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The First Mountain.

The hall of the first abode.

The preeminent man might only have Li Fuchen as his only personal disciple, but he had plenty of write-in disciples. Apart from those who were in seclusion, the rest of the write-in disciples were waiting in the hall of the abode. There were seven of them.

“In the future, he will be your Elder shixiong.”

The preeminent man went right to the point as he pointed at Li Fuchen and spoke to the rest.

“Greetings Elder shixiong.”

Under the attentive eyes of the preeminent man, no one dared to act imprudently. Even though their hearts didn’t feel this way.

Li Fuchen’s expression was as per normal, but he could see hostility and despise in a few of their eyes.

Indeed, the innate potential was a rather vague measure, while strength was an unchanged truth.

With a high innate potential, it would only cause jealousy and unacceptance.

But if your ability was formidable, others might be jealous, but they would fear you even more.

The Three King Stars were ranked at the top three on the Stars Ranking, but was everyone convinced?

Not necessarily.

It was reckoned that there were plenty of people who wanted to knock the Three King Stars off their horses.

Hence Li Fuchen’s heart was very bright and s.p.a.cious, he understood clearly that innate potential represented the future, while one’s ability represented the present.

The future was unpredictable, but the present was the truth and nothing else.

If you wanted others to respect you, to be fearful of you, you needed to have a convincing ability.

If Li Fuchen a.s.sumed that after he pa.s.sed the seventh mystic martial door and had the no.1 innate potential in the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain; he should command everyone’s respect; it was an impossible matter.

‘I reckon after a period of time, people will take the opportunity to challenge me!’ Li Fuchen thought to himself.

“You are all dismissed!” The preeminent man waved his hand.

Towards these write-in disciples, he would only give them some pointers whenever he was in the mood. On usual days, they would all ’emerge and perish on their own’.

(TL note: It means to cultivate on their own)

After hearing the statement, apart from Li Fuchen, everyone else even the youth who was accepted as the new write-in disciple left.

“What is your name?” The preeminent man asked.

Li Fuchen replied, “Master, disciple’s name is Li Fuchen!”

“Li Fuchen, huh?” The preeminent man smiled, “A good name.”

A person’s name was about a part of one’s destiny. Li Fuchen’s name was indeed a good name.

(TL note: Li Fuchen’s name is actually Floating Dust)

The preeminent man continued, “You are very fortunate. The sword dao is my main martial dao and in this area, I can offer you the best advice.”

All the eight Mystic Martial Experts were specialized in a certain skill. The first and second Mystic Martial Experts specialized in the sword dao.

Of course, both were sword daos, but there were differences.

Some sword daos were exceedingly free and not restrained by anything.

Some sword daos were upright and orderly, had a vast spirit which existed forever.

Some sword daos were emotionless, heartless, and inhumane.

Some sword daos revered oneself with sole supremacy, which was the sword dao of a monarch.

Some sword daos were absolutely unbridled and irrespective of good and evil.


There were many different kinds of sword daos and it varies for each individual.

The preeminent man’s sword dao belonged to the first kind of sword dao… the Exceeding Sword Dao.

Li Fuchen nodded. He did sense an indistinct sword intent coming from the preeminent man.

The preeminent man asked, “Let me ask you, what is sword dao?”

Li Fuchen thought for a moment and replied, “Using the sword to kill, that is sword dao.”

“Isn’t it too simple?” The preeminent man questioned.

Li Fuchen replied, “It is the most simple and the most truthful. If a sword can’t kill anyone, then it cannot be known as a sword dao. At least, it is an incomplete sword dao.”

The preeminent man laughed, “Indeed. The sword is meant for killing. What if there is no sword?”

“Create a sword!”

Li Fuchen’s answer wasn’t an outcome of careful deliberations, but it was his personal understanding.

Right now, he wasn’t going for knowledge and he wasn’t required to be meticulous. He just had to follow his inner heart.

The preeminent man sized up Li Fuchen closely, “You are very suitable for my sword dao. The sword is meant for killing, but the sword also isn’t just merely a sword. It is all things that can possibly be a sword. The difference is the one who is wielding it. Take for example a tree branch. If it were in the hands of a swordsman, it is in fact a sword. Follow me.”

The preeminent man waved his hand, while mysterious energy wrapped around the two of them. Once they reappeared, the two of them had arrived at an uninhabited mountain peak.

There wasn’t a lot of trees on the mountain peak and were severe gales.

Once the two of them landed, their clothes instantly fluttered in the winds.

The preeminent man said, “The eight mystic martial doors might seem like they tested many inner qualities, but all those qualities can be embodied in sword moves.”

“The first mystic martial door tested the ability to manipulate qi.”

“The second mystic martial door tested one’s foundation strength and spirit will.”

“The third mystic martial door tested burst strength and spirit will.”

“The fourth mystic martial door tested reaction speed and awareness.”

“The fifth mystic martial door tested one’s creativity.”

“The sixth mystic martial door tested one’s primitive willpower.”

“As for the seventh mystic martial door, only you would know.”

The preeminent man picked up a dried up tree branch and said, “Look carefully.”

As he spoke, a weak qi was circulating in his body. From the qi presence of it, it was probably only at the Origin Realm.


The preeminent man wielded the dried up tree branch and thrust forward.

Li Fuchen couldn’t even see the trajectory of the preeminent man’s hand movements. He could only see a huge tree on the mountain peak, it instantly penetrated and it wasn’t just a single time, it was countless times.


The huge tree collapsed and disintegrated.

“Such a terrifying sword move.” Li Fuchen’s eyes shrunk.

From this single sword, Li Fuchen saw many things.

The qi realm was only at the Origin Realm, but it was utilized flawlessly without any trace of wastage.

The foundation strength didn’t have a trace of undulation from start to finish and was extremely consistent.

The burst strength was stacked layer upon layer, which got even more terrifying the further it went.

The reaction speed and awareness, there was nothing to say about it

In short, from just a single sword, Li Fuchen witnessed plenty of unfamiliar areas.

He was afraid that he might not have caught everything.

The preeminent man looked at Li Fuchen and said, “If you are able to achieve 10% control of this sword, you will be able to comprehend a mystic cla.s.s high-tier sword intent. If you can control 20% of it, it will be sufficient for you to comprehend mystic cla.s.s peak-tier sword intent.”

“This is an earth cla.s.s sword move?” Li Fuchen asked.

The stronger the sword move, the higher the requirements for the various qualities.

In terms of limitations for cultivation level and cultivation time, he had yet to comprehend the mystic cla.s.s high-tier Blaze Devil Sword intent.

But if it was as the preeminent said, once he had control of 10% of this sword move, he would be able to comprehend a mystic cla.s.s high-tier sword intent in advance.

The preeminent man explained, “This is just a casual sword move, but I have comprehended an earth cla.s.s sword intent, hence this casual sword move can also be known as an earth cla.s.s sword move.”

“Earth cla.s.s sword intent?”

Li Fuchen initially thought that these eight Mystic Martial Experts were just Reincarnation Realm martial artists, but he knew he was wrong now.

These eight Mystic Martial Experts should have surpa.s.sed the existence of a Reincarnation Realm martial artists.

But it was due to the restriction from the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain, hence they were unable to exhibit their true strength after they exited.

In addition to that, every time they went out of the hidden domain, they had to pay a huge price.

If not, just this earth cla.s.s sword move alone was sufficient to instant kill any experts on the East Unicorn Continent.

If the Star Road Hidden Domain was helpful to one’s cultivation, then the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain was helpful to one’s martial arts.

Two different factors, one for the interior and the other for the exterior. None of them were dispensable.

“It is impossible for you to comprehend a mystic cla.s.s high-tier sword intent within a short period of time. My first objective for you is to create a sufficiently formidable mystic cla.s.s mid-tier kill move.” The preeminent man knew that it was too difficult for Li Fuchen to immediately comprehend the mystic cla.s.s high-tier sword intent.

Mystic cla.s.s high-tier sword intents was something only Heaven Realm martial artists could get involved in. There were times if one’s cultivation wasn’t sufficient, all the energy that had to be spent would be tenfold that of the requirement.

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