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Now that the Dragon Elephant Body Forging Chapters’ fourth chapter was at perfection rank, Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist intended to cultivate to the fifth chapter in a spurt of energy.

The fifth chapter was corresponding with the Reincarnation Realm. Once the pract.i.tioner cultivated to the sub-completion rank, it was enough to resist the attacks from 3rd level Reincarnation Realm martial artists.

Once at completion rank, the pract.i.tioner would be able to clash with the attacks from high-level Reincarnation Ream martial artists.

When at perfection rank, one could easily go against martial artists at the peak level of Reincarnation Realm.

Of course, Li Fuchen didn’t pin any hopes of cultivating it to the sub-completion rank in a short period of time. He simply wished for his physical defenses to have the ability to clash with a martial artist at the 1st level of Reincarnation Realm.

Consuming another drop of the Golden Horn Beast’s essence blood, Li Fuchen started to circulate the blood and qi circulation technique of the Dragon Elephant Body Forging Chapters’ fifth chapter.

In his body, that trace of dragon elephant’s strength was gradually strengthening. But, Li Fuchen noticed that his body was absorbing the Golden Horn Beast’s essence blood with faster speed as well. In just a short moment, five drops of Golden Horn Beast’s essence blood had been fully absorbed.

Li Fuchen quickly reached out and retrieved the bottle of cla.s.s 5 demonic beast essence blood that he obtained from the Iron River Sect’s Supreme Elder. He then dripped one drop of essence blood into his mouth.


This drop of cla.s.s 5 demonic beast essence blood contained a qi and blood power that was extremely boundless and it was superior to the Golden Horn Beast’s essence blood.

Li Fuchen reckoned that the essence blood belonged to a cla.s.s 5 mid-tier demonic beast. He wondered where did the Iron River Sect’s Supreme Elder obtain this essence blood.

Two drops, five drops, ten drops.

After absorbing ten drops of cla.s.s 5 mid-tier demonic beast essence blood, Li Fuchen’s body couldn’t endure it anymore.

As of now, Li Fuchen had absorbed an unbelievable amount of demonic beast essence blood.

One could absorb the essence blood as they please as long as they could withstand the baleful qi impact.

But actually, essence blood contained impurities and there were some that Li Fuchen refined by circulating the refinement body technique. However, there were some impurities that hid deep inside the body.

The impurities were very tyrannic as Li Fuchen’s body had grown scales and fur.

Seeing the circ.u.mstances, Li Fuchen quickly stopped absorbing the cla.s.s 5 mid-tier demonic beast essence blood. With a jolt the body, he turned the scales and fur into dust.

“There are too many impurities. I have to think of a way to remove them.”

Li Fuchen didn’t want to become a half demon and half human creature.

Furthermore, he had a subtle feeling that if he continued to absorb the demonic beast essence blood, his body wouldn’t be able to take it sooner or later. By then, he wouldn’t just collapse, he would completely mutate and it would be irreversible.

“Such a pity.”

Originally, Li Fuchen had some confidence that he could use the remaining cla.s.s 5 mid-tier demonic beast essence blood and the Golden Scale Gra.s.s to strengthen his body strong enough that it wouldn’t fear an attack from a martial artist at the 1st level of Reincarnation Realm. But now, he had to drop that thought.

Li Fuchen stood up and continued to look for the array’s flaw.

Using his spirit willpower to resist the illusion realm and using his exceptional awareness to search for the array’s flaw, Li Fuchen took three days and finally found a minute flaw.


Li Fuchen didn’t dare to be careless. Apart from using the Nine Revolution Purple Qi Divine Technique and the Clear Sky Sword Art, Li Fuchen had burst out all his strength to thrust at the flaw.


The sealing tray array crumbled and Li Fuchen reappeared in the garden.

“The Black Sky Sect is too horrific and everywhere is filled with arrays. Fortunately, this is just a sealing trap array. Had it been a trap array, it would much more dangerous.”

After exiting, Li Fuchen let out a breath of relief.

In the Azure Water Sect, only important places would be protected with arrays, like the

Tower of Tribulation, Tower of Inheritance, the martial arts grand hall, and the resources grand hall. The places where the elders resided wouldn’t be enveloped in arrays unless it was where the Supreme Elder and the other Reincarnation Realm martial artists resided.

Following after, Li Fuchen didn’t dare to be careless anymore. Every place he pa.s.sed by, he would test and examine multiple times to prevent entering another array.

Unknowingly, Li Fuchen started to get near the direct disciple district.

If the outer and inner sect had basically be searched through, then the direct district would be an unfamiliar district.

(TL note: Direct disciple district is now known as direct district)

Apart from the direct disciples, the direct elders were also living in this district.

Unlike the current era, during the era more than 2000 years ago, as long as it was a large sect, the direct elders were basically at the low-levels or the middle-levels of the Battle Spirit Realm. The arrays that they set up were basically the top cla.s.s, cla.s.s 5 or even cla.s.s 6 arrays.

A cla.s.s 6 array had the ability to kill or trap a Battle Spirit Realm expert.

Li Fuchen was already satisfied in obtaining a stalk of the Golden Scale Gra.s.s. After all, it was better than nothing.

But he still wanted to enter the direct district to try his luck.

Perhaps, his strength was in the low-levels of the Reincarnation Realm, but his awareness had already surpa.s.sed the Reincarnation Realm and could see through the flaws of most of the arrays.

The direct district was extremely huge and seemed to be even bigger than the inner and outer sects combined. The distance between each structure were s.p.a.ced relatively far apart.

In regard to this, Li Fuchen didn’t find it surprising.

The higher the cultivation, the stronger one would be, and it was natural to have a higher demand for their living environment.

Who liked a clamorous and congested environment?

Without entering deep into the direct district, Li Fuchen walked silently along the boundary.

After walking for half a day, Li Fuchen noticed an extremely elegant courtyard. In the nearby vicinity of the courtyard there was a pond and nothing else, making it extremely s.p.a.cious.

“This courtyard and pond have arrays protecting it.”

In the past, Li Fuchen wasn’t proficient in the usage of awareness and basically used it only during combat and seldom for other things. But after coming to the Black Sky Sect’s ruin, there were formation arrays all around and a slight careless mistake would cause one to get trapped. Hence, he was forced to constantly use his awareness and gradually he discovered some ingenious usage for awareness. He could use a unique frequency to release his awareness which allowed him to discover the waves from the arrays in advance.

Generally speaking, the waves from arrays were extremely weak and it was hard for peak level Reincarnation Realm martial artists to even detect cla.s.s 5 arrays. But Li Fuchen’s awareness was already beyond the Reincarnation Realm, thus, he was able to detect it.

“The array on the pond is at least a high-grade cla.s.s 5 array. The array of the courtyard should be a superior-grade cla.s.s 5 array.” Li Fuchen was appalled.

He was able to differentiate the strength of the arrays because he compared them.

The array on the pond was much stronger than the array he had experienced earlier. It was obviously not a regular cla.s.s 5 array. In comparison, the courtyard’s array looked much more illusionary.

“This isn’t right, the lawn is also protected with an array.” Li Fuchen who was planning to walk over had suddenly paused.

Above the lawn area, there were subtle waves of the array and it was extremely obscure. If one didn’t take a closer look, they wouldn’t be able to sense it.

“Could this be a trap array?”

Trap arrays were normally more concealed than regular arrays and were harder to detect.

When thinking about this, Li Fuchen felt chills.

He scanned around and quickly noticed pieces of stone slabs that had lengths and widths of about one foot. They seemed to have a certain purpose.

But increasing the frequency of the releases of awareness, Li Fuchen worked hard to differentiate the special traits of these stone slabs.

“Such a mystical array.” After about 15 minutes, Li Fuchen forcefully let out a breath.

These stone slabs were actually both traps and freedom.

If one took the wrong step, it would immediately trigger the array. If one took the correct steps, they would be able to walk over safely.

Because, among the stone slabs, there were seven they weren’t enveloped with arrays, while the others were.

With this manner of thinking, Li Fuchen attempted to step on the first stone slab that wasn’t enveloped in an array.

“As expected.” After stepping on the stone slab, Li Fuchen felt at ease when the array didn’t have any reaction.

In a few breaths, Li Fuchen pa.s.sed through the lawn at arrived by the side of the pond.

“There is something inside the pond…” Li Fuchen revealed an alarmed expression.

In the pond, there was actually a demonic beast’s skeleton.

As the array didn’t completely isolate the qi presence from the skeleton, Li Fuchen could sense it clearer when he got nearer.

This qi presence was extremely formidable and it was at least a cla.s.s 5 mid-tier demonic beast. In fact, it was just a skeleton and for this skeleton to emit a cla.s.s 5 mid-tier demonic beast’s qi presence, it must have been at least a cla.s.s 5 high-tier demonic beast when it was alive. Perhaps even a cla.s.s 5 peak-tier demonic beast.

If a cla.s.s 5 high-tier demonic beast was trapped in this pond, it was imaginable, how shocking it was.

“Let me try to break the array.”

The skeleton of this cla.s.s 5 high-tier demonic beast was still very useful. Furthermore, Li Fuchen could sense that the water in the pond wasn’t simple and it seemed to be nourishing the demonic beast skeleton and it contained an extraordinary power.

After constant scanning with his awareness for three days, Li Fuchen finally spotted an area with a flaw.

This flaw was constantly roaming and with extreme speed.

“Break!” Li Fuchen thrust his sword with all his might.


A powerful array force rebounded, causing Li Fuchen to spurt out a mouth of fresh blood while he was sent flying. At the crucial moment, Li Fuchen quickly circulated the Nine Revolution Purple Qi Divine Technique pattern and emitted the nine revolution purple qi to forcefully stop his body from flying backward. It was a known fact that the lawn was just behind him.

“My attack strength isn’t enough.”

Trans.m.u.ting the nine revolution purple qi into the bronze sword qi, Li Fuchen thrust at the rapidly roaming flaw again.


It felt as though someone had shattered and the array instantly collapsed.

In the next moment, a horrifying qi presence emitted out.

“What qi presence is that?”

A few miles2miles1 Chinese mile = 500 meters away, a monster with a bull-headed figure turned around and looked at the place where the aura presence was emitted.

This qi presence made him developed a thirst.


The bull-headed creature sprinted over in that direction and was extremely fast.

Chi Chi!

Reaching his hand out to vacuum, Li Fuchen originally wanted to siphon the demonic beast skeleton out, but once his qi made contact with the water of the pond, it immediately dissipated. It felt as though the water of this pond could even erode qi.

Li Fuchen was speechless as he could see it but couldn’t obtain it. This feeling was extremely awful.

“The qi presence is from that pond. Human, time to die!”

Right at this moment, the bull-headed creature rushed over and saw Li Fuchen standing by the pond. It didn’t think there was any array here and immediately rushed and smashed with its fist.

“It is the Vigorous Demonic Bull.” Li Fuche turned around and immediately recognized this creature.

This creature was the Vigorous Demonic Bull that fought against Flowing Light Sect’s Supreme Elder, Ge Hai. Right now, it was impossible for Li Fuchen to be a match against it.

But he had nothing to worry about as the lawn had an array.


The array lit up with radiance and countless gra.s.s erected from the lawn and looked as though they were sharp blades that cleave, slash, and thrust at the Vigorous Demonic Bull.

Pfff Pfff Pfff Pfff Pfff Pfff…

This green gra.s.s was extremely sharp and not even the Vigorous Demonic Bull’s defenses could withstand it. Bone-deep wounds appeared on its body.

In just a short moment, a cla.s.s 5 mid-tier demonic beast, the Vigorous Demonic Bull had been executed by the green gra.s.s before it even had the chance to reveal its demonic beast form. It was turned into a pile of flesh and bones which was consumed by the lawn. In just a blink of the eye, the lawn reverted back to its original state.

Li Fuchen squinted his eyes and silently felt fortunate that he had detected the lawn’s array earlier. Otherwise, he would have become fertilizer for the lawn right now.

Since he wasn’t able to obtain the demonic beast skeleton in the pond, Li Fuchen sized up the courtyard.

With the experience of breaking the pond’s array, Li Fuchen was confident that he should be able to break this array if he spent some time, as long as it wasn’t a cla.s.s 6 array.


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