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Chapter 1735: Cross Dressing

Translator: Larbre Studio Editor: Larbre Studio

A trace of glinting light appeared in the sky. A new day had come.

Zhang Ruochen, Ji Fanxin, and Xie Chengzi left the death tomb and flew toward Heavenly Capital Mountain.

Ji Fanxin then looked to Zhang Ruochen and said, “I totally underestimated you before. Can’t believe you have a connection even within the G.o.d of Death Palace and that you could get away with killing an elder.”

Nothing could be hidden from Ji Fanxin. She must’ve figured out a lot of things herself.

However, Zhang Ruochen and Ji Fanxin were only cooperating for mutual benefits, so he didn’t mention Le and Han Qiu.

Le and Han Qiu chose to stay in the G.o.d of Death Palace, as they wanted to sharpen themselves. Also, they could tell Zhang Ruochen the result of the a.s.sa.s.sinations in time.

Zhang Ruochen smiled and said, “You impressed me as well, fairy. I’m very moved that you didn’t ditch me and flee.”

Ji Fanxin said, “No need to be moved. I didn’t leave because I had nothing to do with Elder Qi’s death anyway.”

Zhang Ruochen asked, “If it weren’t for Qin Kai who acquitted me, would you have helped if I had started to fight the G.o.d of Death Palace?”

“No! Fighting the G.o.d of Death Palace in the death tomb is nothing but being suicidal.”

Pausing for a second, Ji Fanxin then said, “However, I could pay a high price for your life.”

As long as she could afford it, JI Fanxin was indeed able to buy Zhang Ruochen’s survival in the G.o.d of Death Palace. As for how long Zhang Ruochen could stay alive, it was totally up to Ji Fanxin.

Which meant Zhang Ruochen could live longer if Ji Fanxin actually bought his life, and a lot could happen after that.

Zhang Ruochen said, “No wonder you’re the leader of a field. Indeed wealthy.”

“Nothing compared to you. Didn’t you make an order worth hundreds of millions of saint stones in Hundred Flower Palace, after which you spent one point four billion saint stones in the G.o.d of Death Palace?” said Ji Fanxin.

Zhang Ruochen sighed after hearing ‘saint stones’.

Zhang Ruohen had almost no saint stones left after giving the G.o.d of Death Palace the deposit. He was now poorer than an ordinary saint.

Fortunately, he would soon be going to attack Xumi Dojo for Kunlun’s Field, so he could seize this chance to get some valuables and saint stones to fill up the storage ring.

After getting back to Heavenly Capital Mountain, Zhang Ruochen separated with Ji Fanxin and headed back to Moon G.o.ddess Dojo.

Zhang Ruochen took out the Emperor Yi Bone Staff, put it in front of him, and took out another percent of Amber Ash’s saint soul mist from his lower abdomen.

The evil spirit in the Emperor Yin Bone Staff yelled in excitement and started to take in and refine the soul mist.

The Emperor Yi Bone Staff had helped a lot during the crisis in the death tomb. If it weren’t for Demonic Sound and it holding off Elder Qi, Zhang Ruochen wouldn’t have had the time and the capacity to suppress Mirage Venom.

“The Emperor Yi Bone Staff’s power can rival that of an upper-middle-level seventh-step saint king now. After refining this cl.u.s.ter of soul mist, it should become an eight-step saint king.”

As the Emperor Yi Bone Staff was refining the soul mist, Zhang Ruochen took out Saint Monk Xumi’s long whisker to comprehend the time rules and s.p.a.ce rules.

Only after improving his comprehension on the Way of Time and Way of s.p.a.ce could Zhang Ruochen become a fifth-step saint king sooner.

On the next day, a maid arrived outside the weapon-refining pavilion where Zhang Ruochen was practicing and said, “Lord Priest, a young… Young man came to the dojo, and he… She wants to meet you.”

“No, I’m not meeting anyone,” said Zhang Ruochen.

“She has very profound cultivation, probably someone phenomenal,” said the maid.

Zhang Ruochen stopped refining and thought, It’s almost time to attack Xumi Dojo. Is it a monk from Kunlun’s Field?


Zhang Ruochen opened the door of the weapon-refining pavilion and walked out. “Lead the way.”

Thousand Star Maiden was wearing a white saint blouse with blue dragon engravings on both the collar and the cuffs. She was wearing a white belt which covered her thin waist, standing under the Way of Truth pictures left by the Moon G.o.ddess, staring at ‘Stars…o…b..ting Moon Image’.

Her eyebrows were green, under which her eyes were blinking, with eyelashes that seemed to have been painted on. Her nose was exquisite and straight, and her lips were glittering and transparent, showing white teeth.

Her face was marvelously delicate, and n.o.body could ever get tired of it.

The maids in Moon G.o.ddess Dojo were saintesses, princesses of dynasties, all of whom were top-tier beauties within their lanes. However, they were all overshadowed by Thousand Star Maiden as if they were nothing but inferior maids while Thousand Star Maiden was the angel from heaven.

Especially Thousand Star Maiden’s especially regal and elegant temperament…it distinguished her from all the other women as beautiful as she was.

Although Thousand Star Maiden was dressed in men’s clothes, everyone could tell that she was an unrivaled beauty, probably just as beautiful as the nine angels on the ‘Nine Angels Beauty Scroll’.

Zhang Ruochen was surprised to see Thousand Star Maiden, so he walked to her quickly.

After asking the maids to leave, Zhang Ruochen smiled and said, “Why didn’t you tell me beforehand? I would’ve greeted you with all the monks in the dojo.”

“If so, I would’ve been forced to join Guanghan Field.”

Thousand Star smiled, turned around, and said, “No wonder it’s the Moon G.o.ddess. The Way of Truth pictures left by her were incredible. I saw a bunch of beautiful women of all kinds, and I know that it isn’t all because of your charm. Now I see, it’s because of the pictures.”

“They chose to stay at Moon G.o.ddess Dojo themselves. It has nothing to do with me,” said Zhang Ruochen

Thousand Star smiled vaguely and said, “Only a few monks in Truth Heavenly Domain have seen my real face.”

Zhang Ruochen said, “I’m honored to be one of them I guess.”

Thousand Star Maiden was almost always wearing a veil, covering her face, body shape, and forces with her mind power. Almost n.o.body had seen her real face.

Thousand Star Maiden said, “You must know why I came to Moon G.o.ddess Dojo, right?”

Zhang Ruochen said, “I’m not sure.”

Thousand Star Maiden ground her teeth, calmed herself, and said gently, “Last time, I listened to your… Well so-called instructions, and after thinking about it twice, I reckon what you said does make sense. If I want to sharpen my will, I have to forget that I’m the ‘Thousand Star Maiden’. I need to lose the protection I have because of who I am. I need to experience real dangers, setbacks, and the emotions I have never experienced before.”

Zhang Ruochen smiled and said, “Didn’t expect you to actually think it through. Hope that you can sharpen your will soon in the future and become an actual strong woman.”

Zhang Ruochen had given Thousand Star Maiden a piece of advice before that she could hide her ident.i.ty and become a temporary member of Guanghan Field to refine with him.

Zhang Ruochen couldn’t have more enemies who wanted to take him and Guanghan Field down, so she could run into challenges and dangers at any time.

He was only joking, and he didn’t expect Thousand Star Maiden to actually do that. After all, he was only using her.

Besides, it would be dangerous for Thousand Star Maiden’s life to get too close to him.

Zhang Ruochen opened his eyes wider seeing Thousand Star Maiden’s bizarre expressions, and he said, “Did you decide to accept my offer and refine with me?”

Thousand Star Maiden sneered and glared at Zhang Ruochen. “That’s right. Aren’t you supposed to cheer about it? I’m now all yours to use. Laugh if you want. Why are you still holding back?”

Thousand Star Maiden had communicated with her ancestor after being instructed by Zhang Ruochen as she wanted to know whether there were some flaws in her state of mind and how to deal with them.

To her surprise, her ancestor actually encouraged her to refine with Zhang Ruochen.

Thousand Star Maiden had hesitated for a long time before coming to Moon G.o.ddess Dojo.

Zhang Ruochen said, “Don’t be so reluctant. I probably don’t even want you here. Spoiled as you are as a maiden, you might cause me lots of trouble, not to mention your pretty face.”

Thousand Star Maiden kept grinding her teeth and couldn’t calm herself down. She found Zhang Ruochen to be very hypocritical and said, “There’re countless ways to sharpen my will. Why do I have to practice with you?”

Thousand Star Maiden was confident that Zhang Ruochen would definitely try to get her to stay, even beg her to do so. She walked away, smiling.

“See you,” said Zhang Ruochen.

Thousand Star Maiden stopped smiling, and then stopped walking. She turned around and glared at Zhang Ruochen. “Don’t regret it.”

“Of course I won’t.”

Zhang Ruochen stared at Thousand Star Maiden, shook his head, and said, “How arrogant she is. Is that how she asks people for a favor? Is that how you want to sharpen your state of mind? I’ll only be annoyed having you around me.”

As Thousand Star Maiden walked out of Moon G.o.ddess Dojo, she walked past Nine Heavenly Maiden.

Both of them were cross-dressing, and they had the same temperament and similar appearances.

As they walked by each other, it was like time stopped moving.

One of them was walking in while the other was walking out, yet they could both notice each other’s extraordinariness by just one look.

As she walked out of Moon G.o.ddess Dojo, Thousand Star Maiden turned around and looked at Nine Heavenly Maiden’s gorgeous back. “Who is she? No way she’s a mediocre woman with that appearance and temperament. Why have I never seen her before? Is she here for Zhang Ruochen as well?”


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