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Chapter 1055: Killing to Stop Killing

At the side of Dragon Burial Valley, the expressions of many Conjoint Body Mighty Figures changed!

s.p.a.ce teleportation!

The ability to tear through s.p.a.ce and teleport through foreign lands was one of the divine powers that only Mahayana Patriarchs could master!

The aura of the cultivator before him was terrifying and had indeed surpa.s.sed the Conjoint Body realm. However, it seemed like he had yet to reach the true Mahayana realm.

A Half-Martial Ancestor!

In the minds of the old man from Heavenly Dipper Sect and the others, the news of the Half-Martial Ancestor who attacked to kill Desolate Martial three days ago flashed through their minds.

Right then, Chaos Essence Sect’s youth hurried forward and bowed. “Greetings, Elder Di Fan!”

True enough!

A Half-Martial Ancestor of the Di Clan!

Everyone understood.

Di Fan swept his cold gaze across the old man of Heavenly Dipper Sect and the others with an endless might.

A Conjoint Body Mighty Figure was almost a top-tier expert in the cultivation world. However, against a Half-Martial Ancestor, they still had to bow down and submit!

It was clear that this Half-Martial Ancestor Di Fan had already mastered the power of divine powers!

Otherwise, there was no way he could tear through s.p.a.ce and teleport over.

“Greetings, Half-Martial Ancestor Di Fan.”

Although the old man of Heavenly Dipper Sect and the others were called trash by Di Fan, none of them dared to show any displeasure. All of them went forward and cupped their fists.

Bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley.

Su Zimo looked at Monk Yuan Bei beside him with a worried expression.

The best scenario would be to intimidate the other party without even making a move.

However, now that Di Fan had arrived, the situation was clearly turning for the worse!

Given the current state of Monk Yuan Bei, his blood qi was weak and even if he attacked with his full strength, he might not be able to defend against a Half-Martial Ancestor in his peak!

Di Fan said coldly, “To think that you guys would be scared to such an extent against an old monk on the brink of death! How shameful!”


Di Fan hollered.

The thick fog that surrounded the valley began to spread to the side and thinned. Even the ancient temple at the bottom of the valley could vaguely be seen!

Indeed, such a method was beyond Su Zimo’s understanding.

That was a divine power!

“Fufu, a Half-Martial Ancestor that attacked a Void Reversion. Not only did you fail, you even have the cheek to come knocking. You sure are shameless. Indeed, there’s nothing good about anyone from the Di bloodline!”

A sneer sounded from the backyard of the ancient temple, filled with mockery and disdain.

Su Zimo heaved a sigh of relief when he heard that voice.

As that voice sounded, the thick fog that was about to disperse was restored and stacked together, separating the bottom of the valley from the top!


Di Fan narrowed his eyes.

Apart from Monk Yuan Bei, there was someone else at the bottom of the valley!

“How dare a coward like you mock me!”

Di Fan sneered, “Who are you? State your name. I, Di Fan, will not kill a n.o.body!”

“Little brat, you think you’re worthy of knowing my name?!” The voice at the bottom of the valley sounded.

Di Fan was enraged!

As a Half-Martial Ancestor, it was a humiliation for him to be scolded as such!

Di Fan leaped and was about to charge into the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley.

Cling! Clang!

Right then, the sound of heavy chains sounded from the depths of the valley.


Before Di Fan’s figure could fall, a black shadow darted out from the thick fog and attacked him!

Everyone focused their attention.

It was a chain that was as thick as an arm. It was rusted and there was nothing special about it.


Di Fan stood in the air and summoned a dark golden truncheon. The six lights on it shone brightly and it was filled with a terrifying aura as it smashed towards the chains!

Everyone’s hearts skipped a beat.

That truncheon looked like a connate Mighty Figure Dharmic weapon.

However, in reality, there was already an aura of a divine power emanating from it!

This meant that the Dharmic weapon was evolving towards a Dharmic treasure!

The weapon of a Mahayana Patriarch was a Dharmic treasure.

Dharmic treasures could withstand the power of divine powers and possessed terrifying might. They could shatter Dharmic weapons with ease!


In the blink of an eye, the chain and the truncheon collided with a loud bang and sparks flew everywhere!

The entire s.p.a.ce trembled as a tremendous power burst forth, tearing the void apart!

Di Fan froze in midair!

The entire s.p.a.ce and time seemed to have stopped!

“Elder Di Fan, let me help you!”

Chaos Essence Sect’s youth was the first to react. He strode forward and reached out with a gigantic hand, grabbing towards the thick chain that extended from the fog!

Di Fan’s back was facing him.

If he could see Di Fan’s expression, he would definitely regret his actions!


Suddenly, Di Fan opened his mouth and spat out a mouthful of blood. The blood drained from his face and a blood mist burst forth from his body as he fell backwards!

The Conjoint Body Mighty Figures present were shocked!

A Half-Martial Ancestor was severely injured from a single collision!


A loud laugh sounded from the bottom of the valley. “How dare a little brat of the Di Clan come out and embarra.s.s himself with such methods!”

Di Fan did not want to refute at all. Without hesitation, he retreated and tore the void with his backhand, disappearing into the darkness in a flash.

The rift in the void closed gradually.

The old man of Heavenly Dipper Sect and the others looked at Chaos Essence Sect’s youth instinctively.

At that moment, Chaos Essence Sect’s youth’s palm had just touched the gigantic chain.

By the time he saw the changes around him, it was too late for him to stop!

Cling! Clang!

The chain shook and collided against Chaos Essence Sect’s youth’s palm!


Right in front of the Conjoint Body Mighty Figures, Chaos Essence Sect’s youth’s palm was turned into a mist of blood by a slight vibration from the chain!

The immense power spread along his arm!

Poof! Poof! Poof!

The Chaos Essence Sect youth’s arm was ruptured and snapped inch by inch by the remaining energy released from the vibration of the chain!


The Chaos Essence Sect youth shrieked and retreated, spilling endless blood along the way.

Cling! Clang!

The chain was filled with killing intent as though it had a mind of its own as it chased after him!

The Chaos Essence Sect youth was so scared that his face turned pale.

He had no way of resisting against the power of the chain!


The chain fell and the ground trembled, splitting Chaos Essence Sect’s youth into two as his flesh flew everywhere!

A Conjoint Body Mighty Figure could regrow a severed arm.

But now, Chaos Essence Sect’s youth’s body and Essence Spirit were shattered by the chains and he couldn’t be deader!

A Conjoint Body Mighty Figure was smashed to death by a chain and his body and spirit were destroyed!

The old man of Heavenly Dipper Sect and the others were so scared that they did not dare to move at all. They felt their hairs stand on end and their limbs turned cold!

They were afraid that they would be killed by the chain if they acted rashly!

However, for some unknown reason, the chain came to a sudden stop. Under the horrified gazes of the old man from Heavenly Dipper Sect and the others, it gradually retracted back into the thick fog.

Everyone panted heavily as though they had been pardoned.

They had never felt that way before; death was extremely close to them.

As long as that chain continued its pursuit, the few of them would not be able to escape death!

Bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley.

Monk Yuan Bei reached out and grabbed the red-headed ghost’s chain.

“Old monk, why are you stopping me? Your methods won’t work here. Against these people that only dare to bully the meek, you have to kill them to stop them from killing!”

The red-headed ghost said coldly.

Monk Yuan Bei said, “It’s enough to intimidate them. If we kill them all, there won’t be peace in the Dragon Burial Valley in the future.”


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