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Chapter 662

ER – Chapter 662: Blue Sun Emperor

Who could it be other than Li Fuchen?

The Yin Yang Heaven Seal Board might be able to seal regular shifting techniques, but it could seal special shifting techniques, especially Li Fuchen’s sword shift .

Then the moment Li Fuchen saw Yan Qingwu, he was certain that Yan Qingwu wasn’t the one that he was familiar with . Her spirit wasn’t no longer the same .

The so-called spirit wasn’t the spirit soul .

Li Fuchen didn’t see a change in Yan Qingwu’s spirit soul and qi presence . She had a change of personality and temperament .

Generally speaking, a person’s personality and temperament would only change gradually . It was impossible to have a significant change over a short period of time . If there was a significant change, it was probably due to the inner demons .

It was obvious that Yan Qingwu’s case wasn’t because of the inner demons .

“It’s you . ” Yan Qingwu was rather astonished .

She had underestimated Li Fuchen .

Li Fuchen might have been able to dominate the East Unicorn Continent and was known as the unprecedented prodigy . However, the East Unicorn Continent was only a regular low-cla.s.s continent .

In this world, there were countless low-cla.s.s continents . Even if one could dominate a low-cla.s.s continent, it was nothing much when coming to a mid-cla.s.s continent .

But it was certain that even after arriving at the top-notch mid-cla.s.s Emperor Sky Continent, Li Fuchen was still an unprecedented prodigy . His innate talent and perception was comparable to her and was actually superior to her . After all, she had awakened a great emperor’s memory .

“It has been a long time . ” Li Fuchen smiled and gripped tightly with his right hand .


The Red Fire Law Phase exploded and the Red Fire Martial Emperor vomited fresh blood and was severely injured .

Li Fuchen’s sword dao strength seemed like it was only slightly inferior to his body refinement strength, but there was still a significant gap .

After all, the Hand of Force was equivalent to a heaven cla.s.s mid-tier body refinement art . The power of heaven cla.s.s mid-tier body refinement art was almost comparable with heaven cla.s.s high-tier qi cultivation art .

Had it not been for the six major sword intents, the fire shift, and the sword shift, Li Fuchen’s pure sword dao strength was even able to see the back view of his body refinement strength .

With the fire shift and sword shift, Li Fuchen was able to attack and defend, allowing his sword dao strength to barely keep up with his body refinement strength .

“Who are you!”

The Wind Emperor was enraged and the Wind Shadow Law Phase transformed into a spear that thrust at Li Fuchen ferociously .


A giant hand grasped the tip of the spear .


The spear was crushed .

In the face of the Hand of Force, the law phase spear was only as hard as a tofu .


From the back, the Blue Thunder Law Phase was covered in tumbling thunderbolts . A ma.s.sive thunder palm slammed at Li Fuchen .

Li Fuchen didn’t turn back and used his other palm to contest .

Bang Boom!

The Blue Thunder Law Phase started to crumble .

To contest with the Hand of Force with palm force was simply a foolish and suicidal act .

“Such power!”

The Blue Thunder Martial Emperor vomited blood and was sent flying with a shocked expression .

Yan Qingwu was already formidable, but Li Fuchen was even more formidable .

Li Fuchen was only at the 9th level of Primary Sea Realm . Once he progressed to the Law Phase Realm, wouldn’t he be comparable with top-notch Law Phase Realm emperors?

“Where did these two individuals come from?” The Wind Emperor had a sullen face .

Yan Qingwu was already an anomaly, but there was another Li Fuchen, making them the anomaly of anomalies .

It wasn’t exaggerating to say that if the two of them didn’t perish and continued developing smoothly, it was just a matter of time before they became existences like the Soul Emperor .

“This will not do, we have to take them down . ” The Wind Emperor thought in his mind and crushed a token .

The Blue Sun Empire’s capital city was called the Blue Sun Imperial City

It was a gigantic city that was extremely flourishing and bustling . Its size was several times bigger than a regular province city .

In the center of the Blue Sun Imperial City was a center city called the Blue Sun Palace .

On top of the Blue Sun Palace’s Nine Suns Pavilion, the Blue Sun Emperor was meditating in seclusion .


A token on the rack had shattered .

The Blue Sun Emperor took a glance and saw that the shattered token was written with the word ‘urgent’ .

“What is so urgent? What did the Wind Emperor encounter?” The Blue Sun Emperor frowned .

If the token was written with ‘urgent’, it indicated that it was extreme and required him to personally make the move .

The Wind Emperor wouldn’t play a joke with such things .

The Nine Suns Pavilion was constructed with a teleportation array . The Blue Sun Emperor entered the teleportation array and vanished .

At the borders of the Blue Sun Empire, in a county city that was closest to the Floating Sky Mountain, the Blue Sun Emperor appeared on the teleportation array .

Before anyone in the vicinity could even realize he arrived, the Blue Sun Emperor turned into a ma.s.sive blue sun and shifted into the void .

The sun shift was the Blue Sun Emperor’s unique shifting technique .

In the core area of the Anger Ax Abyss, there was a giant palm swatting flies . The Wind Emperor and the two others were sent flying and their law phases had collapsed .

Just as Li Fuchen was about to act mercilessly, he felt his scalp turning numb . He immediately said to Yan Qingwu, “Run!”

Yan Qingwu seemed to sense something and quickly followed behind .

Knowing that regular flying speed wasn’t going to be fast enough, Li Fuchen said, “Use your shifting technique and go deeper, as deep as possible . ”

Earlier on, there was a horrifying sense of crisis that a.s.saulted his mind and it was unprecedented .

When Li Fuchen executed the sword shift and reappeared, he was already over 200 miles away .

Yan Qingwu’s shifting technique was the saber shift . She had yet to condense the dao heart and couldn’t use the full potential of her saber dao, but her comprehension of saber dao law was actually above Li Fuchen’s sword dao law comprehension . Her execution speed of the saber shift wasn’t slower than Li Fuchen and was even slightly faster .

Li Fuchen’s sword shift was able to ignore the Yin Yang Heaven Seal Board because he had condensed the sword heart . Otherwise, even if Li Fuchen’s comprehension of the sword dao law was several times better, it was still impossible to ignore the Yin Yang Heaven Seal Board .

After all, the Yin Yang Heaven Seal Board was the Blue Sun Emperor’s prized cardinal artifact and it wasn’t some regular artifact .

1000 miles… 10,000 miles…

The duo had only instant shifted for over 10,000 miles and couldn’t continue instant shifting .

The ax dao law in this place was extremely concentrated and had permeated into the depths of the void .

Apart from the ax dao law, the other laws were scarce .

The duo were immediately cleaved and ejected from the void while covered in dirt .

Enduring the powerful ax dao law, the duo continued onwards .

It was fortunate that both of them had the Anger Ax Herb which helped them to counteract against plenty of the ax dao law . Otherwise, it was impossible to advance with ease .

Crack Crack!

The void was like a mirror that started cracking by the inch .

The ax dao law here was absurdly powerful . Li Fuchen could feel countless axes constantly cleaving on his body . Without a choice, Li Fuchen activated the Sky Ring Sword Armor to protect himself .

He turned to take a glance at Yan Qingwu .

Yan Qingwu’s body was also covered in a layer of saber intent . It was like a layer of black halo and when the ax dao law cleaved in it, the axes fused into the saber intent and vanished silently .

20,000 miles behind them, a blue sun appeared out of nowhere .

“Your Majesty!”

The Wind Emperor and the two others quickly bowed with cupped fists .

“What happened?” The Blue Sun Emperor frowned .

The Wind Emperor took a step forward and explained the details .

“Which direction did they go?” The Blue Sun Emperor’s eyes flashed with radiance .

Be it Yan Qingwu or Li Fuchen, both of them had exceeded his expectations .

To have such powerful combat strength at the Primary Sea Realm meant that they were hiding astonishing secrets in bodies .

It was just like the Soul Emperor back then .

“It looks like they headed deeper into the core area!” The Blue Thunder Martial Emperor said .

“All of you are to return first . ”

The Blue Sun Emperor circulated the Blue Sun Technique and instantly condensed a blue giant law phase that was over 1 million feet in height . Behind the head of the giant law phase was a blue sun .

(TL note: The size is exaggerating, but it isn’t wrong . I have to emphasize again that 1 Chinese mile is 500 meter)


The Blue Sun Emperor vanished .

Over 10,000 miles away, the Blue Sun Emperor was ejected from the void by the ax dao law .

He might be a great emperor, but the law intensity he could control was still inferior to the ax dao law in the depths of the Anger Ax Abyss’ core .

“Expand!” The Blue Sun Law Phase expanded frenziedly .

1 million feet, 2 million feet, 3 million feet…

In the blink of the eyes, the Blue Sun Law Phase expanded until 5 million feet .

It was a known fact that 10 feet was around 3 . 3 meters, 5 million feet was already equivalent to 3300 miles in size . It was already bigger than most of the demonic beast rulers by around ten to a dozen times .

This was the unique strength of the law phase . As long as the martial artist had enough qi, it could grow infinitely bigger . Of course, the larger the law phase, the weaker the combat strength . In normal situations, a Law Phase Realm emperor wouldn’t expand their law phase for no reason . After all, it wouldn’t increase their strength .

However, the Blue Sun Emperor didn’t bother as he was a great emperor . Even if his law phase expanded by several times bigger, he could still maintain the combat strength of a high-level emperor .

5 million feet wasn’t the Blue Sun Emperor’s limit and his Blue Sun Law Phase was still expanding .

10 million feet… 20 million feet .

When it was at 20 million feet, the Blue Sun Emperor finally stopped .

It was equivalent to over 10,000 miles and it was a horrifying size . Many of the small mountain ranges were only around 10,000 miles in size .

After expanding by countless times, the Blue Sun Law Phase looked faint like a translucent blue giant . He took a big step forward and swung the hand, attempting to make the vision in the hazy core area a little clearer .

At the front, Li Fuchen and Yan Qingwu had also detected something . They subconsciously turned behind and were shocked .

In the hazy horizon, they saw a blue finger .

The blue finger was ma.s.sive and was a few hundred miles in size . It was hard to imagine the size of the finger’s owner .


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