight Races launched the primordial war against Kunlun, the G.o.d race launched a war against Tianhuang Mainland as well!”

“Everyone only knows of the earthshaking battle outside Kunlun. However, they don’t know that in the depths of Kunlun, there was a Divine Hou who blocked the G.o.d Slaying Valley with its back against Tianhuang Mainland, defending against the G.o.d race army singlehandedly to protect Kunlun!”

“This was the true primordial war!”

The three of them watched everything in a daze and for some reason, their eyes reddened.

Throughout history, the world had misunderstood the Divine Hou.

The Divine Hou was a taboo.

However, he was not the G.o.d of Ma.s.sacre, but a true G.o.d that protected Tianhuang Mainland!

The three of them could not imagine what would have happened to Tianhuang Mainland if not for the two Divine Hous defending Kunlun.

After standing in front of the two paintings for a long time, the three of them continued forward and arrived before the seventh painting.

From the seventh painting, it could be roughly seen that the primordial war had ended.

The Kunlun Mountain Range had been reduced to ruins. Corpses were strewn everywhere and blood stained the vast skies.

Mountains and rivers collapsed, the firmaments were pierced and the stars were destroyed. It was a tragic sight.

There were countless corpses of the G.o.d race piled up in the G.o.d Slaying Valley.

No more G.o.d race beings came out from the rainbow cave.

The Purple Hou laid limply on the corpses of many G.o.d race beings. Although it was covered in injuries and its lifeforce was draining rapidly, its eyes were dim as it glared at the cave stubbornly!

The Golden Hou was defeated and had already retreated to the G.o.d Slaying Valley to stand shoulder to shoulder with the Purple Hou.

As for the Dragon Phoenix and Kun Peng taboos, they abandoned the Primordial Eight Races and chased after the Golden Hou the entire way. Upon arriving, they witnessed the scene at the G.o.d Slaying Valley.

It was as though the two taboos understood everything instantly.

Both taboos lowered their heads in regret against the two Divine Hous.

However, the primordial war was irreversible.

Both of them were severely injured and helpless!

This battle had exhausted all their lives!

Even at the end of the battle, the Purple Hou did not retreat at all and killed all the G.o.d race beings in the G.o.d Slaying Valley!

The seventh painting, Death of the Taboos.

The Dragon Phoenix, Kun Peng and two Divine Hous were severely injured in this battle.

The two Divine Hous died.

Not long after, the Dragon Phoenix and Kun Peng were severely injured as well and failed their tribulations, turning into ashes.

Su Zimo finally understood why the Illumination Dragon Grand Elder had once told him that the Dragon Phoenix was filled with regrets before its death.

The regret was not because of the wounds left behind by this battle.

It was because the Dragon Phoenix felt guilty towards the two Divine Hous!

It was true that the G.o.d race instigated the primordial war.

However, it was not without the selfish motives of the Dragon Phoenix and Kun Peng!

One could imagine that the Divine Hous were the strongest in the primordial era with two of them—the Dragon Phoenix and Kun Peng must have been wary of them.

They might have had thoughts of suppressing the Divine Hous!

That was why they were able to be provoked by the G.o.d race which resulted in the primordial war!

Su Zimo laughed mockingly. “The two poor Divine Hous. Even though they protected Kunlun and Tianhuang Mainland, they were misunderstood by the world in the end.”

“The most tragic thing was that even their descendant was despised and hunted by the later generations, almost dying in Tianhuang Mainland!”

“It’s all because of the G.o.d race!”

Extreme Fire said hatefully with rage surging in his eyes.

Nian Qi pursed her lips silently with a pale expression.

Although she had nothing to do with the primordial war, the bloodline of the G.o.d race flowed through her body.

She felt guilty towards Night Spirit and the entire Tianhuang Mainland.

The three of them continued and arrived before the eighth painting.

This was also the final painting.

Above the Kunlun Ruins, the Golden Hou and Purple Hou burned their final breaths and released a blinding light that enveloped the Kunlun Ruins!

Both Divine Hous looked at the Divine Hou Egg not far away with deep reluctance and worry.

The words beneath the eighth painting were ‘Kunlun Barrier’.

At that point, realization flashed through Su Zimo’s eyes.

He finally understood the origin of the Kunlun Barrier.

He finally understood the reason why the barrier existed!

On the one hand, the Kunlun Barrier was to seal the rainbow cave and prevent the G.o.d race from invading again.

On the other hand, it was to protect Night Spirit!

With the existence of the Kunlun Barrier, the Kunlun Ruins was an isolated place.

The people outside could not enter and neither could those inside get out.

It was even more impossible for the primordial races to step into the Kunlun Ruins!

The remaining races that remained were forces of the two Divine Hous!

Night Spirit could only grow safely and become a taboo in such an environment!

As for Night Spirit, he would grow and rule over the former forces of the Kunlun Ruins, turning into the new Kunlun Lord!


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