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Chapter 1427: Ma.s.sive Battle!

“Young master, there’s no need for you to do it personally! I’ll help you capture Desolate Martial!”

A Conjoint Body Mighty Figure of the Blood Vine race stood out.

Teng Lingzi waved it off and smiled. “No, I’m going to put this man into my Blood Gourd personally!”

“Desolate Martial, in this world, there aren’t many people in the same cultivation realm as me who are worthy of me attacking,”

Teng Lingzi held the Blood Gourd and walked towards Su Zimo with a sinister smile. “It’s your honor to die in my hands!”

“Cut the c.r.a.p and die!”

Su Zimo sneered and charged towards Teng Lingzi in huge strides!

“Why? You want to fight me in melee combat?”

Teng Lingzi smiled gently.

As the young master of the Blood Vine race, this monster incarnate of a generation saw through Su Zimo’s plans instantly.

Among the Primordial Nine Races, although the Blood Vine race was bloodthirsty, their blood qi and physique were not strong and were far inferior to the G.o.d and Dragon races.

They were merely stronger than the Witch race.

If he could force the Blood Vine race into melee combat, Su Zimo was extremely confident that he could suppress Teng Lingzi with his Green Lotus True Body!

“Fu, it won’t be that easy,”

Teng Lingzi chuckled and stomped gently on the void.

Swoos.h.!.+ Swoos.h.!.+

In the void, blood-colored vines that were as thick as arms suddenly grew and coiled towards Su Zimo!

Before the blood vines arrived, the round human faces at the top opened their mouths and revealed sharp fangs that shone with a cold glint!

At the very least, hundreds of blood vines coiled over with a nauseating stench, threatening to devour Su Zimo!


Su Zimo’s expression was unchanged as he flicked his finger without stopping.

Tsk! Tsk! Tsk!

Instantly, more than ten Heaven Slaying Sword Qi burst forth and circled around him with extreme sharpness. They intertwined and created a vast expanse of white!

Poof! Poof! Poof!

The moment the blood vines approached, they were severed by the Heaven Slaying Sword Qi and blood gushed out, dying half the skies red!

More than ten Heaven Slaying Sword Qi circled and blocked the hundreds of blood vines outside!

“Heaven Slaying Sword Art?”

Teng Lingzi frowned with a hint of fear in his eyes.

In the records of the Blood Vine race, even in the upper world, the three great sword arts were extremely famous!

If the three great sword arts were to fuse, the power would be even more unimaginable!

Even Perfected Immortals of the upper world would have to avoid it!

“Blood Storm!”

Teng Lingzi channeled his Essence Spirit and conjured hand seals, pointing at Su Zimo from afar.

Oo! Oo!

Instantly, blood-colored shadow figures appeared in midair and surged towards Su Zimo like malevolent ghosts, forming a foul and evil gust!

Blood Storm was a legacy secret skill of the Blood Vine race.

Anywhere the gust pa.s.sed, a cultivator’s flesh could be stripped off completely!

In the ancient war, a Patriarch of the Blood Vine race once released that secret skill. Everywhere the gust pa.s.sed, only piles of white bones were left on the ground—it was extremely violent!

When the gust blew over, Su Zimo was fearless and channeled his bloodline.

The Creation Green Lotus was an utmost treasure of the universe and was flawless.

Right now, Su Zimo was a humanoid Creation Green Lotus and was at Grade 7. When the gust blew over, it was suppressed by the green lotus bloodline instantly!

Countless blood shadows dispersed and turned into a rain of blood that poured down.

The blood rain was extremely evil and possessed an incomparably terrifying corrosive power. However, the green lotus was pure and untainted—it was the most effective against such a filthy and evil object!

Su Zimo walked through the Blood Storm without being affected or injured at all!

“How dare you embarra.s.s yourself with such methods! The young master of the Blood Vine race is nothing much!”

Su Zimo sneered, “I’ll show you the Dharmic arts of humans!”



He chanted in Sanskrit.

The Daming Mantra reverberated through the world.

This time round, he did not release any Demon Subduing Seal or Fiend Suppression Seal. Instead, he released the two most powerful Dharmic seals of the Daming Dharmic Seal.

The Great Vajra Wheel Seal and Great Mount Meru Seal!

The Dharmic seals descended!

A gigantic Vajra Wheel crushed towards Teng Lingzi with shocking might!

Teng Lingzi channeled his bloodline and his figure vanished. On the spot, a hundred blood vines grew and waved their arms, coiling towards the Vajra Wheel in midair.

Against the Daming Dharmic Seal, Teng Lingzi was forced to reveal his true form!

Those thick blood vines were Teng Lingzi’s flesh and blood body. Compared to the Dharmic arts he had first conjured, they were completely different and possessed terrifying strength!

The hundred blood vines moved at the same time and coiled around the Vajra Wheel tightly in the blink of an eye.

The Vajra Wheel could no longer advance!

The bedazzling Vajra Wheel gradually dimmed and eventually sank into the vines. Before long, it was corroded and riddled with holes!

Bang! Boom! Boom!

Right then, a huge shadow engulfed them.

A gigantic G.o.dly mountain descended—it was the sacred mountain of the Buddhist monasteries, Mount Meru!

The Dharmic seal condensed into a Mount Meru and suppressed Teng Lingzi with endless might!


A hundred vines tore through the air and coiled towards Mount Meru.

Poof! Poof! Poof!

However, the moment the vines touched Mount Meru, they were repelled by the divine power on the sacred mountain and exploded on the spot!


Teng Lingzi roared.

Not only did such an injury fail to repel him, it even enraged him!

More vines surged towards Mount Meru.

From the vines that were initially ruptured, nauseating blood splattered on Mount Meru, dimming the light of the sacred mountain and decreasing its strength!

The Blood Vine race was the most bloodthirsty.

Their bloodlines contained the mixed blood of countless living beings—it was the most polluted and filthy.

Even Dharmic weapons would be destroyed completely if they made contact by accident!

For a Conjoint Body Mighty Figure, the explosion of the vines was nothing much; they could regrow instantly.

However, even the Great Mount Meru Seal could not withstand the filthy and evil blood gus.h.i.+ng out!

The fact that Teng Lingzi could dispel the two Daming Dharmic Seals was proof that he was capable.

However, Su Zimo had already closed in while Teng Lingzi was fighting against the two Daming Dharmic Seals!

Melee combat!

Su Zimo wanted to maximize his advantage!

When they saw that, the other Mighty Figures of the Blood Vine race did not attack nor did they look nervous.

On the contrary, their eyes shone with mockery.

On the battlefield.

When Su Zimo descended, the Teng Lingzi transformed into his true form and took root in the ground—he could not move and could only fight head-on!

A hundred vines tore through the air and whipped towards Su Zimo!


Descending from the skies, Su Zimo a.s.sumed the stance of Plow Heaven Stride, as though he was plowing a ravine in midair!


That single stomp caused more than ten blood vines to explode!

Fresh blood splattered onto Su Zimo’s body.

Right then, something weird happened!


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